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        I was reading in Luke 9  1-9 where JESUS was sending out the Twelve  Apostles into the region to preach the Kingdom of GOD and to heal the sick. JESUS was very specific with the details on how HIS Twelve were supposed to behave . HE wanted the people of the region to see HIM by seeing HIM at work through HIS Apostles!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

          In today’s world people have a desperate need to see JESUS!!! There are people today who hear about GOD and HIS wonders for other people but never experience HIS love for themselves. They need to see GOD at work in their lives; they need a breakthrough!!! Just one small miracle from GOD and their lives could be changed forever.Glory!!!

          I believe that the Church is responsible for those around us who suffer from a lack of GOD in their lives. When I say Church I am referring to the people . Mainly people who are in leadership positions within a structure or organization which claims to follow GOD , yet , fail to go out show the world GOD. We have a responsibility to show the world JESUS!!! When they open their doors and see us , they need to see JESUS!!! When they see us on the street ,they need to see JESUS!!! When they cry out to us for help ,they need to see JESUS!!! GOD needs to show up in their lives ; through us!!! GOD is Good!!!

  CHRIST JESUS stated ” Take nothing for the journey…..”!!! Amen!!!

 A  BEAUTIFUL day here in Kissimmee!!!   I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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        I was reading in Numbers 11  where Moses was consulted by Joshua [vs.28-29] about two men who were prophesying in the camp. Joshua wanted Moses to stop them , however , Moses replied ” What ,are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all of the LORD’S people were Prophets and that the LORD would put HIS Spirit on them!” What a wise man Moses was!!!GOD is Good!!!

      As I move through Life on a everyday basis and see those things in Life which I see , my only wish is that everyone who Knows CHRIST JESUS would be able to do the same!!! To witness HIS Love and then spread HIS Love freely. I know that if the children of GOD would just start acting like HIS children that the world would soon become quite different!!! Amen!!!

   In my Humble opinion the world in which we live could use a few more Prophets. Moses was surrounded by Elders ,who for the most part , Knew how to be obedient. They waited upon GOD for their direction in Life, and , the Spirit of the LORD was upon them. Thank You JESUS!!!

   GOD gives us Power to deal with this wicked world in which we live. We need to do so within HIS guidelines in order to be successful in life. We need to be Prophets who ask for HIS Favor in moving forward in each and every decision in which we make in life. None of us want to eat “bad quail”. When we are called by GOD to gather , we need to gather!!!

     I am so glad that the new year is here!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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    I was reading in Proverbs 10 , the Proverbs of Solomon , a manner in which we should carry ourselves in Life in order to be  free. Verse 12 states that ” Hatred stirs up dissension  , but Love covers up all wrongs.”    Glory to GOD for HIS Love!!!

     Oftentimes this Life can be quite challenging. I know that for myself there doesn’t seem to be a day in which I complete where there is not something more still to do.  It is so nice to know that our forefathers gave us a way , through GOD , in which we can pattern our lives. A way in which each day is full of meaning and value regardless of the onslaught from Unclean Spirits. A way in which we can not only have Life, but, have Life more Abundantly!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

        Proverbs 10 is one of my most favorite chapters in the Bible.       I Love the whole Bible , however ,whenever I need a boost in life I can read this chapter and my wisdom of how life really works is manifested seven fold!!! What a comforting feeling I get when I am given directions which are fail-proof and easy to follow. I do not always have the answers which I need in Life ,yet , I know where to find them!!! GOD is Good!!!

      What a BEAUTIFUL day here in Kissimmee!!! Warmth!!!

  I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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