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   I was reading in Luke 10 25-37 where Jesus was being questioned by a lawyer on how to obtain eternal life.  Jesus told him to think about what was written in The Law , part of which is loving your neighbor as much as you love yourself.

   Jesus went on to tell a story on how a man was on his way to Jericho and came upon “unclean ” spirits inhabiting humans . In the course of that day the man was beaten , robbed , and left for dead. A priest came by and saw the man and crossed to the  other side of the road.  A Levite came by and saw him and crossed to the other side of the road as well. Then a Samaritan came by and saw him . He was not a Man of  GOD ,however ,  GOD placed HIS right hand upon him and the Samaritan was moved with pity for the hurt stranger. He bandaged his wounds and anointed them with oil and wine and then he placed the man on his own animal and took him to an inn to be cared for. The Samaritan not only payed the innkeeper but pledged to repay whatever cost incurred untill the man received his healing.

   In my humble opinion the Samaritan represents Jesus!!! When HE sees us brought low by life in this world  HE does not avoid us by crossing over to the other side of the road!!! HE heals us!!!

   As I move around Kissimmee I see my neighbors daily. So many are in need ; not just in need of material things . They are in need of GOD!!!

    I know that in my heart that the most loving thing which I may give them is a pathway to The LORD.  Loving my neighbor means more than just supplying their basic needs . Loving my neighbor means bringing them to GOD!!! GOD is LOVE!!! I Love You !!!!!!! Mark


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   I was reading in James 5 19-20 where anyone who turns a person from wickedness not only helps GOD save a soul but covers a multitude of his or her own sin as well.What a Gracious GOD we serve!!! To serve others on Earth is a great calling , however , to lead others to GOD in order for HIM to save them is even greater!!!  So great indeed that GOD recognizes your efforts!!!

      Oftentimes I am asked why my everyday efforts focus on GOD continuously. The answer is quite simple . I am a sinner . This world is so full of evil that a person would have to be stupid not to place GOD first in his or her life.Every time that I put Mark  first  the oddest thing happens . I fail.

     It seems to me that GOD has given us two types of provision when it comes to covering sin .  The first ; We can confess our sin and ask for forgiveness. This would require repentance . A turning away from the sin itself.  The second ; We can pull others from the flame and cover a multitude of sin . This would require us to place GOD first , others second and ourselves last.  In my humble opinion I know that for myself that I am much better off pulling others out of that flame-filled pit. It requires more effort , however ,I believe that it brings a greater reward in this realm!!!

     I  was at the lake today in Kissimmee with a brother and he stated ” man ,it’s hot here “.  I replied ” If you think that it’s hot here……….. “. I believe that he got the message. I know that I did!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Luke 11 1 where those who walked with Jesus wished to know how to pray. HE started HIS example with ” Our Father who art in Heaven….” .  That says everything for me !!!

   HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!! Mark

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  I was reading in Matthew 8 2-3 where a leper was healed because he asked to be healed.He had faith that GOD would heal him but most importantly he understood his need.

   As I have spent the last few weeks without the use of my hands I have had ample  opportunity to examine all of the areas in my life which need healing. I have asked GOD and I know that my needs will be met. I have a lot of need , however , I have an AWESOME GOD!!!

  Satan certainly never lets up. His spirit  seems to be everywhere . I rebuke his evil and I ask that Legions  Of Angels be sent to bind him. AMEN!!! I will never leave my LORD and my GOD!!! I do not care how much I suffer here!!! In ” The Spirit ”  I have seen what awaits those of us who overcome ,and , I will overcome!!!!!!! Mark

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