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Heaven (Photo credit: irunandshoot)

   I was reading in James 4:7-8 where we are to live our lives with the desire to come closer to GOD. We are to submit to GOD ,resist the devil ,and , draw close to GOD so that HE may draw close to us. Submit,resist ,come near!!! Three simple steps in order to obtain Spiritual Victory. Glory to GOD!!!

   The world certainly knows how to bring forth many deterrents to this simple direction. Every which way that we turn , from the time we gain insight into life itself  through untill we transition into our next life ,we are constantly bombarded by the Enemy. Salvation is more than just Spiritual Life insurance. It is the beginning of a relationship with an all powerful,all Loving GOD!!! A GOD who will help us overcome this world by empowering us with HIS Power!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     It is a comfort to know that as we draw nearer to GOD that HE will draw nearer to us. I could not even imagine a Life here in this existence without the Love and Power  of GOD helping me through. As I have drawn closer to GOD over the years I can see this and many other scriptures being proven True!!! Sure,as our relationship with GOD matures the Enemy steps up the attacks ,however ,with the Holy Spirit in us the demons flee, the unclean spirits die ,and the Enemy is left without a hope other than to leave and wait for a more opportune time as he did in the wilderness with JESUS!!!  Thank You JESUS

   As I move around the greater Kissimmee area I run across so many vacationers so excited about a chance to see our local attractions. They are filled with  Hope that this trip  will fulfill a lifetime dream for them and their families. I long for a day in which many of us who have been “called out” will be able to turn the priorities in another person’s Life toward JESUS in such a manner that anywhere we go on the face of this wretched planet  we see men and their families yearning for a chance ,not to see a mouse or a whale or a wizard, but spending every moment of every day yearning for a relationship with CHRIST JESUS!!!Amen!!!

   Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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