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    I was reading in Acts 1 1-8  where JESUS , who had returned from the dead[having overcome Death] , was telling HIS Apostles of  power which they would receive when HIS Holy Spirit came upon them. JESUS  explained that this power would help them witness for HIM throughout the world.  GOD is indeed good!!!

       Like all persons of the   TRIUNAL GODHEAD the Holy Spirit is a giver of  “gifts” .  There  are a number of Spiritual  gifts which allow us to operate in a manner in which anyone who is a witness to their results would be compelled to believe in  not only the existence of GOD ,but ,HIS power as well. These include ,but are not limited to , the Gift of Tongues , the Gift of Healing , the Gift of  Prophesy , the Gift of Discernment of Spirits ,and the Gift of Miracles . They are given to us as tools in which we witness for HIM all the while helping others. All that we need to do is be Baptized in the Holy Spirit and ask HIM to dwell in us upon a daily basis . GOD will then speak to us as to our specific Gifts ,and , our Calling in them. Thank you JESUS!!!

     GOD in us , what a BEAUTIFUL way in which to live in this every-changing ,ever- challenging world.  JESUS , once the Holy Spirit came upon HIM , walked this world in a whole new manner. We all can as well. We only need to Ask ,Believe ,then Receive!!! Power!!!

     Headed out for a walk in the Prophetic Realm!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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SANO di Pietro Woman of Samaria, 1400s

         I was reading in John 4 4- 42 where JESUS was on HIS way through Samaria in route to Galilee and about noon stopped at  a Well while HIS companions went into Sychar to buy some meat. While HE was at the Well JESUS was met with a woman from town who had come to draw water and HE asked her for a drink.  She not expect the request due to the nature of relations between Jewish people and Samaritans , however , she did not refuse HIM . She went on to learn exactly who JESUS is and what HE had come to offer and then went back into her town to spread the “Good News “. GOD is Good!!!

      In  his prophesy Jeremiah [ 31 31-34 ] spoke of a time where a New Covenant would be ours for the asking.  JESUS was on HIS way. Thank you JESUS!!!

   The woman knew that she had been forgiven her sins . She had met face to face with GOD and had been accepted and approved . She could and would develop a relationship with GOD from inside of herself . She wanted HIS Living Water!!! The Kingdom is from within.  Spirit and Truth was within her grasp. Glory to GOD!!!

      I have a incredible thirst for the Word of GOD .  I do however long for a day in which I will thirst no more. Gotta get me some of that Living Water!!!

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Jacob meets Rachael at the well

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         I was reading in Genesis 29 2 -20 where Jacob had left home and gone east to find a wife for himself. Arriving at Haran Jacob stopped at a Well in the fields and questioned some of the people there about his uncle. As he was speaking along came Rachel with her father’s sheep to be watered . The young man set out to work . Jacob rolled away the stone which was upon the well , watered his uncle’s sheep , kissed Rachel ,and then burst into tears. Glory to GOD!!!

    What a journey!!! From Beersheba to Padan-Aram, [ his uncle lived in Ur ], was a distance of about 500 miles.  Having left home with a heavy heart , on foot , due to the issues he had with his brother Esau , the trip would have been overwhelming if not for the events that took place on his first night out. Jacob had stopped to sleep and had made a pillow of stones ,went to sleep and was visited and assured by GOD in his sleep. GOD had promised him abundance and  that promise had set Jacob’s heart to rest. Thank you JESUS!!!

    GOD has made us promises as well!!! Like Jacob the journey before us , known as Life , is sometimes overwhelming, however , should we choose to cling to the promises of GOD there is nothing before us which we can not overcome!!! When we get to the place where we need to be we just might weep , yet , the tears which fall will be tears of joy knowing that we completed a task with the help of our Lord and that anything ahead is simply a matter of taking the first step. When we know what needs to be done in our lives and can see any obstacle in our way , like Jacob , we need to roll away the stone and receive our blessings!!! We need the Holy Spirit to work through us so as we can work for HIM to the good of all things!!! Amen!!!

   Jacob did not go into the outpost ; he stopped at the Well!!! What a bright young man he was!!! Imagine getting the Birthright in exchange for a mess of pottage!!! Excellent!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Abraham's Well, Beer-Sheba

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      I was reading in Genesis 26 17 -35 where GOD had instructed Isaac to not go into Egypt but to stay in Gerar and he would be Blessed!!! Now having an issue with Abimelech forced Isaac to move further from Gerar into a valley nearby and re-dig the wells in which his father Abraham had dug. This was important because Isaac had quite a following of man and livestock and needed the Water in order to survive. The Philistines hounded Issac and his following untill they finally settled at a place which he named Rehoboth , for there was plenty of room , and there he and his family thrived untill they moved on to another place in which he named Shebah , due to an oath that was made there between Isaac and the Philistines. GOD had indeed rewarded Isaac for being obedient and had Blessed him abundantly. GOD is Good!!!

   When we pray to GOD , I know for myself , that oftentimes we are looking for answers which we will be comfortable with. GOD’S ways are not are ways however and we need to be obedient in adhering to HIS word!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     As we go through this life we will face many changes during which we will have an Encounter  with GOD.  Like Isaac we need to build an altar and pitch our tents. We need to pray and sacrifice and be willing to dig our Wells deeper . Our prayer life is vital in our relationship with HIS Holy Spirit. Spending time at the Well will nourish us and Bless us and those around us. We do not need to conform to this world ,{Egypt} , we need to know that a promise from GOD is sufficiant and that our obediance to the covenant which HE has made with us will always leave us with more than enough of HIS Living Waters!!! Amen!!!

   “She is my sister ..” What was he thinking???

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Miriam's Song by Samuel Hirszenberg

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           I was reading in Numbers 21 16 -18 where Moses was ordered by GOD to gather the people so that HE may give them Water. The people of GOD , HIS chosen , stood along side of one 12 streams that the dried-up Well normally filled and sang a song to engage the Holy Spirit to bring forth water from the Well and fill the streams. The task of supplying water for over 600,ooo Israelites  was nothing when they acted in unison to engage their Faith. Imagine  the scene as the people told the Well ” Spring up , O Well” and the water overflowed!!! GOD is Good!!!

         Friends , we should have that kind of Faith!!! Moses had come out of Egypt a runaway and found provision at the  Well of  Midian to , years  later , leading his people to another Well of provision!!! In both cases what JESUS was offering was Hope for the Hopeless and rest for the weary. Provision for those in need!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

    In my humble opinion the Wells in the  Old and New Testaments  represent Prayer , and ,what comes forth from the Wells is the Holy Spirit . GOD showing up in our lives to answer our needs. All of them!!! We just need to act on our Faith. If striking a rock brings forth Provision we need to be clobbering rocks , if singing to a Well brings forth Provision we need to be lifting our voices!!!  Regardless of our position in life should the priest daughters need help we need to draw water for them!!! Whatever GOD ask us to do we  need to be obedient and just do it!!! GOD has a plan for us ; we need to understand that plan and partake of the Living Waters in our lives!!! Amen!!!

    Warming up today .I think that I will go and jump in the Jordan!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Falling Water Creek in early spring

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                I was reading in 1 Chronicles 11 15-19 where David , King of Israel , and his country were at war with the Philistines who were encamped at Bethlehem.  Verse 17 states ” David longed for Water and said ;” Oh that someone would get me Water from the Well near the gate of Bethlehem.” Three of his mighty warriors broke through enemy lines and drew Water from the Well and carried it back to David. Now the King refused to drink it due to the risk involved to obtain the Water, however , David did pour it out as a libation unto GOD. Glory to GOD!!!

      Now David had Water , yet , he also had an emotional need which could only be met with the Water from the Well at Bethlehem. It was the water from his childhood [1 Samuel 16:1] and his soul needed a familiar Spirit!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

       Oftentimes Life has us all caught up in the present without much time to look past our wants to a point where in which we can see our needs. We live in a busy society , however , like David , every now and then events in Life will bring us to a desire from our past  which will render us dependent upon our ability to see our most important need. HIS Living Water , HIS Holy Spirit!!! We just need to surround ourselves with like-minded warriors!!! Amen!!!

    Getting thirsty!!!

  I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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        I was reading in Genesis 24 10 -21 where the oldest servant of Abraham was sent to Abraham’s country of origin to find a wife for his son Isaac. As the servant reached the city of  Haran he stopped with the camels which carried Abraham’s goods and rested at a Well outside of the city!!! There Eliezer started praying to GOD for specific provision. He needed a sign from GOD that HIS Favor was upon his master. What he asked GOD for was the wife-to-be to come from the city for Water and not only give him a drink ,but , to offer to draw Water for his camels as well.  He needed assurance that the woman was the one chosen from GOD to be the bride!!! Before Eliezer had finished praying Rebekah came and filled her pitcher with Water and he ran to her to ask for a drink. She not only gave him a drink but offered to draw Water for the camels as well!!! His prayers had been answered. She had a servant’s heart !!! A wife had been found!!! Glory to GOD!!!  

      Friends,we too can go to the Well and ask GOD specifically for our needs. Those are Living Waters that Eliezer  stopped at ; and endless Well . The Holy Spirit will bring the church ,[ Rebekah], out of the darkness, out of evil lands. We just need to be specific in prayer!!! Amen!!!

    Headed to the well!!!

I Love you!!! Mark

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