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Icon of the Pentecost

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   I was reading in Leviticus 23 how GOD establishes covenant with HIS people through a series of  Feast which include celebration and sacrifice.  Leviticus 23 :4 states ” These are the set times of the Lord , the sacred occasions , which you shall celebrate each at it’s appointed time.”  GOD’S eternal plan for mankind , from beginning to end , is summed up in the nature and timing of these feast. Glory to GOD!!!

     The feasts are , in order , Passover , Unleavened Bread , First Fruits , Pentecost , Trumpets  , Atonement ,and  Tabernacles. The first Four are Spring Feast and the last Three are Fall Feast.

       1. Passover . This Feast represents a Feast of Salvation. In both Testaments we are delivered from slavery by the Blood of the Lamb.

   2. Unleavened Bread.  Leaven represents sin and to repent from sin is to walk a Holy walk. Born in Bethlehem JESUS represents the Bread of Life ,  and , in our acceptance of CHRIST we take on a new way in which we walk in our daily walk.

   3. First Fruits. This feast represents the fertility of the land which GOD has given Israel. A wave of a sheaf from the crops before the Lord was the offering which HE required of HIS people. Today this feast represents the resurrection of the Lord on First Fruits , and , eventually the resurrection of the entire Church.

    4.Pentecost .  In late May or early June , depending upon the moon’s cycles , this Feast represents the celebration of the summer harvest. As part of the sacrifice there are two loaves of bread baked with leaven. These loaves symbolize the Church being composed of both Jew and Gentile. Our Lord and Savior knew in Eternity Past that the Church would be established in this manner. Thank you JESUS!!! I Love how GOD commanded that the fields be left  with some harvest for the stranger and the poor. GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

     5. Trumpets.  This feast represents the Rapture of the Church . Ever since Isaac was spared by the ram the trumpet sound has come to symbolize freedom. I am so ready to hear  Trumpets!!!  Amen!!!

     6. Atonement. The Feast of Atonement represents a Holy day of confession before GOD. Thank GOD for JESUS. HE is our Atonement!!!

     7.Tabernacles.   This is a Seven day celebration which recognizes how GOD provided shelter for HIS people after bringing them out of Egypt , out of sin. Having spent most of my life outdoors I know that GOD always provides and never leaves us in need or want!!! I will never forget how HE has sheltered me through all of my storms!!!

         The Feast of Pentecost [Weeks ] draws close. Holy Spirit fill this world!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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Miriam's Song by Samuel Hirszenberg

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           I was reading in Numbers 21 16 -18 where Moses was ordered by GOD to gather the people so that HE may give them Water. The people of GOD , HIS chosen , stood along side of one 12 streams that the dried-up Well normally filled and sang a song to engage the Holy Spirit to bring forth water from the Well and fill the streams. The task of supplying water for over 600,ooo Israelites  was nothing when they acted in unison to engage their Faith. Imagine  the scene as the people told the Well ” Spring up , O Well” and the water overflowed!!! GOD is Good!!!

         Friends , we should have that kind of Faith!!! Moses had come out of Egypt a runaway and found provision at the  Well of  Midian to , years  later , leading his people to another Well of provision!!! In both cases what JESUS was offering was Hope for the Hopeless and rest for the weary. Provision for those in need!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

    In my humble opinion the Wells in the  Old and New Testaments  represent Prayer , and ,what comes forth from the Wells is the Holy Spirit . GOD showing up in our lives to answer our needs. All of them!!! We just need to act on our Faith. If striking a rock brings forth Provision we need to be clobbering rocks , if singing to a Well brings forth Provision we need to be lifting our voices!!!  Regardless of our position in life should the priest daughters need help we need to draw water for them!!! Whatever GOD ask us to do we  need to be obedient and just do it!!! GOD has a plan for us ; we need to understand that plan and partake of the Living Waters in our lives!!! Amen!!!

    Warming up today .I think that I will go and jump in the Jordan!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Claude Lorrain-Hagar und Ismael in der Wüste

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                  I was reading in Genesis 21 14-21 where Hagar was sent into the wilderness with her son Ishmael whom she had borne to Abraham. They had been set out in the desert with only bread and water to survive on and soon their provision had perished. Hagar set her son under a bush

to die and then placed herself far enough  away so that she would not have to witness his Death. As she sat weeping GOD sent an Angel to her and opened her eyes to see through her sorrows and showed her a Well where her and Ishmael would find Life Giving Water. GOD is so Good!!!

    This is the second time in which Hagar gets a Word from GOD at ” The Well” . In Genesis 16 vs. 7 an Angel of the Lord finds her near a spring in the wilderness and instructs her to return to her mistress .  She goes on to name the Well in vs. 14 ” beer-lahai-roi” because she believed that she had seen the One who looks after her. Glory!!!   

 In my humble opinion the Angel who came to Hagar was the incarnate  JESUS !!! HE had brought her Living Water in her times of crying out in distress , and,  had provided for her in her time of need. JESUS had not only showed up once , but twice to reassure her of HIS Promise.  The Well was always there; she just needed to focus on her answer and not her problem. Amen!!!

  Friends we are sometimes like Hagar . Even though we have met JESUS oftentimes we are so focused on our problems that we cannot see our answer. We need our eyes opened. We have the Living Water at our fingertips ,and , yes we may have problems but our GOD is bigger than our problems . Our GOD is our answer!!!

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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"Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Je...

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                   I was   reading in Jeremiah 1 4-5 where GOD was setting apart those which HE Knew in the womb. HE said that “I have appointed you as a Prophet to the nations” .GOD was telling the young man who , before he was born , that he was set apart from all others to guide HIS people!!!  Glory to GOD!!!

     Sometimes God leads us to a place where in which we must lead others.  I know that is a large order , however , it is an order from GOD!!!

   Oftentimes I look upon my Life as just the average man doing the average thing ,yet, I know that is just not so!!! I have been “Called and Chosen”!!! Thank you JESUS!!! 

   ” Father GOD I pray to You this day that all of Your servants will heed to Your Word this day and understand that You have a direction in which they should follow and that their lives depend upon them making the right decisions!!!” ” Father GOD I pray that You will open the eyes of those who cannot see that You have sent a prophet among them.” AMEN!!!

    As I move about this morning I Hope and Pray that you will Know what GOD has set apart for you !!! I Hope and Pray that you will start speaking those things that are not as though they were!!! AMEN!!!

 I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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If God Will Send His Angels

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         I was reading in Genesis 3  8 – 24 where GOD was speaking with Adam on his spiritual condition. GOD had come to The Garden in anticipation of HIS daily walk with man ,however , HE soon found that correction for sin was in order. Man had fallen. Praise GOD!!!

         Verse 9 states ” And the LORD GOD called  to Adam , and said unto him ,where art thou?”. GOD was wanting to know where the man was in his daily walk with HIM. Although Adam and Eve had covered themselves with fig leaves Adam knew that he was still naked. Adam knew that he was still in sin. GOD slew some animals and made coats of skin for Adam and Eve. The fig leaves were not Good enough to cover man’s sin; a Blood sacrifice was needed!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     I ask myself everyday where I am in my walk with GOD, and , I come to the same conclusion as Adam.I am naked!!! I am in sin and not worthy enough to walk side by side with GOD!!! Thank GOD that as the Adamic Covenant was created that I have the promise of redemption!!!GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

     I claim the Blood of JESUS over anyone who reads these words!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Moses Pleading with Israel, as in Deuteronomy ...

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        I was reading in Numbers 11  where Moses was consulted by Joshua [vs.28-29] about two men who were prophesying in the camp. Joshua wanted Moses to stop them , however , Moses replied ” What ,are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all of the LORD’S people were Prophets and that the LORD would put HIS Spirit on them!” What a wise man Moses was!!!GOD is Good!!!

      As I move through Life on a everyday basis and see those things in Life which I see , my only wish is that everyone who Knows CHRIST JESUS would be able to do the same!!! To witness HIS Love and then spread HIS Love freely. I know that if the children of GOD would just start acting like HIS children that the world would soon become quite different!!! Amen!!!

   In my Humble opinion the world in which we live could use a few more Prophets. Moses was surrounded by Elders ,who for the most part , Knew how to be obedient. They waited upon GOD for their direction in Life, and , the Spirit of the LORD was upon them. Thank You JESUS!!!

   GOD gives us Power to deal with this wicked world in which we live. We need to do so within HIS guidelines in order to be successful in life. We need to be Prophets who ask for HIS Favor in moving forward in each and every decision in which we make in life. None of us want to eat “bad quail”. When we are called by GOD to gather , we need to gather!!!

     I am so glad that the new year is here!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

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   I was reading in Isaiah 7 1 – 25 where Ahaz , the king of Judah , was worried that GOD could not meet his needs. The prophet told the king that GOD would send Judah a sign, Verse 14 states   ” Therefore the lord Himself will give you a sign : the virgin will be with child ,and will give birth to a son , and will call HIM Immanuel.” Thank You JESUS!!!

   Ahaz had fear of his enemies,and ,GOD does not give us a Spirit of fear!!! GOD needed to reassure HIS people ,of who were in doubt , that HE was more powerful than any enemy which came against those of whom HE had chosen!!! GOD is GOOD!!!

       I speak with many within the Jewish community today who have come to know JESUS. They realize that the prophesy has been fulfilled and that GOD came to live with us ,and ,to die for us!!! Glory to GOD!!!

   As Christmas approaches I am mentally bombarded with images of Mary and Joseph having to bear their child in what amounts to a barn. Imagine GOD asleep in a manger. I receive an image of  a perfect servant ; someone who is born on low ,yet , through HIS life , is placed on High!!! A GOD who is full of a perfect AGAPE Love!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     As uncertainty about the future grows around the globe JESUS is being raised up once again. More and more humans are finding GOD in the midst of their woes ; seeking a real answer to their problems. I know that I thank GOD for the thorns in my side!!! When in our deepest need we search for GOD ,and ,we find HIM!!!  It is all part of HIS plan.He gave us a sign!!!

   Mighty cold here in Kissimmee. I need some SON!!!

   I Love you !!!!!!! Mark

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Zechariah as depicted on Michelangelo's ceilin...

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                   I was reading in Zechariah 1 1-6 where the Prophet of GOD was given a directive to share with those around him .  “Return to ME ” is the commandment given by GOD!!!  In this we find a promise of GOD ;  He will return to us if we obey HIM. Glory!!! 

           I like to think that I come from a line of people who , once faced with the Truth , we can adapt accordingly. Certainly the experiences in Life itself brings forth a sure knowledge that Life is all about HIM!!!  A return to HIS Way is a command for all generations!!! Amen!!! 

            I can certainly feel HIS Presence all around me these days . HE seems to be guiding my every move ; more than likely due to the fact of HIS Knowledge of my helplessness. Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!! Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! 

 I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! Mark 

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