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   I was reading  in Genesis Chapter 3 where Eve and  “the serpent” were having a discussion about what GOD had promised to Adam and her should they eat a certain fruit . GOD promised death!!! Our GOD keeps HIS  promises!!!      

   In Genesis 3 4-5 Satan goes as far as calling GOD , our GOD , a liar . Satan tells Eve that she will not die if she and Adam should eat the fruit . She bought into that falsehood ; I believe according to HIS plan.      

    In my daily walk I find that more than half of my acquaintances are suffering under a delusion that somehow our GOD does not keep promises. Nothing could be further from the Truth!!! HE keeps all of HIS promises. I am not saying that the folks whom I gather to are unbelievers , not at all. What I am saying is that there is more than enough evidence in our daily lives to know that GOD never lies!!! Everything which we find in HIS Word is Faithful and True . This includes the abilities which we posses as a result of letting HIS  Holy Ghost  dwell within us!!!   

     Some of my friends act as though they can not “speak into existence” so much as supper ; much less lay hands on someone for their healing!!!  It seems as though they have allowed Satan to convince them that GOD is a liar.   

  Friends , Satan is the liar!!!  He is the father of all lies !!!Do not let this world convince you otherwise . What we must do as true believers is to lead by example. You are in this world , however , do not be “of ”  it!!!       

       I believe ; I believe ; I believe !!! I believe GOD!!!!!!! Mark  


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   I was reading in 1 Samuel Chapter 15 where a WORD had come to Samuel from GOD concerning Saul the King of Israel , whom the people had cried out for as needing a King ,to go and destroy the Amalekites. Saul did what he thought was right and what he knew would please the people , however, he did not fully obey GOD. There was a remnant of Amalek which was not destroyed.

     In my humble opinion the Amalekites represent our ” old sin nature ” . As GOD’S people were coming out of Egypt , as they were headed into their Promise , the Amalekites came against them in every time of weakness and destroyed their Hope of promise.

After finally gaining the “Promised Land ” the people of GOD desired to be more like the world around them and wanted a King to lead them. GOD gave HIS people an opportunity to , once and for all, rid themselves of their SIN . They in turn , with help from their leadership , did not obey GOD . Instead  the” chosen” of GOD elected to hold onto all which they perceived to be good within their  Enemy;  GOD’S Enemy. Sin.

    Thank GOD for HIS prophet!!!  Guiding what was obviously a Lost people from a position outside of  the congregation Samuel was able to redeem the “chosen” by executing Agag  [ Satan ] and everything which he represented. With his sword {word] Samuel slay the wickedness before GOD , however , he also had torn Saul’s robe from him .  GOD was in want of a new leader for HIS people. HE required obedience.

    Oftentimes I know that I am in the Promise of GOD yet holding on to something which is not of GOD . I am holding on to sin .  There always seems to be that “something ” which I just don’t want to let go of. Perhaps that is why I have always held low positions; not my will to serve others ; but , my disobedience to GOD!!! I pray that this unwillingness to conform to HIS Will, all of HIS Will , will change. AMEN!!!  I do not wish my entire life to be spent under attack from my enemies!!!

          Goin to the WELL. I need a drink of Water. I LOVE You!!!!!!! Mark

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       I was speaking to a friend yesterday and told her that she should stop saying ” I can do all things through CHRIST….” and start saying  ” I do all things through CHRIST ….” !!! It seems as though as born-again believers in CHRIST  we should act as though we believe!!! What good is having Knowledge which gives us certain rights if we do not act upon that knowledge???  I know that as I have been daily claiming that my actions are HIS that my life has changed amazingly for the better!!! Praise GOD!!!

      Letting HIM guide my steps and HIS renewing of  my mind daily has led to a new outlook on every situation which comes up in my daily walk regardless of  the characteristics of the situation itself. GLORY!!! Letting HIM strengthen me daily has opened up a whole new way in which I view life ,and , letting HIM do the work for me has opened up an understanding that HE was doing the work HIMSELF all along anyways!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

                Time to bake some BREAD .  I do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! Mark

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        I was reading in Galatians 5 16-26 where if you are led by the “Spirit ” that you are not bound by law. Glory to GOD .  Imagine having such character traits that uncleanliness at any level can not affect you . Verse 24 specifically states that if we  belong to  CHRIST JESUS that we have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and  desires!!! GOD is GOOD!!!

     Asking GOD to send HIS HOLY GHOST into my soul is something which I must do on a daily basis; sometimes more.  There seems to be just so much wrong with me that I am afraid to face any day without HIS presence deep inside of me working to keep my mind above the matters of this world.  Praise GOD!!!

      When people of this world look upon me I want them to see the fruit of HIS Spirit. Being filled with HIS HOLY GHOST gives birth to Love , Joy , Peace , Patience , Kindness , Goodness ,  Faithfulness , Gentleness , and Self-Control . Now that there is some Good Fruit!!! Amen!!!

      Time to return to the kitchen.  Folks here in Kissimmee are starting to get hungry. It’s about time!!! I think that I will prepare some Fruit Salad!!!

           I Love you !!!!!!! Mark (more…)

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Elijah in the wilderness, by Washington Allston

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   I was reading 1 Kings Chapter 17 where Elijah was spoken to by GOD and told “go there” . Elijah did not question that small , still voice but stepped out in faith and went to where GOD had told him that he would find provision. I honestly feel as though, looking at his entire life , that  Elijah never once questioned GOD nor was concerned about where or how  the Spirit moved him. He was where GOD wanted him to be!!! Glory!!!

   I often wonder if I am where GOD wants me to be. I believe that I am . It seems as though every time I have a want ,will , or desire that HE answers me . Not always is the answer the one which deep inside I am Hoping for , however , as time plays out upon this stage which I find myself on I am more able to witness HIS Wisdom in my position.

     I can write about what I know to be Faithful and True. In order for us to understand our position we must understand that all Power comes from GOD!!!  It is not about me!!!  Once I know that in all things it is HIM and not me I can trust HIM for the outcome!!! Thank GOD!!!

   I can also assure myself that I am in GOD’S Will in my position if I know that GOD is there!!!  I can equally be assured that HE is there if I abide in HIM daily!!! With the help of the Holy Spirit I can move through each and every day praising HIM without even the slightest worry and concern for my provision. That is how I know that I am in the right position; HIS position for me!!!

    I am cooking out tonight. I am waiting on the ravens now to bring me some Meat and Bread!!! Fire from Heaven and a cold Mountain Dew and I am all set !!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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  I was reading in Numbers 21 6-9 where the Israelites were on their way to Moab [Doubt] and they were complaining about their lives . They spoke out against GOD and , of course , HE heard them.  Soon this ungrateful bunch found themselves being attacked by serpents which had a deadly venomous poison. Those who were bitten were given a death sentence. Pity those with a lack of Knowledge.

       GOD gave them a way out!!! He instructed Moses to place a fiery serpent upon a pole and anyone who was bitten could go to the pole and receive Healing . Glory!!!

      In my humble opinion the serpent represents sin which has been judged and crucified.  I can only imagine the Hope which was born when Moses came and gave the people the “Good News ” . 

      Sin does not need to lead to our Death!!! That poison which is within us has a cure. The cure is JESUS!!! Throughout the history of mankind men and women have ignored their own cure . GOD does not allow us to be bitten without an opportunity to repent from the poison within us.

     Headed to the Water!!! Going to clean my brass!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Jonah Chapter 3  1-10 where the people of a great city called Nineveh all turned from the way in which they were living and turned toward GOD in a revival of Spirit!!! They understood the need for revival. More importantly the people of Nineveh understood that they were being given another chance ; a new lease on Life and were able to also affect the manner in which their king viewed this renewed opportunity. In my humble opinion those people made the right choice!!! After they took a stand for GOD their government followed suite.

     GOD so loved the world that HE………… !!!  I honestly believe that GOD has given HIS message of Hope and Renewal in these last few decades through men and women who at first did not think our great nation , nor our great neighbors ,worthy enough to participate in  HIS message ,yet , were able to have a change of heart as GOD spoke them into their own whale bellies and sent them HIS directive a second time . Nothing quite like a “Close encounter of the First kind” to rekindle a need placed deep within by a small , still voice.

   When John wrote that ” GOD so Loved the world” I am sure he was speaking of the whole world!!! GOD knew of the growth which Earth would experience. I  believe that GOD loves the U.S. as well as any other point on this forsaken piece of rock. GOD Loves the world and ALL of its inhabitants. All of those in Africa ,Russia , Japan ,China , Australia , Antarctica , Artica , India , Canada , Asia, all of South America  ect.,ect.,ect., !!! You  hopefully understand my point by now . There is not one person born into this world who lives and breathes anywhere on this world which GOD does not Love!!! GLORY!!! There is but ONE GOD!!!

     As citizens of this great Earth we need to understand that Revival is needed. Surely as the SON rises every morning HE is waiting for our pleas for a “New Beginning”. Let’s not keep HIM waiting!!!!!!! Mark

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017 - For the Love of God

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     I was reading in 1 Timothy 6 6-8 where we should be happy with dwelling in the Love of GOD.  GODLINESS should be enough if we are indeed content in our provision which comes from HIM . I can attest to that fact in as much that out of all which I have and am going to have gained in this world  nothing can follow me into the Heavens but my Love for GOD and HIS Love for me!!! Realistically what else is needed but food and raiment while enduring this part of what is known as Life???

   There is no telling how much I have lost in this world save for the fact that I have only lost that which GOD allowed me to gain in the first place.  I have not been any better or any worse off as a result of any losses or gains , however ,  I have been able to develop a deeper understanding of who HE is and exactly what living in and for HIM is all about as a direct result of these losses and gains!!!  GOD truly does own it all!!!  everything under the SON belongs to HIM!!! GLORY!!! GLORY!!! GLORY!!!

   I know that I have been exceedingly Blessed!!!  Do I have a desire for more  ? ; yes. Do I have a need for more ? ; no. Will I have more ? ; without Doubt!!!

          I was reading my dictionary and using “content” as an adjective is defined as being fat ,dumb and happy – fulfilled ; pleased as punch, satisfied ,smug and , Willing. Everything seems to fit but my raiment!!! AAHHHH !!!  Provision everywhere!!! I am so Content!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Ezekiel’s Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones

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   I was reading in Ezekiel 18 31-32 where GOD has no pleasure in seeing anyone die; HE would rather everyone be saved through the Blood of HIS SON!!! GLORY!!!

   Growing up I was under the impression that  the Will Of GOD was perfect and  that  when we accepted Jesus into our lives HIS Will was automatically set forth in our lives.  Nothing could have been further from the Truth!!! Salvation is the perfect example of how we as humans must ” COME INTO AGREEMENT” with GOD in order for HIS Will to become manifested in our lives.  Thank GOD for Covenant!!!

    I cannot imagine any situation where I would not want HIS Will ,and not mine , to be the determining factor in each and every daily decision. Sometimes I get sidetracked by the ever-increasing demands upon my time , however , I remember praying for a more fulfilled life . I got it!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

 Headed back to the well!!! Gonna “COME INTO AGREEMENT WITH GOD”!!!!!!! Mark

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  I was reading in 1Corinthians  14 26-40 where Paul was speaking to the Church about the manner in which a congregation of believers should conduct themselves concerning gifts of the Spirit and sharing the WORD of GOD. I Love to hear a prophetic Word spoken over those of us in want of the Knowledge which GOD has for us and I am always in awe of tongues spoken which I may or may not receive as according to HIS perfect and Holy Will.  I may not understand everything which enters my mind  , however , I want to be in the Body of CHRIST so as I can ,  at the very least , retain  what I receive and hold dearly untill HIS appointed time of understanding!!!

      As for the role of women in the Church as outlined in verses 34 and 35 I am somewhat at odds with the author in as much as I want to receive all that I can from GOD from every possible outlet!!!  When men of the Church fail to stand up and conduct themselves accordingly I still  need to hear HIS WORD from someone!!! I spend most of my time with GOD outside of the Church , however , when I am at Church I expect Church!!! The real Shame comes from men simply not being men!!! If I am off course and am not going the right direction and GOD wants to run me into a wall or speak through my Donkey ; so be it!!!  Genesis 3vs.6 lets me understand how we are left to toil the ground when we  just stand by and allow women leadership roles. Adam let us down!!! Besides , Paul benefited greatly by the Love of the women in his ministry ; their Love for JESUS. I am of the mind that we can all benefit from anyone who Loves GOD and is willing to share !!!

      I am the Church!!! You are the Church!!! We are the Church!!!  I certainly welcome any gifts from a HOLY GOD who only cares about the welfare of HIS people !!!  I can feel a song inside of me just humbly begging to get out. Now that’s Church!!!!!!! Mark

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