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   I was reading Psalm 62 and was comforted by this particular song of worship.  My soul finds rest in GOD alone ; my salvation comes from HIM!!!  I can relate to that.  Where else would my soul find rest in this wicked world??? One thing GOD has spoken ; two things I have heard!!! GOD is indeed strong!!! That is the Power of an Almighty GOD!!!

               The World would certainly confuse you if you allow it to do so.  Just as I blow my horn and one wall comes down I turn the corner and behold another wall.  My only refuge is to dwell in the fact that HE has promised that no wall shall stand before me!!!  I can always run to HIM ; HE is my Rock!!! HE is my Fortress!!!  I can certainly trust in HIM at all times.

                As I dwell on GOD daily I know that HE dwells in me.  I have  asked HIM to!!!  I see things manifest  in my life every single day which I can contribute to no one but GOD!!! I see miracles , signs and wonders everywhere and have come to expect them.  I know that it is not me ; just GOD working through me.  As I move , “In Love ”  closer and closer to the Living GOD I am overwhelmed by HIS protection and care!!!

         Last night as I was taking pictures of the sunset here in Kissimmee  I could have sworn among all of the colors;  the orange ,the purple, the blue , the green and all of the brilliance in-between ; that I saw a bright yellow rectangle the shape of a window!!!  Here comes the rain!!!!!!! Mark


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  I was reading in Proverbs 27 17-18 about the worth of another. People of different walks in life all have a measure of worth before GOD!!! Iron sharpens iron.

   In my daily walk with HIM I ask for an understanding of others.  It is truly difficult  not to judge others , especially when we feel as though we have been mistreated.  My Pastor told me a few years back that we cannot always trust others , that we must trust GOD in dealing with them.  As I grow in CHRIST I am more and more able to understand that life is not all about “me”!!!  As my Love for others grows my ability to forgive and accept in a more expeditious manner is realized. It is my growing Love for others which helps me understand their worth.

          How much are you worth???  From my current point of view you are worth everything!!!  You are worth Loving. You are worth praying for. You are worth holding. You are worth my time.

      Regardless who you are or what you have done in life you are worthy. GOD looked down from Heaven and said that you are worth dying for!!!

 That  said ; I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Genesis 2  16-17 where GOD was giving Adam a commandment concerning provision.  GOD wanted Adam to sustain himself in the Garden in abundant measure and so directed him to enjoy all of life’s yielded fruits. GOD did however command Adam to not eat of the tree in the center of the garden ; the one which produced the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

 Growing up I heard every description of the fruit from that tree which you could imagine. Everything from an apple to a fig ; from sex to self-sanctity. Here is evidence backing up science.  Surely we humans only use one-third of our brains!!! An apple??? I gained knowledge from an apple once . Never swallow the seeds!!!

   When Adam was created GOD already knew the outcome of the Garden. HE knew in Eternity Past that the battle would be won in “The Spirit”. He knew that placing man together with the Angels which HE had “cast out ‘ of Heaven would create spiritual warfare.  It is HIS plan which we play out our lives in!!!

      The  “fruit ” of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is just that ; Knowledge of Good and Evil!!! In my humble opinion you can only obtain that Knowledge in the ‘Spiritual Realm”.  We were not created to go there!!! Now we have no choice.

  Adam is responsible for our being born into sin. He stood by while his wife was being tempted by the serpent.  GOD had given Adam the commandment!!!

  We are born into Adam. We are born into the ” old sin nature”.  We are born one person on one planet in a spiritual battle known as the Angelic Conflict and volition is the issue!!! We can be positive or negative toward the Word Of GOD , however , when we make negative choices we limit our options for the future!!!  On our day of visitation we will not be able to point the finger elsewhere .  On our day of judgment if not for JESUS we would stand before GOD alone!!! Thank GOD for a Savior!!!

    We may not be responsible at birth for our sin , however , as we grow in CHRIST  we are accountable !!! This accountability makes us responsible for all of our actions, including choices concerning our eternal provision.  “Free Will” is not designed to save us ; it was designed to convict . Wheather or not we are “good” people while we walk this Earth is irrelevant to our eternal positioning. We are responsible for making the right choice concerning HIM. Once we gain HIS Knowledge for and in our lives we become responsible to Teach others. This is the commandment which HE gives us.

      This morning I was walking on Hwy 192 in Kissimmee  and saw a leaflet which stated “free housing list”. I think that I will check out some “free housing”!!!!!!! Mark

  p.s. Don’t swallow the seeds!!!

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   I was reading in John 1 11-13 where JESUS gave power to man to become Children Of GOD.  All that we need to do is receive HIM. Glory!!!

     As I make my way through each day I simply wonder at anyone who could not accept someone who states ” Come to me , all of you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens , and I will give you rest. ”  Now there lies a promise made in Heaven!!!

     The more  I see of this world the more I understand why GOD will have to destroy it !!! The “spiritual” has polluted the “natural”. Wickedness abounds!!!

       In Revelation 8 vs.1 I read where The LAMB [JESUS] opens the seventh seal and there is silence  in Heaven for about half of an hour. Can you imagine that??? Silence in Heaven. I myself will be silently rejoicing; screaming inside ; “THANK YOU JESUS!!!” . By the Grace Of GOD , enough is enough!!!

          I am so blessed by receiving JESUS into my soul. I have been given True Power!!! My name is written in HEAVEN!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in John 16 vs.33  where Jesus was speaking to those who walked with HIM about the woes which everyone in life faces. HE tells them to be of good cheer ; that HE has overcome the world. Thank GOD!!!

   There is nothing new under the SON. Today brings each of us our own unique tribulation. In the natural and the spiritual forces both seen and unseen are set up to help or hinder us depending upon our choices. Revelation 21 vs.7 tells us that those of us who overcome the world inherit all things and we become Sons Of GOD!!! What a GREAT promise!!!

      How do we overcome this world ? Simply by becoming like JESUS!!!  Asking GOD to dwell within us we can share in the same characteristics of CHRIST!!!  When we ask the Holy Spirit to reside within us we are still human , however  , GOD is able to use this human vessel to do HIS works through us . With GOD working through us we become new creatures!!! With a daily practice of allowing GOD to dwell in us and work through us we can overcome this world as well.

   JESUS did not say that HE was going to overcome this world. HE stated that HE already had done so. JESUS at that time had the characteristics which we need to overcome the world. HE was human with GOD dwelling within HIM!!! To overcome this world and it’s tribulations we need to strive to be like CHRIST!!! Every morning I urge you to pray for the Holy Spirit to dwell within you that day!!!  Overcome!!!

   Mid-July in Kissimmee. here lies evidence of possible storms in our lives daily. I think that I will go check the clouds and see if I can see JESUS. I can certainly hear HIM coming. It is a lot like the sound of Silence!!!!!!! Mark

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 I was reading in Matthew 22 1-14 where Jesus likened a wedding feast to the Kingdom Of Heaven. The king in question had invited the nobility of the land to his son’s wedding. On the first invite those who were invited did not seem fit to come. Some of them beat and murdered the slaves which he had sent to give out invites the second time around. The king responded in-kind. He sent his troops out and they eliminated those who had taken his invite lightly and had murdered his messengers.

        A third time the king sent out invites to the banquet. His slaves were told to invite all who they could find who were willing to attend, good or bad.The wedding hall was full when the king came in to greet his guest, however , he noticed that one of the guest was not wearing a wedding garment. It was customary in those days to honor the host of a wedding by being properly clothed. He ordered the man thrown into darkness.

     The king’s examination of those whom he had invited to the banquet represents judgment!!! In Revelation 3 17-18  I read where Jesus is telling nobility [the church ]  to “get over themselves” and to purchase from HIM white raiment so they can be properly clothed before GOD!!! Ever since Adam took out his sewing kit for the fig leaves mankind has needed a manner in which they could stand before GOD properly clothed. Sin has us wearing the wrong outfit to the feast . Thank GOD for JESUS!!!  I can see the history of the Children Of GOD in this parable!!!

    I ain’t much for ” dressing-up”. Seems to be more about vanity than practicality , however ,  I have my wedding garment purchased for the feast!!! Good News seems to begat Good News !!! I didn’t have to pay even one denarius!!!!!!! Mark

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    I just received a word from GOD!!! Thus sayeth The LORD ” Obey My Commandments!!! “

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