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    I was reading in JOB 28 14-18 about the true value of Wisdom. Our knowledge of Wisdom only penetrates as deep as our knowledge of GOD. GOD , in HIS Wisdom , planned it that way. In developing the universe GOD’S wisdom is continuously on display!!! The cosmic forces which align  the systems and the planets therein are truly an awesome wonder.To merley glimpse the manifestations of GOD , which are constantly changing around us , leads me to humble myself  in my own understanding !!!

   I am part of a body of people who routinely say The Serenity Prayer . It states , in part , ” GOD grant me the Serenity to accept the things which I cannot change ; the Courage to change the things which I can ; and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Oh ,what a joy to receive such a precious gift!!!

   As I reflect upon recent events in my life I know that the choices which I make today are only a result of my longing to know GOD on a more personal level!!! I LOVE GOD!!!!!!! Mark


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 I was reading in James 1 26-27 about the differences in religion. One type is worthless while the other is full of LOVE.

  JESUS said that we can tell a tree by its fruit and in my humble opinion the tree represents the church!!!

  Here in” Earth Week” as we look toward sowing seeds before the month of Nisan [March, April] ends I cannot help but examine the seeds in which I sow. My life has become as such that I dare not write anything which is not guided by The HOLY SPIRIT!!! I want my fruit to be desirable before GOD!!!

   Tonight I planted Lilies, [in the natural] , and could not help but think of a parable which our LORD used in trying to establish a church which walked in FAITH . Solomon in all of his glory was not clothed as Good so why should we worry as to our provision!!! It is more than sufficient!!! The beauty of Nature speaks of Her CREATOR ; the beauty of Nature speaks of our CREATOR!!!

 Oh ,lest I forget , I believe that the directions said Lilies need 8-10 hours of SON daily!!! With lots and lots of SON my fruit should be just fine!!!!!!! Mark

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 I was reading in Genesis 25  22-23 where Rebekah was pregnant with twins and she called out to GOD for knowledge of why there was a struggle within her. Jacob and Esau could not wait untill birth to begin their odds with one another. GOD spoke to Rebekah and assured her that all was as it should be!!! Two great nations were already at war. She just needed to accept her role in the grand scheme of life.

    Oftentimes we all have struggles inside of us in which we do not understand. We may be expecting one thing in “The Natural”  and be experiencing the complete opposite in “The Spirit” .  We are moved along paths even though they seem foreign to us. We are asked to accept what seems strange based upon our belief  that we have been guided by our Faith!!!

   I have come to know that we cannot “talk” our way out of problems which we “behave” ourselves in to. We need to accept who we are as people and learn to accept , with gratitude , the struggles which come with being human!!!

   Tonight as I ready for bed I do not wish for my own understanding. I am going to ask GOD for HIS!!!!!!! Mark

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    I was reading in 2 Chronicles 33 12-13 where Manasseh humbled himself in prayer to GOD and was restored in HIS favor. Where he had tried to act without the HAND OF GOD he had fallen miserably short. When he had reached out in supplication to LOVE , he soon found his way out of captivity!!!

    Oftentimes things are going good in our lives and it seems as though we can get by without talking to HIM on a daily basis . Nothing is further from the Truth!!! When we are content with our lives it is because of GOD!!! We should thank HIM in every conscious spare moment!!! To not do so would soon lead us to our own Babylon.

   I can proudly say that the GOD of my ancestors is my GOD!!! My deliverance is because of HIM!!!  I need to remember that simple fact ; every moment of every day!!!

     WHAT AN AWESOME GOD!!!!!!! Mark

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    I was reading in Judges 15 18-19 where Samson was praying for Water. The Water in which he received renewed his Spirit and filled him with a new Hope. You see ; he had been in a struggle and was thirsty for revelation. Once again GOD had used a jawbone from a donkey in a mighty way . One thirst had led to another and Samson needed a quenching. He was justified by his Faith and drank good!!!

   Many of us have come through battles more than a little thirsty. We have seen the Hand  Of  GOD at work in our lives and desire more!!! The Bible is full of testimonies of how HIS LIVING WATER  cleanses and renews the Spirit within each of us !!!  Many trips have been made to The Well and there still remains an never-ending supply!!! PRAISE GOD , PRAISE GOD  , PRAISE GOD!!!

   I can sense a change of seasons here in Central Florida. It is more than just a change in temperature or a new onset of spring foliage !!! There is a definite move of HIS SPIRIT at work !!! LOVE has a plan!!!

  As I ready for bed tonight I am going to have me some of  HIS  WATER.  It does the body Good!!!!!!! Mark

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    I was reading in Psalms 144:13 where an increase was expected . To know that GOD is about to give you more than you can imagine is a blessed way in which to go through  your days!!! Imagine the Spirit of Hope charging your soul anew as daily you await your blessings!!! Our GOD is indeed Good!!!

  There are some today who complain that their provision is not enough .  The main reason why is because it is their provision . We must ask GOD for HIS Provision!!! GOD’S Provision is more than sufficient!!! HE will meet our every need and then some!!! I don’t care what your need is , GOD can fill it!!!GOD is LOVE!!!

  I once complained to The LORD that I was lonely and that my heart ached for someone in my life.  I needed a meaningful relationship I told HIM . I soon learned never to discount my relationship with GOD!!!!!!! Not that it was my intent to discount my relationship with HIM , I merely had my focus on life a bit confused!!!

   I have learned many lessons over the years .  One of the most valuable lessons which I carry to others daily is this fact. WHEN YOU ARE DOWN TO NOTHING  ; GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING!!!!!!!  Mark

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Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven, as in the r...

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   I was reading in Genesis 50 15-21 where Joseph reassured his brothers that the wrongs which they had perpetrated against him were forgiven. Joseph had not only been able to prosper amongst the heathen , he had been able to prosper others as well , and he had been afforded an opportunity to grow spiritually!!! What his brothers had meant for evil GOD had meant for Good!!!He and his brothers wept as forgiveness was asked for.His previous actions show that indeed his family was already forgiven.  Apart from GOD’S people , in a land of sin , Joseph had always carried LOVE in his heart!!! Joseph had always carried GOD in his heart!!! Praise GOD!!!

Is there LOVE in our hearts?      Is there LOVE in my heart? If so , forgiveness will come as an act of second nature!!! As I have stated previously ; when we hold onto something or allow something to hold onto us that is no Good ; than no Good can manifest!!! Imagine the freedoms which we gain as we forgive others and ask for forgiveness ourselves!!! Forgiveness is an outward sign or symptom of True LOVE. Go show some True LOVE!!!!!!!Mark

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  I was reading in Exodus 14   26-30 where GOD destroyed the sin that plagued HIS people. When the WATER covered the Egyptians the Israelites were saved!!! At that point in time they had been cleansed . I am of the opinion that in The Old Testament Egypt represents sin !!! God removed that sin from the Israelites life and covered it to a point where they would see that enemy no more!!! Praise GOD!!!

 I learn in 1 John 1 8-9 that we as Christians have a way to bring the WATER over our sins . We merely confess our sin and HE does the rest!!!

 What an Awesome GOD to know us so well!!! To know our needs. To know our weaknesses. To know that we our being pursued by our sin and that we must have HIM intercede on our behalves!!!

   There is something that we must do however in order to obtain this Mercy!!! We must cast our rods forward and enter into that LIVING WATER which will not harm us but drown our enemies!!! It is called Confession!!!

     WHAT AN AWESOME GOD !!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in James 5 17-18 where a prayer of a righteous man is heard by GOD!!!  Elijah prayed for drought then he prayed for  rain. He asked GOD for control of his enviroment and got it!!! He had a point to prove to Ahab and Jezebel and , even though it took time , he was able to prove that point with the help of GOD!!! He was a yielded vessel . He was also a perfect example of THE HOLY SPIRIT working through man!!!

  Easter is over and now to fully understand what GOD has done for each generation of mankind one must be willing to live guided by submission to HIS Will and endwelled with THE HOLY SPIRIT !!! In this YEAR OF COMPLETION allow GOD to use you in a mighty way!!! See for yourselves the Power of GOD as IT works through you!!!

   As for myself ;  My fields have been rather dry. I am going to pray for the former and the latter rains!!! Get your buckets!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Genesis 35 1-7 where  Jacob was  called by GOD to return to Bethel.  He returned to the place where GOD first appeared to him . When he got there he built an altar to THE LORD . He was grateful!!!

  Resurrection Sunday is here and in my spirit I have returned to where I first met GOD!!! HE appeared to me at a place in my heart which I call LOVE!!! Although at the time it seemed as though my world was falling apart all around me , there HE was!!! A tingling sensation went throughout my body and then HIS voice spoke through that tingling!!! I have never been the same again!!! Day after day I see HIS work in my life !!! I am so grateful for all HE does for me ; a humble servant ! I simply cannot find the words to describe my feelings of thankfulness!!!

  As I ready for bed to wake-up with EASTER in my heart I am building an altar to GOD myself!!! I got back safely to LOVE because of HIS Protection and HIS Mercy!!! I know that I will dwell here , in LOVE!!!!!!! Mark

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