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       I was reading in Exodus 15  22 – 27 where Moses and the Nation of Israel had been given a manner in which they would obtain good health.  Verse 26 states  ”  If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your GOD and do what is right in HIS sight , give ear to HIS commandments and keep all of HIS statutes , I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians . For I am the Lord who heals you . ”  Glory to GOD!!!

     What a simple way in which to be healed ;  stay healthy!!! All we need to do is to listen and obey GOD !!! Does this mean that we will never be unwell ; nope , however, it does mean that as we develop an intimate relationship with GOD we develop a Hope in which, as long as we cling to HIM , our sicknesses will never last . He is the Lord who heals us!!! Amen!!!

     Today we have many examples to base our Faith upon when it comes to healing . Medical science will even agree that if a person feels well in their mind [soul] the chances for recovery from any sickness is far greater. All we need is the confidence that comes from knowing HE is in charge!!!

      When JESUS fed the thousands what we received was a picture of multiplication of loaves and fishes.  In my humble opinion what they represent is the Greatness ,Fullness , and Sufficiency of JESUS to meet the deepest needs of our souls to a point in which we will never hunger again!!!  It is this satisfaction in our souls which allow us to claim victory , not only over sickness , but over death as well!!! We just need to believe!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

        Going for a walk in the prophetic realm!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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angels are here

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        I was reading in Ephesians 3 14 – 21 where Paul was praying for the church . He wanted the members to know the power of GOD through the Love of CHRIST!!! He wanted the people to share in a LOVE that surpasses all Knowledge . Glory!!!

     As I go through each and every day I am noticing those things about myself which before were hidden to me . As my walk with GOD strengthens my Love for others grows without bounds . I can see , through all that I witness on a daily basis , that I am indeed Blessed!!! Never before have I felt so much confidence with my situations in life. Nothing seems to affect me in a negative fashion, and , I am continuously happy for those around me. When I  think of all that GOD has done for me I am Humbled beyond explanation!!! GOD is Good!!!

       I take long walks every morning , rain or shine , that I am able . During my walks I am filled with a Joy that I cannot comprehend. I know that I am surrounded by HIS Angels at all times!!! It is such a Blessing to lay hands on a dead tree and return the next day to see the tree thriving . Or to be accompanied by the same birds every time I hike through my wilderness and listen to their songs of Joy as we hike together marching to nowhere in particular and everywhere in the Knowledge that HE is not only with me , HE is in me !!! Even the birds know!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

      Headed to the Well!!!  Thirsty!!!

    ” For this reason I kneel before the Father….”   I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! Mark

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" Without your love, a love I need, it’s ...

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    I was reading in John 13 34-35 where JESUS was giving a new commandment before HIS heading to the Cross!!! HE stated ” Love one another . By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you Love one another”!!! Amen!!!

    JESUS hit the nail right on the head . It is so easy to tell who is HIS disciple and who is not. In my daily walk with HIM I am surrounded by so many who , for selfishness , pride ,or some other reason ,are not capable of Loving in a manner which would edify GOD .  It seems as though so many people have been consumed with concern for no-one other than themselves. Selfishness is the shame of our day!!!                                   

                It is the sin of unforgiveness which allows humans to become trapped in “self”. If mankind can not learn to immediately forgive others we will never know forgiveness of ourselves , [ how can we forgive others when we can not forgive ourselves ? ], thus never learning to Love ourselves for who we are and thereby blocking our paths which would lead to Love for others!!! As a whole mankind must overcome every obstacle which would stand in the way of allowing us a deep personal Love for CHRIST JESUS and an impersonal Love for the entire human race. We must Love one another ; regardless!!!

       When I want a picture of Love I look no further than the Cross!!! ” For GOD so Loved the world that HE ……” !!!  Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

               If you have not heard these words today please allow me to be the first ; I Love you !!!!!!! Mark

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      I was reading in Colossians  3  1 – 17 on the manner in which our spiritual hearts should rest . We should always be giving thanks to GOD for all in which HE has done for us!!! Amen!!!

     As Thanksgiving approaches each year I am always reminded of just how much I have to be thankful for. I know that I do not deserve the peace of mind which I enjoy in my life. If anything I should be thankful for not receiving that which I do deserve. GOD has been so Good to me !!!

    Sometimes I wish that I could  , just for a moment , go back in time and re-live a few of my families Holiday gatherings. As a young man I looked at my family being together in one place as special. The in-gathering of Blood was a unique Harvest ; one in which was definantly worth celebrating!!! My grandma’s giblet gravy was the absolute best!!! I never tired of the turkey sandwiches which I knew were coming for the weeks ahead. A big harvest requires lots of gobblers!!!  We didn’t have leftovers in my family ; we had Provision !!!

    I have come to a point in my life where I am most thankful for JESUS!!! Each and every day as I awake I remind myself before prayer of exactly what GOD has done for us !!! I am ever so thankful for the LOVE of JESUS!!! I can not get through any waking hour without thoughts of my GOD !!! HE is everything to me!!!

    You know ; I can close my eyes and see my grandma pulling the oven rack part of the way out and telling me that she needs to baste the turkey.  As she dips the ladle and pours the liquid over the top of the bird I ask exactly what is it that she is basting with.  She replies “Nothing but Pure LOVE  preacher , nothing but Pure LOVE !!!”

      Going to go “baste ” someone!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Holy Spirit,

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            I was reading in  Romans 8  1- 39 where we ,as Christians , were called to live like CHRIST.  GOD has given us a way in which we can overcome this world with all of it’s groanings!!! Thank you JESUS!!! Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!!

      I can not imagine how I could ever possibly be like CHRIST  without living my life with the full Knowledge that I need HIS Holy Spirit to dwell within me always!!! The things of this world are really just so much about nothing , yet , Satan just does not give up. Going through each and every day under attack has become common to me, however , winning my daily battles against Unclean Spirits has become common as well!!! GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

        We must push forward everyday with the Knowledge that CHRIST JESUS is in us . Verse 28 states that in ALL things GOD works for the Good for those who Love HIM , who have been called according to HIS purpose. GLORY!!! Verses  38 and 39 state that we are convinced that neither Death nor Life ; neither Angels nor Demons ; neither the Present nor Future nor any Powers ; neither Height nor Depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the Love of GOD that is in CHRIST JESUS our LORD!!! Now that’s my kind of promise!!!

    Going walking in the Prophetic Realm !!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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             I was reading in Mark 16  14 – 20 where JESUS has come back from death and was telling HIS disciples the full range of their commission for HIM. HE wanted them to reach out to all of Creation!!! HE told them to proclaim the “Good News ”  to all of the world!!! Glory!!!

    In our generation we have abilities that are endless to reach out to others. I am so amazed at the number of readers of this blog and the depth of readership worldwide. GOD is Good!!!  

   GOD knew that there would come a time where in which HIS people would communicate freely and with ease across all of the barriers which Satan would construct!!! HE knew HIS people would respond to HIS Love for them. HE knew!!! OUR GOD is truly an Awesome GOD!!!

        I claim the Blood of JESUS over everyone who reads these words; GOD Loves you!!!

  Headed to the well!!! Thirsty!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Noah's sacrifice

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             I was reading in Genesis  8  20-22 where Noah had come out of the Ark and he and his family were  once again back on solid ground. The first thing which Noah did was to build an altar for GOD. Then he offered an offering of every clean beast and every clean fowl. GOD  smelled a “sweet savour” and pledged that HE would never again curse the ground for mans sake and as long as the earth  remained that there would always be seed time and harvest time. Summer and Winter , day and night. GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

   It must have been difficult for Noah and  his family to make a sacrifice so great . I am sure that the number of animals was rather low ,yet , Noah had just been saved from death ,he and his family , and he was thankful!!! Glory!!!

   In my humble opinion Noah gives his sacrifice by giving up animals which have the characteristics of Christ. A bull for strength, a lamb for patience and harmlessness ,and a turtle-dove for meekness!!! The fact that it was a burnt offering  represents the wrath which GOD poured on HIM like fire!!!  Thank you JESUS!!!

   All throughout the Scriptures- Blessing follows sacrifice.  There  is a Divine pattern established for us to follow in order to receive our Blessings . We must sacrifice!!! We , like Noah , haved been saved from death.We should be thankful!!!

   Going to build an altar!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in 1 Peter2 9-12 where GOD has “called ” HIS people out so that they may walk in HIS Light!!! HE wants HIS people to shine before other peoples while in this realm. HE wants to gather!!! GOD is good!!!

   Overcoming the temptations of this world are oftentimes difficult for even the most diligent of us Christians. As previously stated Satan is a clever foe!!!  I myself oftentimes find weakness in the area of lust and have to get ” thinking on what is pure” quickly!!! The devil hits us at our weakest points.  Shame on him!!! Thank GOD for HIS Understanding!!!

       I want to walk in the light of GOD daily!!! These particular verses state that our behavior , should we be in the Light , will prepare us for our day of visitation.  I say Yes and Amen!!! Help me overcome Oh LORD!!!

    When we are in HIS Light I honestly feel as though nothing will tempt us that we can not overcome. With GOD we have an awesome power to defeat the unclean spirits which come at us daily!!! Thank you JESUS !!! We are victors in CHRIST JESUS!!!

         My future is so Bright I am going to need SON-GLASSES!!! This little light of mine i’m gonna let it shine…..!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Morning Angel

   I was reading in Hebrews 11 vs.1 where Faith is the substance of things that are Hoped for and the evidence of things which we just can’t see. Not that we hope for Faith ; that our Faith is the substance of our Hope. Glory!!!

   I remember reading once where a Monk had argued the proof of GOD by stating ” what on earth could be more logical?” I can imagine JESUS , just the thought of JESUS , would bring Hope to any soul in need . Once that Hope is realized then Faith takes root and is grounded in our minds as fact!!!   This principle operates at any level in our lives. We believe based upon our experience. If  I , as a child , never had sat in a chair ,yet, in my mind begun to believe that the chair would hold me ; then I have developed Faith. When I sit in the chair I am placing my Faith into action. I am giving my Faith “works “. From that point forward I never again doubt that any chair could hold me. I am moving in complete Faith. GOD is Good!!!

     As Christians we have a responsibility to walk in Faith.  If we desire a certain outcome for our lives then we must at first picture that outcome then speak it into existence ,and then know that the desired outcome has already been procured in Heaven!!! We must believe!!! We must develop a Vision in our minds and know ,without doubt , that the Vision has come to pass. Without a Vision there is no Provision!!! Amen!!!

     Going out and walk in Faith tonight. I want people to see me walking in this Way so they will want to walk this Way as well!!! It has gotten rather cold here in Kissimmee ; however , someone is bringing me a jacket . I don’t know who and I don’t know how .I just know!!!

    I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in John11 vs.35 , the absolute shortest verse known , where JESUS was so troubled in Spirit that HE wept. I am not certain exactly what that means , GOD crying and all ,however I do know exactly how HE must have felt . I am sure that HE wasn’t crying for the dead man; HE was feeling the pain of those women.GOD is so Good!!!

     Before creation I am sure that our GODHEAD knew sorrow. GOD is the Supreme Sufferer . Imagine  ,if you will ,what it must have been like to have a revolt in Heaven. GOD created Angels and then one third of them  , led by Lucifer , started a war with GOD. GOD ,our Creator , knew that this would happen in Eternity Past. It must have brought pain!!! To be betrayed is just horrible!!! Then GOD creates mankind and Adam followed in the path of Satan. GOD surely knew that HE would send HIS Son to die on a cross in the Ultimate Atonement. Pain!!!

   When I take the time to actually think about just how much JESUS suffered on the cross my own suffering suddenly is nothing!!! Nothing!!!  An entire universe ,both in “The Spirit ” and in “the Natural” , full of betrayal!!!

         Growing up my Grandmother told me that rain was actually tears from Heaven. I am beginning to think that she may have been partially right. I know that GOD has every right to cry just looking at me and the miserable mess which my life has been.Thank GOD for HIS suffering!!! Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

   Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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