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   I was reading in Acts 4 23-31 where early believers cried out to GOD to be yielded vessels which could be used to heal the sick as well as perform other miracles , signs and wonders. They needed to know that GOD was with them. I believe that in their hearts they did not want the Ministry of JESUS to die due to the fact that they had witnessed HIS  Resurrection and knew in their hearts that The TRUTH was still alive. They prayed for boldness because of their perceived positional disadvantage in society. They were under attack for their beliefs , however , they were compelled to move forward and needed the boldness to do so!!!

      I thank GOD daily that HE allows me to live in these times!!!  What was true then is true now. The TRUTH never changes!!! GOD is always there ready to work , through us!!! HE has already given us boldness ; we just need to utilize HIS gift without the concerns of the judgments of society!!!

    In my humble opinion should you desire to help heal somebody ; do it!!! Start by laying on hands and speaking to the sickness itself  “IN THE NAME OF JESUS “!!! Rebuke it!!!  Remember that GOD is doing the healing and that you are just a yielded vessel. Then practice , practice , practice!!! Practice makes perfect and by the time that you realize that GOD truly is working through you – you will have noticed other manifestations of HIS Awesome Power !!! Along with that realization you will receive your boldness!!!

   Well , it looks like rain tonight here in Kissimmee. We can use a little Rain!!!!!!! Mark


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  I was reading in Luke 18 9-13 where a Pharisee and a tax collector were at the temple praying. The Pharisee was telling GOD all  which he had done . He was standing on his own accomplishments. On the other hand , the tax collector was humbled before The LORD and he cried out for Mercy. The tax collector understood his need!!!

  I have come to believe over the years that there remains nothing in which I can do to gain my own salvation. Truth of the matter is I myself have had a pretty difficult time just functioning in society in an acceptable manner to people, let alone GOD!!! In the last couple of decades the prisons have been replaced with treatment centers and I have developed a true and honest Desire for a better way of life.  However ,  I owe everything in my life today to the LOVE  of an Almighty GOD!!!

   Without understanding the Power of HIS Mercy I would have never began taking the steps necessary to walk in Faith and thus start making changes , not only in my life , but the lives of others as well!!!

    I needed HIS Mercy!!! I still need HIS Mercy!!!!!!! Mark

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    I was reading in Judges 13 8-15 where Manoah prayed to GOD for understanding concerning his unborn son.  He wanted GOD to send HIS Angel back to explain in more specific detail what should be done with his boy after birth. In an act of complete submission Manoah asked GOD for guidance.

   I do not have a wife so I am not expecting a child , however , new ideas are being born within me on a daily basis.  I know that without GOD’S help those ideas are merely figments within a madman’s mind. On the Bright side I know that with GOD’S help ,  soon , and very soon , all of those who have doubted over the years will come to believe that with HIM  “ALL”  things are possible!!!  My only responsibility is to yield myself to HIS guidance!!! I pray for HIS guidance!!!

    What a Beautiful time of year here in Central Florida!!! As I climb step by step on that Stairway To Heaven I gaze down upon a wonderous creation . HIS Creation!!!

   What an AWESOME GOD!!!!!!! Mark

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Happy Mother's Day: Sometimes...

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   I was reading in Mark 7 24-30 where Jesus had entered a house and did not want anyone to know that HE was there. However , a woman whose daughter had an unclean spirit heard about HIM and immediately came to HIM and bowed down at HIS feet . Now , the mother was a Gentile and Jesus told her that she need not beg , that in fact , HE wanted to feed HIS children first. HE told the mother that it was not fair to take the children’s food and give it to the dogs. She begged even more saying that even dogs ate the crumbs from a childs food under the table. Even though she was not a Jew Jesus healed her daughter!!!

   Evidence abounds!!! Evidence of inclusion , Evidence of Faith-Healing , all sorts of Evidence , however , I want to write of the Evidence of Love!!! In this case , the Love of a mother.

   Everytime that I read this passage my heart aches for a mother who would go against all tradition to get help for her sick daughter. It must have been pretty sad to have been refered to as a dog , however , that was her daughter!!! Her Hope had brought about a Faith that could move mountains !!! I can only imagine that she received Hope when she first heard about Jesus!!! Her actions speak to us about Love. The Love of a mother!!!

   As Mother’s Day approaches I wish that everyone who reads this , whether or not you are a mom , fully understands what it must be like to give birth : first to a child , and then to Hope.  As I ride the buses around Kissimmee I am overwhelmed as I witness mom after mom in a daily struggle to do the next right thing for their  children.

   If you are a mom who has a sick child please go to Jesus!!!!!!! If your child is not sick still go to Jesus!!!!!!! HE does not have the answer ; HE IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!

   I wonder sometimes how often my mom prayed for me. I will never know, however , I do know that I Love my mom!!!

    This Mother’s Day please be sure to tell your mom how thankful you are for all that she has done for you and how much you Love her. If she is “sleeping” and no longer with us, please tell GOD . HE can get the message to her!!!!!!! I ask you to rebuke any barriers of communication and say ” Mom , I Love you”!!!

   HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY !!!!!!!   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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