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   I was reading in Judges 6 36-40 where Gideon questioned his call from GOD to save the nation of Israel. He needed a sign from GOD in order to move forward in his calling. He needed to know that his faith in the process was well-grounded.

  Many of us today are in that same boat . We may not want a wet fleece but we need an outside assurance from someone or something other than ourselves to clarify what we know in our hearts is from GOD!!!  Why do we need a sign??? ; who knows.  I would like to think that some of us move slow in our callings simply not to alarm others in our lives.  Still yet , some of us may feel as though the time is not right for any drastic changes ; not that our faith is not strong ; we ourselves may not be ready. Somehow , someway we must overcome these feelings of doubt!!!

    There comes a time when we must listen to that inner voice in our hearts ; know that it is of GOD , and step out accordingly.  It would be selfish of us to not share the LOVE that is within us with others when we know that LOVE is really all we have to give that has any meaning in HIS purpose!!! When we walk in HIS calling there are no wrong steps!!!!!!! Mark


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 I was reading in Psalm 18 6-7 how David is in trouble and asks GOD for help.GOD hears his cry and responds as only GOD can. David calls upon GOD in the midst of his distress. He is not tampered by pride but motivated by need.

   It takes a special kind of man to offer help. It takes a special kind of man to ask for help. Hurt and Pain often go hand in hand with Love.  Funny how that works is it not??? Being created in the image and likeness of GOD makes us very complex creatures !!! We can be at our very highest point of  “need”  and still want to help others before we take a hard look at ourselves.

  Having recently done a “fearless and searching ” moral inventory of myself  I could not help but notice that the Bad far outweighed the Good , however , there was Good!!!

    We must ask GOD to remove those character defects ,such as Pride , and develope an understanding of ourselves which will lead to a LOVE for ourselves and eventually an ability to ask others for help. We deserve nothing less!!!!!!! Mark

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I was reading in  1 Samuel 1-18 a story of a woman who needed to know that there were better days ahead in her life. One day, after prayer, her Faith produced Blessing  which in turn created Hope.

   We are who we are in CHRIST!!! We should all know Hope!!!  Weather or not your travels in life took you from Tennessee to Miami or from Little Rock to Orlando ;  when you got there you were still who you are in CHRIST!!! Changing places only changes places. Real and definable change in our lives , the type of change which allows us to grow spiritually , only comes from GOD!!!

  Here as  Easter  is upon us we as believers  are reminded  that  we  all have real Hope!!! What Death did to JESUS is nothing compared to what JESUS did to Death!!!!!!! There is a change coming in our lives and that change comes from something we could not do for ourselves, but was done for us . THANK GOD!!!!!!! Mark

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   In Second Chronicles Chapter 15 I read where the nation of Israel turned again toward GOD . Everything they had sought in their lives outside of HIM had left them longing for more . GOD wanted them to have more!!! There is more!!! As a nation they were desperate to return to a true Love . What had previously looked good to them had instead turned into a curse. They made a new covenant with GOD and “cast out ” all of those who did not share their renewed Hope for the future.

      It  is a great feeling to be in Love with GOD and to be in covenant with not only HIM , but HIS entire family as well!!! A personal Love for GOD and an impersonal Love for the entire human race is a direct result of daily walking in HIS Love ,  HIS Mercy,  and HIS Grace !!! There remains no stronger bind than sharing GOD’S Love !!! GOD is LOVE!!! HE Loves us . I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark

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  I was reading in the 8th chapter of The Book Of Revelation how an angel mixed in the prayers of all the saints upon Earth with incense at the altar before the Throne Of GOD and then the angel put fire from the altar on his scepter and threw the fire back at Earth and there were storms and an earthquake which shook things up hereabouts. Must have been something about the timing of the prayers , however , the mere fact of the matter got me wondering whether or not all of  my prayers are put to GOD for HIS hearing along with some incense , and if so , do they bring upon HIS wrath???

      As I have learned to pray through the years I try to pray for HIS will to be done regardless of my wants. This is not always an easy task for me because I know that I am not as deserving as others around me . I know me!!!  However , I know that HIS Love and Grace cover me and in that knowledge lies my hope that my prayers for others are always answered!!! I am not in constant prayer , yet , I am in an almost constant contact with HIM , in my faith , with hopes of direction throughout my days.  GOD can and will do for me what I cannot do for myself ,and I pray that HE does!!!

  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark

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 I can only imagine what Adam must have felt like when he was asked to take his wife and leave The Garden Of Eden . He must have felt ashamed and broken. He had let GOD down . He was being separated from the Tree  Of  Life. His life was about to take a turn for the worst and there was nothing that he could do to stop it. Everything which he had in his control was forfeited in one moment of lapse, one fall to temptation. When he knew that he was naked he grasped at leaves not realizing that he was doing to the plant what he had done to himself. Not knowing that only a blood sacrifice could cover his sin . Not understanding that his tug at earthly possession had cost him his place next to GOD forever!!! I certainly would never be happy with myself if I were to allow Mark Byrd to be done in by a foe with nothing more going for himself  than Satan. By my not being separated from GOD I have so much more than that crafty devil!!!  There is nothing he could place in front of me which would jeopardize my place next to The LORD .I simply could not, and ,would not give in!!!

   One of my favorite passages in The BIBLE states ” In the morning  ,before day , HE went to a lonely place and prayed.” I wake up and conduct myself in a similar manner !!! I would never want to feel the shame and guilt that must have been upon Adam. Most importantly , I could never allow the separation from LOVE!!! Mark

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    Now that spring is here I can breathe a sigh of relief !!! Oh my ; what an extraordinarily cold winter. I can remember a time in-between treatment centers a day so frigid that I wore a pair of socks on my hands. I looked at that moment in time as a great opportunity to be thankful for the heat that I know is coming. It is not always that we look forward to change in the moment of our maladies, however , if we remain strong in our faith we will overcome!!!

     A change of season offers for us a new begining ; a new lease on life!!! One more chance to “get it right ” before the next shoe falls. As the SON shines down on me this spring I plan on sharing the warmth with those around me!!! Mark

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 I have been reading this month a book from the Bible that deals with prophesy. In it the author describes a wheel so awesome that the word used means dreaded . This wheel is full of eyes and is next to the angels who travel with GOD. As I have said in the past ,I am sure I have seen that wheel!!!

  We are never alone . Even when at times the world seems so dark and chaotic ,   and our souls seem to cry out for need ,   HE is there !!!  HE is watching !!!  What a comfort it is to know that GOD never allows us to be alone . What a true sign of HIS Love and Mercy ; HIS protection!!! Mark

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   As I was growing up I was surrounded by a rather large family and an even larger group of freinds all of whom seemed to constantly  have more going for them in their lives than I did . As my childhood years fled by and I started to really get into the “meat” of life I can remember thinking to myself  that nothing in life ever really changes . One hardship led to another in what seemed to be a never ending series of failures and mistakes. I was raised by my grandparents and I am sure that they had to feel just about as hopless for me as I felt for myself.

 Little did I know then that who I am today was crafted way back then in those series of failures . I  thank GOD daily for the thorns in my side . I know that I can count each thorn a blessing !!! Those counted blessings add up. Without the thorns I would be just another bush ready to be plucked -up and uprooted by life. I am today grateful for the opportunity to have failed.

 I LOVE You !!!!!!! Mark

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This time of year as EASTER approaches one must reflect about what really happened years ago outside of Jeruselem.  As Mary went to the grave to return to her calling she did so without fear. Fear is the complete absense of Faith and she simply had no fear. She had been givin a spirit of Faith having known Love. As she was to find, our true Faith removes the stones which block us from our objectives in our lives and Faith frees us to enter into our callings. Know as Easter comes upon us here in Kissimmee and all around the world that HE has already removed the stones which kept us in our graves and HE has givin us a freedom to move in HIS will!!! Mark

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