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The Circumcision

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              I was reading in GENESIS 17 1-27 where GOD had established a covenant with Abram by where in which every male was to be circumcised in order for them to be confirmed in the covenant.  Circumcision was to be a sign for GOD to know HIS people . GOD states that this covenant in the flesh is to be an everlasting covenant . GOD wants to know that HIS people have “cut-away” the unclean flesh in their lives. Glory!!!

      Abraham and Sarah were blessed with new names that day. Names have meaning and Abraham wasted no time in circumsizing  all the males in his family that day , even the ones who were not born into his family- but bought!!! They had been purchased for a price and now fell under the Abrahamic Covenant !!! Thank You JESUS!!!

   Colossians 2 vs. 11 states ” By whom also ye have been circumcised – ye have received the spirit  typified by old by circumcision. With a circumcision not performed by hands – by an inward spiritual operation . In putting off , not a little skin , but the whole body of the sins of the flesh – All the sins of your evil nature. By the circumcision of CHRIST – By that spiritual circumcision which CHRIST works in your heart. ” Amen!!!

    For those of us who have accepted CHRIST JESUS we have Good News. We are circumcised!!! Here in the “Church Age ” those of us who truly believe that CHRIST came as a man and died for our sins have been bought by CHRIST and we are in covenant with GOD through HIM. CHRIST has Redeemed us!!! Male and female alike are under an obligation to accept this spiritual circumcision in order for us to be known by GOD as HIS people .  I Hope that GOD hears me shouting-I believe , I believe , I believe!!!

      Feels good to be Redeemed!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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This Is Love

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   I was reading John 15 1-17 where JESUS was telling mankind how to be content in this Life by giving instruction on how to be friends with GOD. Verses seven {7} and eleven {11}  truly strike me as to how much GOD Loves us and wants to be our friends!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

    I want to be a friend of GOD!!! I can not imagine a world in which GOD does not exist . I know that I can become close to HIM. A world in which we could not personally know GOD would be a world in which there was no Hope!!! Of all the relationships I can even dream of ; I would give them all away , just to have HIM in my life ;  every moment of every day!!! What else really matters anyhow??? If we go through this Life and fail to develop a friendship with GOD we have forfeited any right we have for eternal happiness, period!!! We were created for HIS pleasure ,however . HE has given us a way in which the benefits of loving HIM are mutual!!! Glory!!!

    GOD will never fail us!!! When we look to ourselves ,or  anyone whom we have ever really counted on , we find that without doubt that GOD is the Answer, the only Answer , which we might hold onto in this ever-changing world we inhabit!!!   Loving one-another becomes second nature with GOD involved in our decision to Love!!! GOD is Good and to have HIM as a friend is to have a Good friend!!! I love GOD!!!

      I feel Someone pruning on me!!! Must be my Friend!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Three angels visiting Abraham

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   I was reading in Psalm 112 1-10 where we  , as children of GOD ,  should delight in the ways of GOD!!! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD!!! Amen!!! Promises abound when we follow HIS righteous ways!!! There are plenty of promises from GOD in these verses!!! Thank GOD!!!

    I oftentimes wonder what my Life would be like had I not found the Love of GOD. I seem so happy these days not wanting nothing except HIS unconditional Love.  As I think back to what my life was like before I accepted HIM I am amazed at how much I was truly angry at. It seems as though I was always unhappy due to the fact that I was always in need. Thank GOD for JESUS!!! I now have no fear of bad news , my heart is secure and I trust GOD in all things!!!

      I honestly believe that GOD has surrounded me with Angels to minister to  my every need!!!   GOD IS GOOD!!!

           How did this change in my Life all start???  Change started when I realized that I was on the wrong path and that I needed HIM to create a change in me. I could not do it alone!!! I needed HIS Love for me to outweigh my love for myself.  I needed to change the way in which I was thinking.  With HIS Hand upon me I now know that with HIM all things are truly possible!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

       Going to go spend time with my Angels!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Jesus washing Peter's feet

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             I was reading in John 13 1 – 17 where JESUS had got up from a meal and took off HIS tunic and put on a towel. HE then filled a bowl with Water and started washing the feet of those whom HE Loved.  Peter balked at the idea , however , JESUS said that if HE didn’t wash Peter’s feet then Peter had no part of HIM. Mercy!!!

            JESUS wanted to serve!!! Walking around Jerusalem in sandles the Apostles of CHRIST had gathered dirt on their feet. Their feet were filthy!!! JESUS wanted to wash them clean. HE knew that “HIS hour ” had come and HIS time left on Earth with HIS human constraints was limited . HE was soon to go to HIS Father and before HE departed HE needed to clean the filth from HIS followers . In Love ; He needed to serve them. Thank You JESUS!!!

            In my humble opinion the filth upon the feet of the Apostles represents unrighteousness . The filth represents sin. JESUS washed the filth away as only JESUS can .  Glory!!!

                     I can only imagine how the Apostles of CHRIST must have  felt having witnessed every form of miracle  that Life can bring , and then , watching as the Miricale Maker bowed down to wash their feet .   I wonder what truly went through their minds as JESUS told them that HIS time was near and that HE must go ,but , before HE left HE wanted to spend HIS time with them , and , during that little bit of time which HE had left HE wanted to serve them. He wanted to wash their feet!!! HE washed them Spiritually!!!

    As we walk around in our own worlds the filth of the Earth gets on us in a mighty way . Thank GOD that HIS SON is still removing filth !!! Thank GOD that JESUS is still serving us today!!!

               Every morning as I speak with GOD I close my eyes and I can see JESUS washing away my every sin. GOD is Good!!! I need that Spiritual cleansing!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Raffaels Angels

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   I was reading in Proverbs 16 vs. 3 where if we commit to the LORD everything we do, then , our plans will succeed. Glory!!! All that we have to do is put GOD first and then our thoughts will be established. What a great promise!!!

    It is so easy to put JESUS first in my each and every thought on a daily basis. Placing GOD foremost in my heart has come easier to me than I ever could have imagined . The world has been , at least for me , a constant attacker ; and over the years as GOD continually fights on my behalf , my confidence in HIM grows to the point where I can not imagine a moment where HE is not first!!! GOD has proven HIMSELF to me!!! I owe HIM the respect which is born from Thankfulness and Love!!! GOD is indeed Good!!!

   As I continually place GOD first I have noticed a definite increase in successfulness on an extremely large-scale!!! It seems as though my putting GOD first has led to me being able to prosper in everything which I attempt!!! It seems as if everything I touch “turns to gold ” !!! That indicates to me clear proof of HIS Love for those who put HIM in the forefront of their lives.

    Headed out to prosper . Placing GOD first I can go in any direction!!!

    I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Baptism of Christ

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               I was reading in Matthew 21 1 -11 where JESUS found HIMSELF in need of an entrance into Jerusalem upon a donkey in order to fulfill prophecy . HE simply told HIS servants to say “the Lord needs…..”.  HE entered into the city with wise people heralding HIS way.  Thank GOD for HIS Wisdom!!!

           GOD is in need today as much as ever. Is that to say that our Lord cannot provide for HIS own needs??? Absolutely not!!! HE needs us , HIS followers , to work with HIM in order that HE may work through us!!! If the world is going to ever  “catch fire ” for JESUS it will be up to HIS followers to ignite the flames within on a constant basis. HE needs us to give HIM our donkey.

     ” Mark , I ain’t got no donkey”.     Sure you do . If you give of your time in any way , form , or fashion to promote the Gospel of CHRIST to those who either have not heard the Good News or, are in need of a closer ,more intimate relationship with GOD, then you are giving HIM a method in which JESUS , and HIS story , can move further down the road in this seemingly endless journey. Perhaps you sing or write or spend time with HIM on your computer. Or you are inclined to just write a check. Whatever you contribute to GOD ; there’s your donkey!!!

        JESUS had many needs while HE walked this earth. I wonder what it must of been like to be the man who baptized HIM. John must have been on Cloud Nine !!! Washing HIS feet must have put a person’s heart at rest!!! How about preparing HIS last meal??? Blessed are those who serve HIM!!!

 Headed out to feed my donkey. GOD may need it one day!!!

 I Love You!!!!!!! Mark

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Jesus feeding a crowd with 5 loaves of bread a...

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       I was reading in John 6  47- 53  where JESUS was describing a diet for mankind. HE stated that if we are to obtain Life everlasting that we must adhere to this diet.  All we need to do is create within ourselves a Love for this particular meal. Praise GOD!!!

     As I wind my way through Life I am constantly reminded that I have not always felt the way in which I currently do about GOD. It was not untill after many  trials and tribulations that I found myself in dire straits . I was desperate for an answer to the almost constant pain and emptiness in my Life. I was on the brink of what might be described as a total surrender to the world around me . Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

       I can reflect backwards in my mind and see a time in which I was being fed spiritually by GOD and I just wasn’t bright enough to realize it. HE had been giving me Manna all along in my darkest hours and had  “kept ” me throughout my toughest times. It was this feeding which carried me through to HIS Glory and Riches. It truly is ALL about HIM!!! I now stand not only knowing what sustains me ; I am HUNGRY for it!!! Give me Bread!!!

     Going to the Well.  I need some Water with this meal!!! I Love You!!!!!!! Mark

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Saint Michael parish church in Untergriesbach....

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     I was reading in Genesis 1 where  GOD was speaking words into matter which would manifest into being!!!  “Let there be Light ” was the beginning of a conversation in which GOD gave mankind a glimpse of HIS Image . HE is a Creator GOD !!! HE is an Awesome GOD!!! Praise HIM!!!

     In that same chapter GOD  said ” Let us make man in our own image…… ” ,and  then HE set out to work.  HE spoke us into being and then set out to gather dust. Dust in which HE later stated that we should knock off of our feet while leaving the homes of those who chose not to Bless us due to the fact that we are CHRISTIANS. GOD is Good!!!

      We have the same power of Creation in us !!! We were made in HIS Image and Likeness!!! Thank you LORD!!! Our words are Powerful!!! We have the power of Life and Death in our tongues. We can take our que from our Master . HE is our Example !!!

       As I have matured in Life I firmly Hope and Pray that my words are not harmful to anyone or anything .  I Hope that I am creating for myself a world in which everyone that I come into contact with would want to share. I am seeking Heaven on Earth!!!  Glory!!!

     JESUS spoke about who HE is .

       ” I am the Bread of life ” ; ” I am the Light of the world” ; ” I am the Resurrection and the Life ” ; ” I am the Way ”  ; ” I am the Truth ” …..!!!

 I am Humbled !!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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            I was reading in 2 Peter 1 3-11 where we ,as Christians , have  been “called ”  by GOD in HIS  Glory and Goodness.  What a great way in which to live . Knowing that GOD has a purpose for us as individuals and that we can grow in that purpose. GOD is Good!!!

           As we walk in our calling we are promised by GOD that we can ” participate in the Divine Nature ” and escape the corruption which is caused by Evil desires. We are to add to our Faith first Goodness then Knowledge , then Self-Control , then Perseverance , then GODLINESS , then Brotherly Kindness , and then ,last but not least ,LOVE. With this combination of personal attributes we can not fall. Thank You JESUS!!!

    I am never quite sure exactly what others are thinking , however , I do know that I LOVE GOD!!!  I am more than certain the HE has  “called” me to do so many Great and Wonderous works here in this realm. I am Humbled in this Choosing!!! I am evermore convinced that GOD has , in HIS Infinite Wisdom , placed a stumbling stone or two in my path lest I should become proud. Thank GOD!!!

     Headed out to add some LOVE to my Faith!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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