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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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                      I was reading in 2 Corinthians 5 1-21 where we , as believers , live by Faith and not by sight. The fact that we are confident that GOD has the ability to control  everything allows us to renew our minds on a daily basis and make room for GOD to guide our every step. We know that with GOD in each and every decision that we can do no wrong.  Our goal is to please HIM!!! Thank You JESUS!!! 

       Having gone through life and gained knowledge of the Holy Spirit by allowing GOD to work in our lives through the Spirit we develop a firmness in our decisions. We know without a doubt that GOD is working through us. Glory!!!      Along with that Knowledge comes a type of certainty about our future with HIM . Knowing that Heaven awaits makes everything in which I myself experience meaningful to the point of purpose. I truly Love GOD!!!!!!! 

        Putting GOD first in my life has certainly made a difference in my Faith!!! Knowing GOD in an intimate relationship has given me strength beyond my wildest imagination. GOD is Good!!! My Faith is finally matching everything which I have read about in the Bible. Move Mountain!!! 

          Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark 


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Folio 108r - Hell

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    I was reading in Ecclesiastes 12 1 – 8 where we get a good idea of our future with GOD once we pass on . Death is more than just  the cessation of the physiological process. By a Divine Commandment the body returns to dust and the Spirit returns to GOD who gave it!!! If  a man or woman made the proper choice concerning GOD while still breathing in this realm then he or she can be assured of Eternity with HIM!!! Thank You JESUS!!!  

    I am sure that when given all of the facts that nobody in their right mind would want to go to Hell!!! I can simply not imagine how  anyone  would want to spend Forever in torment !!!  The real beauty in this Life is the fact that we are given an opportunity to improve our lifestyle forever!!! Glory!!!  

     Outside of the city of Jerusalem past the refuse gate we find , in the valley of Hinnom , a dump ,more or less , where all of the garbage of the city and all of it’s unwanted  “stuff'” was placed to burn in a pit which was kept constantly burning.  I can imagine as CHRIST looked upon this site that HE saw a fit symbol for the wicked and their future destruction!!!  GOD is Just!!! 

     I know that as I walk daily my mind is constantly on how I can keep others from going to Hell by leading them to Love ;  by leading them to JESUS!!! I Hope that they make the right choice!!! 

      Headed out to spread the Good News!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark  p.s. Remember HIM in your youth!!!

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The Holy of Holies; illustration from the 1890...

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              I was reading in HEBREWS 10 1-25  how we , as Christians , can spend time before GOD through the Blood of Jesus .   HIS sacrifice makes it possible for us to enter  , Spiritually , into the “Holy Of Holies ” and spend time with our Father . Thank You JESUS!!! No longer does GOD require an offering for Sin. Praise HIM!!!  

       I look upon my attendance in Church as a weekly , oftentimes  daily , “In-Gathering ” which I participate in willingly .   I am so thankful that I live in a time where in which I can Tabernacle with other believers  more than just once a year!!! I want to be with GOD every day all day!!! HIS law is in my heart and on my mind!!! Glory!!!  

      It seems as though I am reminded daily of just how much I need GOD!!! Looking back at all of the trials which GOD has brought me through truly increases my Hope for the future!!!  I reflect  every day on just how much HE means to me. It is a pleasure to fellowship with others who live the same way . HIS Way!!!   

       I am uncertain just what the everyday experience was upon leaving Egypt , however , I do know what it is like to have GOD with me through every breath and every step as I have moved through my own wilderness!!!  GOD is Good ; all the time!!!  HE has given me a very comfortable booth in my Soul!!! I Love dwelling there!!! 

         Autumn ; I can sense a change!!! 

      I Love you!!!!!!! Mark 

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The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove above the H...

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                       I was reading in Luke 1 where Mary had come in to talk with Elizabeth and upon hearing Mary’s voice the Holy Spirit came upon the child in Elizabeth’s womb and the child jumped within her.  I believe that ,  at that time , in the womb , we had John with us !!! Later in Luke I read where Mary became pregnant with JESUS  by the Holy Spirit . It is at that time we humans experienced Immanuel, GOD with us!!! Praise GOD!!!    

                 I know ,without a doubt , that had Mary or Elizabeth had an abortion that they would have committed a crime against the Will of GOD!!! Abortion is murder , a premeditated manner in which a person chooses to eliminate a child while that unborn child is still in the womb. To consider the act of abortion anything less than murder would devalue the moral fiber of life itself!!! There is sanctity in Life !!!    

        Can you cheat GOD???  When did GOD quit being GOD???  ” You shall have pain in child-birth ….”  pretty much covers the Almighty Will of GOD!!!  Whether or not the child is wanted is irrelevant.   Being a victim of rape does not place you upon the “Great White Throne”!!!  Any unwanted pregnancy does not give you the right to decide whether a child lives or dies!!! GOD did not create man in HIS image to see man destroy HIS image before the procreation is complete!!!  They are not the Ten Suggestions!!!  

     I honestly believe that a woman has the right to choose ; I just differ with the timing of that choice!!! In my humble opinion the right  to choose comes before a man and woman ” KNOW ” one another!!! After which ; there is no choice!!! No choice!!!   

       GOD loved us in the womb!!! GOD loved you in the womb !!! I am not the brightest mind on this matter , however , I can only conclude that if you are reading this that your mother loved you while you were still in the womb!!!  At the very least your mother did not abort you!!! 

   Perhaps you were “unwanted”; a mistake in judgment.  Maybe the timing wasn’t just right!!! Oh well ; “there will be tribulation”!!!  

    On the matter of past . What if I have already….?   Get over it!!! We all make mistakes on a daily basis . Not only are we all  sinners falling miserably short of HIS Glory , we are all overcoming one mistake after another . Thank GOD for Repentance!!!  Thank GOD for Forgiveness!!!  

    When I conceive in my mind a Hope which I harbor for the future I give birth to that Hope!!!!!!!  When I conceive!!! To abandon that Hope would be an abortion of Faith!!!  

    I Love you!!!!!!! Mark  

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Zechariah as depicted on Michelangelo's ceilin...

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                   I was reading in Zechariah 1 1-6 where the Prophet of GOD was given a directive to share with those around him .  “Return to ME ” is the commandment given by GOD!!!  In this we find a promise of GOD ;  He will return to us if we obey HIM. Glory!!! 

           I like to think that I come from a line of people who , once faced with the Truth , we can adapt accordingly. Certainly the experiences in Life itself brings forth a sure knowledge that Life is all about HIM!!!  A return to HIS Way is a command for all generations!!! Amen!!! 

            I can certainly feel HIS Presence all around me these days . HE seems to be guiding my every move ; more than likely due to the fact of HIS Knowledge of my helplessness. Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!! Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! 

 I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! Mark 

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Christ Handing the Keys to St. Peter by Pietro...

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            I was reading in Ephesians 4 1-16 where JESUS had placed together the Church with a Divine purpose. JESUS wanted the leadership within the Church to “equip” its members with a sense of  becoming more like HIM.  GOD wanted HIS children to grow in Faith and then to  act accordingly. 

HE wants us to be attached at the Head {HIM} .HE wants us to grow into our function.  When we grow in CHRIST JESUS we are able to perform on a CHRIST-LIKE level. Glory. 

        Grace being given to each one of us according to HIS gift should have us shouting inside to push forward in HIS calling upon our lives.  Knowing that we are “called ” to HIS Greatness should propel our every move!!! Confidence in each and every choice which we make in life should be engrained into our very being knowing that GOD is in our every move. Thank you JESUS!!!  

      There is nothing in life which I can imagine as being more beautiful than following a plan put forth by GOD !!! As I see the Church today I oftentimes wonder if HE is pleased with the lack of unity. Realistically it would be impossible to bring forth any unity within the whole “Body Of CHRIST ” if there is no unity within it’s  seperate  “Parts”  .  I know how difficult it is to maintain perfection in doing the work of an Almighty GOD , however ,  the reward comes as we overcome on a daily basis each and every dart which comes at us. Without LOVE the task would be daunting. With LOVE all things are possible.  GOD IS LOVE!!!  

       ”  What the Church needs now is Love sweet Love…….”  

        Headed to the Well to drink some Water!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark  

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His Only-begotten Son and the Word of God 1885...

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                 I was reading Psalms 119 vs. 130 where the Word of GOD enlightens us and gives  understanding to those of us who are not so in-tuned  to “the world” . Praise GOD!!! 

    Whenever I seem to be discouraged or having a lackluster day I know that I can turn to HIS Word and everything changes for the better!!! Oftentimes I find myself caught in the midst of some type of spiritual gloom and I turn immediately to GOD and HIS understanding. In no time at all I feel HIS presence enter me and the gloom fades into the darkness as HIS light shines within me!!! Thank you JESUS!!! 

      I have been reading GOD’S Word for quite some time now and I can assure anyone who cares to listen that HIS Word is alive and ever-changing!!!  I get something different each and every time that I dwell in HIS message of Hope.  Depending upon my need the same lesson can have countless meanings. That is GOD!! 

      Fasting from sundown on Friday untill sundown on Saturday. Please join in wherever you are and present yourself  as a living sacrifice before a Loving GOD !!! Amen!!! 

 I Love You!!!!!!! Mark 

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Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by...

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   As I read through the Bible , both Old and New Testaments, I see many different names for GOD. As I reflect upon those names I can visualize many faces associated with those names. Each time I see the face of GOD I can see LOVE  and I can feel Hope well-up deep inside of my soul.  I Respect GOD as well as Love HIM and to imagine HIS Face humbles me to the core of my very being. To know that man was created in HIS image and likeness does not do justice to what I imagine to be the true face of GOD!!!

      How do I know when I am imagining the face of GOD that I am truly seeing HIM for who HE is ???  I don’t . When do I most often think that I see GOD??? When I look into your eyes!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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High priest offering a sacrifice of a goat, as...

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        I was reading in Galatians 5 vs. 1 where CHRIST JESUS has set us free.   What a Blessed Assurance to know that we as believers call no man our master!!!  Slavery has been abolished at the Cross. Glory. 

        Exactly  what were we slaves to and what have we been freed from ??? In my humble opinion we were slaves to Sin and CHRIST redeemed us at the Cross!!! Thank you JESUS!!! 

        Living in this world one cannot help but gain knowledge of just how small and insignificant we , as humans , truly are.  I grew up amazed at the universe and everything in it. There is nothing more humbling than gazing at the stars in the ” spirit ” of creation.  GOD is Good all of the time!!! 

    As we approach the Day Of Atonement I am so thankful that my transgressions have already been paid for . GOD has called out in HIS Word the righteous [ JOB , Zacharias ,Elizabeth …..] and I am not one of them. I will always be thankful for the LAMB Of GOD and the work which HE did, not only on the Cross , but in my life as well. Thank You JESUS!!! 

      This is one of the three times of every year which GOD has opened a ” Divine Portal ” in which we can , after obedience , receive Blessing. A One-Hundredfold Blessing  is what we should expect as HIS Word is nourished within us . Every Blessing comes after a sacrifice and every sacrifice brings Blessing , however , GOD has specifically set aside three times a year where the  “Rain” will be not only Nuturing but Abundant. Bring on those later Rains!!! 

     Certainly is hot here in Kissimmee this Autumn. We could use some Rain!!!  A YOM KIPPUR RAIN!!! 

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark 

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Isaac and Ishmael bury their father Abraham in...

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            I was reading in the Book of James chapter 4 where all warfare starts from within a man’s heart;  that is to say his spiritual heart , his mind.  When we fail to humble ourselves before GOD Evil gains a stronghold on our lives and we lose the opportunity to win the real battles in Life. You might ask yourself ;  Self , why is all of this Evil even necessary ? Cannot an Almighty GOD just let us all be ;  In – Love?  

       Friends , that was never a part of HIS plan!!! Never!!! In Eternity Past HE knew exactly what needed to take place in this world so as we could live in Eternity Future with HIM without Ego and Pride and Hate , [Satan],and all of those things which would separate us from HIM!!! Glory!!! 

        We are justified by our Faith.  Nothing which we can do can bring GOD close to us unless we exercise our Faith.  We as Christians are to give ourselves over to GOD’S Will , not try to have HIM bend to our will in some type of perverted compromise!!! Our GOD-Given Faith is strengthened by our overcoming tribulation in this world;  not by our avoiding it!!! Let us thank GOD for the thorns in our sides!!! 

    As I reflect back on the events on 9-11-2001  I am reminded that Evil can be seen in all of GOD’S people!!!  When GOD promised Abraham that HE would Bless all of his seed including Ishmael { Genesis 21vs.13 } HE meant just that!!! GOD also went on to give Hagar the same Word {Genesis 21vs.18}. What GOD also promises is a life full of turmoil and strife. There will be tribulation!!! Thank You JESUS!!! I need my Faith strengthened!!! 

    ” For GOD so Loved the world that HE….”   

        I honestly feel as though one of GOD’S Greatest gift to us as HIS children is Forgiveness.  After all ; HE Forgives us!!! 

 I Love You!!!!!!!Mark 

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