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      I was reading in Colossians  3  1 – 17 on the manner in which our spiritual hearts should rest . We should always be giving thanks to GOD for all in which HE has done for us!!! Amen!!!

     As Thanksgiving approaches each year I am always reminded of just how much I have to be thankful for. I know that I do not deserve the peace of mind which I enjoy in my life. If anything I should be thankful for not receiving that which I do deserve. GOD has been so Good to me !!!

    Sometimes I wish that I could  , just for a moment , go back in time and re-live a few of my families Holiday gatherings. As a young man I looked at my family being together in one place as special. The in-gathering of Blood was a unique Harvest ; one in which was definantly worth celebrating!!! My grandma’s giblet gravy was the absolute best!!! I never tired of the turkey sandwiches which I knew were coming for the weeks ahead. A big harvest requires lots of gobblers!!!  We didn’t have leftovers in my family ; we had Provision !!!

    I have come to a point in my life where I am most thankful for JESUS!!! Each and every day as I awake I remind myself before prayer of exactly what GOD has done for us !!! I am ever so thankful for the LOVE of JESUS!!! I can not get through any waking hour without thoughts of my GOD !!! HE is everything to me!!!

    You know ; I can close my eyes and see my grandma pulling the oven rack part of the way out and telling me that she needs to baste the turkey.  As she dips the ladle and pours the liquid over the top of the bird I ask exactly what is it that she is basting with.  She replies “Nothing but Pure LOVE  preacher , nothing but Pure LOVE !!!”

      Going to go “baste ” someone!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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