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  I was reading in Revelation 21 1-7 where GOD is speaking about an everlasting in-gathering of HIS people. HE wants to dwell with them forever in Eternity Future. GOD is good!!!

    It was GOD’S plan all along to live forever with those who believed in HIM. To dwell forever with those who Hoped as HE Hoped ,and , Loved as HE Loved. When all is said and done HE will be with us in the New Jerusalem and we shall be with HIM!!! Glory to GOD!!!

      There is a Blessed Assurance knowing the promise of GOD to bring us out of bondage and into freedom. Out of this world and into the next.  Verse 4 states  ” HE will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain. For the old order of things have passed away .” Thank you JESUS!!!

      Tabernacles is the last of the Seven “Prophetic” Feasts of our Lord. We will all one day be called out to live with GOD forever. I am so looking forward to that day!!! Life in this realm is interesting ,and ,I am so thankful for the opportunity to be experiencing this Life ,however , bring on Heaven!!! Bring me into HIS Glory!!!

    Let’s get this party started!!!

      I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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              I was reading in HEBREWS 10 1-25  how we , as Christians , can spend time before GOD through the Blood of Jesus .   HIS sacrifice makes it possible for us to enter  , Spiritually , into the “Holy Of Holies ” and spend time with our Father . Thank You JESUS!!! No longer does GOD require an offering for Sin. Praise HIM!!!  

       I look upon my attendance in Church as a weekly , oftentimes  daily , “In-Gathering ” which I participate in willingly .   I am so thankful that I live in a time where in which I can Tabernacle with other believers  more than just once a year!!! I want to be with GOD every day all day!!! HIS law is in my heart and on my mind!!! Glory!!!  

      It seems as though I am reminded daily of just how much I need GOD!!! Looking back at all of the trials which GOD has brought me through truly increases my Hope for the future!!!  I reflect  every day on just how much HE means to me. It is a pleasure to fellowship with others who live the same way . HIS Way!!!   

       I am uncertain just what the everyday experience was upon leaving Egypt , however , I do know what it is like to have GOD with me through every breath and every step as I have moved through my own wilderness!!!  GOD is Good ; all the time!!!  HE has given me a very comfortable booth in my Soul!!! I Love dwelling there!!! 

         Autumn ; I can sense a change!!! 

      I Love you!!!!!!! Mark 

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