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04261600      I was reading in the book of Acts, Chapter 3 where Peter had , in The Name of JESUS , healed a lame man who lay asking for alms at the temple. In doing so Peter had been a witness for CHRIST JESUS for all of those gathered at the temple at the time for prayer. They were able to see the Power of the Holy Spirit at work through Peter , a man who had denied JESUS while HE walked on earth. Those who witnessed had undoubtedly witnessed the trial  and death of CHRIST JESUS in the recent past. GLORY!!!

GOD has gifted all of us with Spiritual gifts that can be manifested in the Natural , all of us who truly believe. It is our duty and calling to use these gifts in a manner in which allows those around us to see the mighty power of a Living GOD!!! We are a special breed of people who have been called , in our individual lifetimes , to witness for CHRIST JESUS !!! We should do so.

As we draw closer to GOD HIS Love for us is unmistakable .  As it is written; no weapon formed against us shall prosper. With that knowledge we are able to move freely in this world without any interference from unclean Spirits or those individuals who call upon them for their support. We , like Peter , can grow in our Faith and move through this world with an understanding that we have Power ,HOLY SPIRIT Power!!!

I am headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!! May GOD Bless!!! Mark






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   I was reading  in Genesis Chapter 3 where Eve and  “the serpent” were having a discussion about what GOD had promised to Adam and her should they eat a certain fruit . GOD promised death!!! Our GOD keeps HIS  promises!!!      

   In Genesis 3 4-5 Satan goes as far as calling GOD , our GOD , a liar . Satan tells Eve that she will not die if she and Adam should eat the fruit . She bought into that falsehood ; I believe according to HIS plan.      

    In my daily walk I find that more than half of my acquaintances are suffering under a delusion that somehow our GOD does not keep promises. Nothing could be further from the Truth!!! HE keeps all of HIS promises. I am not saying that the folks whom I gather to are unbelievers , not at all. What I am saying is that there is more than enough evidence in our daily lives to know that GOD never lies!!! Everything which we find in HIS Word is Faithful and True . This includes the abilities which we posses as a result of letting HIS  Holy Ghost  dwell within us!!!   

     Some of my friends act as though they can not “speak into existence” so much as supper ; much less lay hands on someone for their healing!!!  It seems as though they have allowed Satan to convince them that GOD is a liar.   

  Friends , Satan is the liar!!!  He is the father of all lies !!!Do not let this world convince you otherwise . What we must do as true believers is to lead by example. You are in this world , however , do not be “of ”  it!!!       

       I believe ; I believe ; I believe !!! I believe GOD!!!!!!! Mark  

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This time of year as EASTER approaches one must reflect about what really happened years ago outside of Jeruselem.  As Mary went to the grave to return to her calling she did so without fear. Fear is the complete absense of Faith and she simply had no fear. She had been givin a spirit of Faith having known Love. As she was to find, our true Faith removes the stones which block us from our objectives in our lives and Faith frees us to enter into our callings. Know as Easter comes upon us here in Kissimmee and all around the world that HE has already removed the stones which kept us in our graves and HE has givin us a freedom to move in HIS will!!! Mark

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