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In the 13th chapter of the book of John Jesus tells of a way in which HE knows who are HIS true disciples. HE states that He can tell by their love for each other. Love is like a badge which is easily seen on it’s wearer. Love can not be mistaken by anyone who is fortunate enough to witness it. GOD is Love!!! What Jesus is saying is that Love is not an option for anyone intrested in spiritual growth. He will know that you belong to HIM by your treatment of others. In context ,we shall know who belongs to HIM by the way in which we are treated. When we see Love we witness GOD on earth. To see Love and to feel it’s effects on us strengthens not only the Hope which lies within us but our faith as well! We simply become better persons over time as a result of walking in HIS Love. Most importantly when the time comes HE will know us!!!That’s what Love can do!!!!!!! Mark

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As I wander around Moriah in search of the next right thing to do I find myself faced with the fact that sooner or later I am going to have to conform to the plan which GOD has called me for. All of my life I have known of this calling, however, due to my own selfishness and base desiresĀ  I have put the calling off as long as possible. If there is a need in your life which up untill now you have yet to feel confident in meeting please feel free to contact me. We shall pray together and your needs WILL be met!!! Mark

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Hello world!

HE’S back !!!

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