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A christmas tree.

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    I was reading in 2 Chronicles 7  11- 22 where Solomon was visited by GOD and came into covenant with HIM  , conditionally. Verse 14 states ” If MY people ,who are called by MY name , will humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways , then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and I will heal their land”!!! Glory to GOD!!!

   I was in Moriah yesterday looking for a Christmas tree in which to cut down for a financially challenged family. As I walked past so many evergreens I finally spotted the one which I wanted. It was large enough that I could just “top off ” the upper eight feet and not kill the tree . It would be grown back by next year !!! Praise GOD!!!

    I can not seem to remember the last time I cut down a tree for Christmas!!! I know that I was with my grandfather in Arkansas and that I was young . As I spoke to this couple the day before and they informed me that they did not have the money for a Christmas tree this year I immediately knew what to do. I have been walking by these trees for years now and knew that they were going to get a tree for their kids!!! When I delivered the tree I was met with a stark realization. This family was indeed low on funds!!! Everything in their house cried out “help us”. You just know when things are not right!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     I rebuke the unclean spirits which have come into my community and stole the economy!!!!!!! In The Name of JESUS ; they must go!!!!!!!

         Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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