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   I was reading in Ephesians 1 3-14 about how we as Christian believers are given Spiritual gifts , as well as being “sin free ” according to GOD’S grace. We are not examined  by the priest for blemishes ; we are cleansed by the Blood of JESUS!!! We are Holy and Blameless in HIS sight!!! Thank GOD!!!

     I honestly believe that most of the people whom I come into contact with , and that’s quite a few theses days , are under the impression that although they have confessed and repented of their sins that they remain dirty , full of sin, and therefore cannot walk as GOD chose them to do before creation. This could not be any further from the Truth. Holy and Blameless; in Love  means just that!!! We are to be GOD’S agents here on Earth and act accordingly. Laying hands and raising the dead!!! Rebuking sickness and wiping out pain. Glory to GOD!!!

   Friends , you having believed have been marked in HIM with a seal. You are , although sinners , set free by the Blood of JESUS!!! JESUS took your sin on the Cross. DONE!!! In reality exactly what sin would one think was not covered by HIS Blood??? JESUS did indeed die for All of our sins and to think otherwise minimizes the work  which  HE did on the Cross!!! HIS shedding of Water and Blood was sufficient !!! Thank you JESUS!!! 

      Headed to the well!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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If God Will Send His Angels

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         I was reading in Genesis 3  8 – 24 where GOD was speaking with Adam on his spiritual condition. GOD had come to The Garden in anticipation of HIS daily walk with man ,however , HE soon found that correction for sin was in order. Man had fallen. Praise GOD!!!

         Verse 9 states ” And the LORD GOD called  to Adam , and said unto him ,where art thou?”. GOD was wanting to know where the man was in his daily walk with HIM. Although Adam and Eve had covered themselves with fig leaves Adam knew that he was still naked. Adam knew that he was still in sin. GOD slew some animals and made coats of skin for Adam and Eve. The fig leaves were not Good enough to cover man’s sin; a Blood sacrifice was needed!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     I ask myself everyday where I am in my walk with GOD, and , I come to the same conclusion as Adam.I am naked!!! I am in sin and not worthy enough to walk side by side with GOD!!! Thank GOD that as the Adamic Covenant was created that I have the promise of redemption!!!GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

     I claim the Blood of JESUS over anyone who reads these words!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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