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           I was reading in Philippians 1 1-2 where Saints are living beings , not dead , and doing the work of Christ JESUS within the church. Why else would Paul address them as such? I know that as they “move on ‘ in Life for eternity that the Saints will be with GOD in Heaven , however , we have Saints with us now. Glory to GOD!!!

    I was reading this morning on how the Catholic Church was rushing to give  Pope John Paul the 2nd. Sainthood . Really??? In his 27 years in office as Pope the Catholic Church was rocked with allegations of sexual abuse by priest worldwide. This abuse had been ongoing for years ,however , to allow it to continue and to just relocate the offenders seems to me a very unfavorable answer to a crippling problem in organized religion. I am not a Catholic , however , I am a true believer in JESUS and , although it seems that I might be criticizing John Paul personally , I am not!!! I just fail to see the urgency behind Beatification and Canonisation in his case.  If I read the Life of John Paul correctly if he were alive today he would be right out front saying ” slow down”.  Thank you JESUS!!!

      In his response to the allegations and cover-up John Paul seemed more concerned with the welfare of the Church than he did the children. In my humble opinion this does not put a person anywhere near the level of Sainthood. JESUS HIMSELF warned against the abuse of HIS children!!! To allow such practice is just plain UNGODLY!!! Glory to GOD!!!

    In all fairness John Paul did some remarkable works as Pope. I loved reading The Gospel of Life [” Evangelium Vitae”] ,and ,  his opposition to same-sex marriage was very vocal. He traveled the world teaching about Christ with the Love of GOD in him,and ,the fall of communism in Russia came under his watch. At one point he was the most recognized person on earth living. A great man , however , sainthood??? That is for GOD and GOD alone to decide!!! Amen!!!

    I have many Catholic friends that I consider Saints for the work in which they have done in my Life. I thank GOD for HIS Saints!!!

   Headed to the well!!!

   I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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