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        I was reading in Mark 14 32-41 where JESUS was in the Garden of  Gethsemane to spend some time with HIS Father in prayer. Verse 36 states ” ABBA ,Father , HE said , Everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me . Yet , not what I will , but what you will.” JESUS was asking HIS Father for direction in HIS Life at a moment in which HE really found HIMSELF in need of the next right thing. HE looked to HIS Father for the answer. GOD is Good!!!

   I remember that when I was growing up I spent most of my time with my grandparents due to the fact that my parents were divorced and my dad could simply not handle all five of us kids. I was more than a handful as a child and just a bit too much for any one person. I spent quite a bit of time with my father , however , knowing how busy he was I never got around to trying to develop a close relationship with him. After he was murdered by his wife and her bodyguard in the country of Panama I regretted my decisions to keep myself from becoming close to anyone. I remember thinking that I should have brought my dad to CHRIST!!! I have been talking about JESUS for most of my life yet  let every opportunity to lead my dad go astray. I know that my father had more than enough evidence to convince him of the need for JESUS and that ,in fact , he could have made the proper choice before he passed on from this Life. I Hope and Pray in the name of JESUS that he did just that !!! Amen!!!

    I am not so much bound in thought of my Earthly father as I am my Father who is in Heaven. GOD is my Father!!! I so Love my Father GOD!!! There is never a time when I cannot , like JESUS , go to my Father in prayer for the next right thing. HE has Blessed and continues to Bless me with so many Blessings that they are beyond my imagination.  HE is my Protector and my Sheild, my Comforter and my Hope. HE is my Salvation!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

    This Father’s Day please reach out to your dad. He more than likely is waiting to hear from you. If he is ” asleep” and no longer with us please ask your Father in heaven to give him a message. He will get it!!! While you’re at it do not forget to tell your Father GOD  “Happy Father’s Day “.  HE has been waiting as well!!!

  Happy Father’s Day!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Once Upon the Cross

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         I was reading in Matthew 16 21-28 where JESUS was speaking to his disciples about how they should live when HE was no longer right there with them all of the time. HE wanted them to know that there was a proper way in which they would always be able to walk in HIS light!!! GOD is Good!!!

    What JESUS had done was give them a way to approach life without HIM right there by giving them the Doctrine of The Cross. Verse 24 spells it all out for them and us by stating ” If any man will come after ME , let him deny himself , take up his cross , and follow me”. Thank You JESUS!!!

   I attend church on a regular basis and I am always satisfied by everything which I am able to witness. GOD is at work in the lives of so many people around me and I know that I am Blessed and Highly Favored!!! The atmosphere is almost always electric in nature and JOY is in the faces of all the people I see. However , there are more days in the week than Sunday. Amen???

    In the Doctrine of The Cross what JESUS has done is give us a way where in which every day is Sunday!!! We can realize HIS Love and Peace everyday of the week. The formula is simple ; Seek HIM , deny me , pick up my cross daily ,and follow JESUS. What a simple way in which to Know GOD’S Love continuously throughout the week. Four easy steps to complete freedom on a daily basis. Glory to GOD!!!

   HE also later gave us a way where HE was always there!!! Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!!

   I cannot help but notice as the years go by that my cross is getting lighter!!! I Love my Savior!!!

   Headed to the well!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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       I was reading in John 6  47- 53  where JESUS was describing a diet for mankind. HE stated that if we are to obtain Life everlasting that we must adhere to this diet.  All we need to do is create within ourselves a Love for this particular meal. Praise GOD!!!

     As I wind my way through Life I am constantly reminded that I have not always felt the way in which I currently do about GOD. It was not untill after many  trials and tribulations that I found myself in dire straits . I was desperate for an answer to the almost constant pain and emptiness in my Life. I was on the brink of what might be described as a total surrender to the world around me . Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

       I can reflect backwards in my mind and see a time in which I was being fed spiritually by GOD and I just wasn’t bright enough to realize it. HE had been giving me Manna all along in my darkest hours and had  “kept ” me throughout my toughest times. It was this feeding which carried me through to HIS Glory and Riches. It truly is ALL about HIM!!! I now stand not only knowing what sustains me ; I am HUNGRY for it!!! Give me Bread!!!

     Going to the Well.  I need some Water with this meal!!! I Love You!!!!!!! Mark

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            I was reading in Ephesians 4 1-16 where JESUS had placed together the Church with a Divine purpose. JESUS wanted the leadership within the Church to “equip” its members with a sense of  becoming more like HIM.  GOD wanted HIS children to grow in Faith and then to  act accordingly. 

HE wants us to be attached at the Head {HIM} .HE wants us to grow into our function.  When we grow in CHRIST JESUS we are able to perform on a CHRIST-LIKE level. Glory. 

        Grace being given to each one of us according to HIS gift should have us shouting inside to push forward in HIS calling upon our lives.  Knowing that we are “called ” to HIS Greatness should propel our every move!!! Confidence in each and every choice which we make in life should be engrained into our very being knowing that GOD is in our every move. Thank you JESUS!!!  

      There is nothing in life which I can imagine as being more beautiful than following a plan put forth by GOD !!! As I see the Church today I oftentimes wonder if HE is pleased with the lack of unity. Realistically it would be impossible to bring forth any unity within the whole “Body Of CHRIST ” if there is no unity within it’s  seperate  “Parts”  .  I know how difficult it is to maintain perfection in doing the work of an Almighty GOD , however ,  the reward comes as we overcome on a daily basis each and every dart which comes at us. Without LOVE the task would be daunting. With LOVE all things are possible.  GOD IS LOVE!!!  

       ”  What the Church needs now is Love sweet Love…….”  

        Headed to the Well to drink some Water!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark  

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