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I was reading in Luke 10 1-24 where JESUS is telling HIS disciples how blessed  they were for being able to witness what they had witnessed and to hear what they had heard. They had in-fact walked the earth with the living GOD.  All Seventy-Two of them had gone out, two by two , and went throughout the region and did HIS work and had returned happy and full of JOY.Glory to GOD!!!

We ,the now living , are just as Blessed!!! We live in a world in which all of it’s peoples will soon bow down before our LORD. In our generation we will see the triumphant return of CHRIST JESUS!!!In our generation!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

I can not imagine the Evil which perverted the world in it’s beginning to a point where in which GOD destroyed all of the living , save Noah and family , with a flood . Things must have been pretty bad indeed. Spiritual uncleanliness must have  been at an all time high; untill now!!!Praise GOD!!!

Our GOD does not tolerate the type of Evil which is in the world today without giving us a Knowledge of HIS inevitable judgments which HE promised will follow.We are so Blessed to be living in these days. There may be a few hardships in this life ,however , for those of us who choose to overcome this world , Joy is on it’s way. JESUS is coming again!!!!!!! GOD is Good!!!

We have the same Power which those disciples had!!!I’m going to use mine!!!

Headed to the well!!!

I love you!!!!!!!  Mark


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Noah's sacrifice

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             I was reading in Genesis  8  20-22 where Noah had come out of the Ark and he and his family were  once again back on solid ground. The first thing which Noah did was to build an altar for GOD. Then he offered an offering of every clean beast and every clean fowl. GOD  smelled a “sweet savour” and pledged that HE would never again curse the ground for mans sake and as long as the earth  remained that there would always be seed time and harvest time. Summer and Winter , day and night. GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

   It must have been difficult for Noah and  his family to make a sacrifice so great . I am sure that the number of animals was rather low ,yet , Noah had just been saved from death ,he and his family , and he was thankful!!! Glory!!!

   In my humble opinion Noah gives his sacrifice by giving up animals which have the characteristics of Christ. A bull for strength, a lamb for patience and harmlessness ,and a turtle-dove for meekness!!! The fact that it was a burnt offering  represents the wrath which GOD poured on HIM like fire!!!  Thank you JESUS!!!

   All throughout the Scriptures- Blessing follows sacrifice.  There  is a Divine pattern established for us to follow in order to receive our Blessings . We must sacrifice!!! We , like Noah , haved been saved from death.We should be thankful!!!

   Going to build an altar!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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