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               I was reading in Matthew 1 18-25 about the birth of JESUS!!! Verse 21 states that ” She will give birth to a son , and you are to give HIM the name JESUS , because HE shall save HIS people from their sins.” GOD is so Good!!!

    I remember a hymn growing up  that stated that there was just something about the name of JESUS!!! Thank you JESUS!!! For one  , it is the one and only name in the whole world in which we can be saved !!! No other name can bring us into GOD’S fold but the Name of JESUS!!!

   Imagine if you will demons fleeing at just the mere mention of the Name JESUS .  Angels worship HIM , that tells me a whole lot about how the Heavens feel about the Name of JESUS !!! The saints adore JESUS ;  kings bow to HIM at HIS birth , our final judgment rest on HIS shoulders!!! HE was there at Creation!!! HE died for my sins!!! The sound of spikes being hammered into HIS hand is the sound of a massive debt being paid off  ; in full!!! Glory to GOD!!!

   There is indeed something about the Name of JESUS!!! It is Name above all Names!!! It is the Name of my Savior!!! It is the Name of my Lord!!! JESUS is my LORD!!!

     It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….

     I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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