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Happy Mother's Day: Sometimes...

Image by faith goble via Flickr

   I was reading in Mark 7 24-30 where Jesus had entered a house and did not want anyone to know that HE was there. However , a woman whose daughter had an unclean spirit heard about HIM and immediately came to HIM and bowed down at HIS feet . Now , the mother was a Gentile and Jesus told her that she need not beg , that in fact , HE wanted to feed HIS children first. HE told the mother that it was not fair to take the children’s food and give it to the dogs. She begged even more saying that even dogs ate the crumbs from a childs food under the table. Even though she was not a Jew Jesus healed her daughter!!!

   Evidence abounds!!! Evidence of inclusion , Evidence of Faith-Healing , all sorts of Evidence , however , I want to write of the Evidence of Love!!! In this case , the Love of a mother.

   Everytime that I read this passage my heart aches for a mother who would go against all tradition to get help for her sick daughter. It must have been pretty sad to have been refered to as a dog , however , that was her daughter!!! Her Hope had brought about a Faith that could move mountains !!! I can only imagine that she received Hope when she first heard about Jesus!!! Her actions speak to us about Love. The Love of a mother!!!

   As Mother’s Day approaches I wish that everyone who reads this , whether or not you are a mom , fully understands what it must be like to give birth : first to a child , and then to Hope.  As I ride the buses around Kissimmee I am overwhelmed as I witness mom after mom in a daily struggle to do the next right thing for their  children.

   If you are a mom who has a sick child please go to Jesus!!!!!!! If your child is not sick still go to Jesus!!!!!!! HE does not have the answer ; HE IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!

   I wonder sometimes how often my mom prayed for me. I will never know, however , I do know that I Love my mom!!!

    This Mother’s Day please be sure to tell your mom how thankful you are for all that she has done for you and how much you Love her. If she is “sleeping” and no longer with us, please tell GOD . HE can get the message to her!!!!!!! I ask you to rebuke any barriers of communication and say ” Mom , I Love you”!!!

   HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY !!!!!!!   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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