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Nativity scene

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              I was reading in Luke 2 1 – 20 where Angels found shepherds in the fields and told them that they had some Good News!!! A Saviour had been born in the city of David!!! GOD is Good!!!

    Every generation of mankind has it’s own set of unique hardships , however , I know it must have been hard for  Mary and Joseph to not be able to give birth to their child indoors in nothing other than a stable. I imagine Bethlehem was crowded beyond reason for the census , yet , a young couple  traveling , and the woman pregnant , surely was painful emotionally. I know as man to witness the pain of a loved woman can be extremely difficult at best. No room at the inn , a manger , swaddling clothes ??? A modern-day nightmare for a couple expecting who had both been visited by Angels!!! “There will be tribulation .” Thank you JESUS!!!

       What a great example as parents!!! To accept  Life on Life’s own terms is oftentimes hard to do. Joseph and Mary overcame the trials of their journey in a Glorious fashion. Praise GOD!!!

   As the CHRISTMAS season approaches I pray that each and everyone who hears these words are Blessed. GOD Loves you!!!

   ” Glory to GOD in the Highest , and on Earth Peace , Good will toward men.”

    I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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