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        I was reading in Mark 14 32-41 where JESUS was in the Garden of  Gethsemane to spend some time with HIS Father in prayer. Verse 36 states ” ABBA ,Father , HE said , Everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me . Yet , not what I will , but what you will.” JESUS was asking HIS Father for direction in HIS Life at a moment in which HE really found HIMSELF in need of the next right thing. HE looked to HIS Father for the answer. GOD is Good!!!

   I remember that when I was growing up I spent most of my time with my grandparents due to the fact that my parents were divorced and my dad could simply not handle all five of us kids. I was more than a handful as a child and just a bit too much for any one person. I spent quite a bit of time with my father , however , knowing how busy he was I never got around to trying to develop a close relationship with him. After he was murdered by his wife and her bodyguard in the country of Panama I regretted my decisions to keep myself from becoming close to anyone. I remember thinking that I should have brought my dad to CHRIST!!! I have been talking about JESUS for most of my life yet  let every opportunity to lead my dad go astray. I know that my father had more than enough evidence to convince him of the need for JESUS and that ,in fact , he could have made the proper choice before he passed on from this Life. I Hope and Pray in the name of JESUS that he did just that !!! Amen!!!

    I am not so much bound in thought of my Earthly father as I am my Father who is in Heaven. GOD is my Father!!! I so Love my Father GOD!!! There is never a time when I cannot , like JESUS , go to my Father in prayer for the next right thing. HE has Blessed and continues to Bless me with so many Blessings that they are beyond my imagination.  HE is my Protector and my Sheild, my Comforter and my Hope. HE is my Salvation!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

    This Father’s Day please reach out to your dad. He more than likely is waiting to hear from you. If he is ” asleep” and no longer with us please ask your Father in heaven to give him a message. He will get it!!! While you’re at it do not forget to tell your Father GOD  “Happy Father’s Day “.  HE has been waiting as well!!!

  Happy Father’s Day!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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Let Jesus Bring You Light!

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   I was reading in Romans 8 28 -39 that we ,as Christians , are called to be more than conquerors in Christ JESUS!!! We were predestined to be conformed to the likeness of HIS SON!!! Thank you JESUS!!!   

     As I make my way through each and every day soaking in as much GOD LOVE as I can I am constantly reminded of how , ever since I fell in-love with GOD , that my life has been changed for the better!!!  It seems as though every day brings forth a new revelation of what a Good choice GOD is!!! Glory

     Boldly I can now   walk through these valleys which , prior to walking with GOD , used to bring me down. Now I move freely and without fear. GOD is Good!!! All of the time!!!

    Verses 38 and 39 state ” For I am convinced that neither Death nor Life , neither Angels or Demons ,  neither the Present or the Future , nor any Powers , neither Height nor Depth , nor anything else in all Creation, will be able to separate us from the love of GOD that is in Christ JESUS our Lord “. Now there’s a promise worth holding on to!!! Amen!!!

      Headed to the Well!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Once Upon the Cross

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         I was reading in Matthew 16 21-28 where JESUS was speaking to his disciples about how they should live when HE was no longer right there with them all of the time. HE wanted them to know that there was a proper way in which they would always be able to walk in HIS light!!! GOD is Good!!!

    What JESUS had done was give them a way to approach life without HIM right there by giving them the Doctrine of The Cross. Verse 24 spells it all out for them and us by stating ” If any man will come after ME , let him deny himself , take up his cross , and follow me”. Thank You JESUS!!!

   I attend church on a regular basis and I am always satisfied by everything which I am able to witness. GOD is at work in the lives of so many people around me and I know that I am Blessed and Highly Favored!!! The atmosphere is almost always electric in nature and JOY is in the faces of all the people I see. However , there are more days in the week than Sunday. Amen???

    In the Doctrine of The Cross what JESUS has done is give us a way where in which every day is Sunday!!! We can realize HIS Love and Peace everyday of the week. The formula is simple ; Seek HIM , deny me , pick up my cross daily ,and follow JESUS. What a simple way in which to Know GOD’S Love continuously throughout the week. Four easy steps to complete freedom on a daily basis. Glory to GOD!!!

   HE also later gave us a way where HE was always there!!! Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!!

   I cannot help but notice as the years go by that my cross is getting lighter!!! I Love my Savior!!!

   Headed to the well!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo

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                     I was reading in Matthew 2 1-12 where wise men had come from the east to search for JESUS after HIS birth. They had first stopped and payed tribute to the king {Herod } as was custom in those days when you journeyed into foreign land. King  Herod attempted to get the wise men to locate the Child JESUS and then come and tell him HIS location. He told the wise men that he wanted to pay tribute to JESUS as well. They knew better!!! GOD is Good!!!

 A star guided their way into Bethlehem . The star was directly above our Saviour. They gave gifts to JESUS and then left. Scriptures record that they did not return the same way. They took a different path. Amen!!!

    Friends , the wise men had come face to face with GOD!!! Even had they returned on the same path there is no way that they could have returned the same way. They had took a journey and had met with GOD. Having done so they were not about to get anywhere near Herod {Satan} again!!! Glory!!!

     We too  have journeyed in our own way to meet JESUS and pay tribute to HIM!!! Once we come face to face with GOD there is no way in which our lives can remain the same. We leave HIS  Glory differently!!! After we have met GOD there is no way in which we want to give this world {Satan , Herod }  any of our time.  Thank you JESUS!!!

     I am so thankful that I do not have to flee to Egypt!!!  I have met JESUS!!!

  I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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" Without your love, a love I need, it’s ...

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    I was reading in John 13 34-35 where JESUS was giving a new commandment before HIS heading to the Cross!!! HE stated ” Love one another . By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you Love one another”!!! Amen!!!

    JESUS hit the nail right on the head . It is so easy to tell who is HIS disciple and who is not. In my daily walk with HIM I am surrounded by so many who , for selfishness , pride ,or some other reason ,are not capable of Loving in a manner which would edify GOD .  It seems as though so many people have been consumed with concern for no-one other than themselves. Selfishness is the shame of our day!!!                                   

                It is the sin of unforgiveness which allows humans to become trapped in “self”. If mankind can not learn to immediately forgive others we will never know forgiveness of ourselves , [ how can we forgive others when we can not forgive ourselves ? ], thus never learning to Love ourselves for who we are and thereby blocking our paths which would lead to Love for others!!! As a whole mankind must overcome every obstacle which would stand in the way of allowing us a deep personal Love for CHRIST JESUS and an impersonal Love for the entire human race. We must Love one another ; regardless!!!

       When I want a picture of Love I look no further than the Cross!!! ” For GOD so Loved the world that HE ……” !!!  Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

               If you have not heard these words today please allow me to be the first ; I Love you !!!!!!! Mark

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Jesus washing Peter's feet

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             I was reading in John 13 1 – 17 where JESUS had got up from a meal and took off HIS tunic and put on a towel. HE then filled a bowl with Water and started washing the feet of those whom HE Loved.  Peter balked at the idea , however , JESUS said that if HE didn’t wash Peter’s feet then Peter had no part of HIM. Mercy!!!

            JESUS wanted to serve!!! Walking around Jerusalem in sandles the Apostles of CHRIST had gathered dirt on their feet. Their feet were filthy!!! JESUS wanted to wash them clean. HE knew that “HIS hour ” had come and HIS time left on Earth with HIS human constraints was limited . HE was soon to go to HIS Father and before HE departed HE needed to clean the filth from HIS followers . In Love ; He needed to serve them. Thank You JESUS!!!

            In my humble opinion the filth upon the feet of the Apostles represents unrighteousness . The filth represents sin. JESUS washed the filth away as only JESUS can .  Glory!!!

                     I can only imagine how the Apostles of CHRIST must have  felt having witnessed every form of miracle  that Life can bring , and then , watching as the Miricale Maker bowed down to wash their feet .   I wonder what truly went through their minds as JESUS told them that HIS time was near and that HE must go ,but , before HE left HE wanted to spend HIS time with them , and , during that little bit of time which HE had left HE wanted to serve them. He wanted to wash their feet!!! HE washed them Spiritually!!!

    As we walk around in our own worlds the filth of the Earth gets on us in a mighty way . Thank GOD that HIS SON is still removing filth !!! Thank GOD that JESUS is still serving us today!!!

               Every morning as I speak with GOD I close my eyes and I can see JESUS washing away my every sin. GOD is Good!!! I need that Spiritual cleansing!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Baptism of Christ

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               I was reading in Matthew 21 1 -11 where JESUS found HIMSELF in need of an entrance into Jerusalem upon a donkey in order to fulfill prophecy . HE simply told HIS servants to say “the Lord needs…..”.  HE entered into the city with wise people heralding HIS way.  Thank GOD for HIS Wisdom!!!

           GOD is in need today as much as ever. Is that to say that our Lord cannot provide for HIS own needs??? Absolutely not!!! HE needs us , HIS followers , to work with HIM in order that HE may work through us!!! If the world is going to ever  “catch fire ” for JESUS it will be up to HIS followers to ignite the flames within on a constant basis. HE needs us to give HIM our donkey.

     ” Mark , I ain’t got no donkey”.     Sure you do . If you give of your time in any way , form , or fashion to promote the Gospel of CHRIST to those who either have not heard the Good News or, are in need of a closer ,more intimate relationship with GOD, then you are giving HIM a method in which JESUS , and HIS story , can move further down the road in this seemingly endless journey. Perhaps you sing or write or spend time with HIM on your computer. Or you are inclined to just write a check. Whatever you contribute to GOD ; there’s your donkey!!!

        JESUS had many needs while HE walked this earth. I wonder what it must of been like to be the man who baptized HIM. John must have been on Cloud Nine !!! Washing HIS feet must have put a person’s heart at rest!!! How about preparing HIS last meal??? Blessed are those who serve HIM!!!

 Headed out to feed my donkey. GOD may need it one day!!!

 I Love You!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Luke 13 1-9 where JESUS was letting it be known that there was a condition in life which assures life itself. “Except Ye Repent”  could have several meanings to different interpretations , however , HIS message is clear for those of us who want to truly follow GOD;   Repent!!!  

     If I as a man know wrong and , after knowing , continued in that wrong , what type of man would I be ???   Surely if GOD is at work inside of me on a daily basis , and HE is , and I am consciously aware that HE , being in me , knows my every thought , then how could I continue in this life without the fear of HIS Judgment???  HIS  Righteous Judgment!!!  

    Now I fully understand the Doctrine Of  Salvation.  I need to better understand the Doctrine of Repentance.  I know that once   “Saved”    always   ” Saved ” , however ,  I believe that if a man’s heart {spiritual condition } is not in alignment with the Perfect and Holy Will of GOD to begin with , then there is no grounds for evidence of Salvation in the first place.  

   Confession and Correction is what comes after Salvation. We are all sinners and fall miserably short of the Glory of GOD!!! Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! I truly believe that if we , as Christians , should fall into a behavior which attacks the fundamental aspects of GOD’S Word , then upon awakening to the Knowledge of our wrongdoing ,we MUST turn away from that behavior!!! We must Repent!!!  

    As Paul was speaking to the folks in Athens [ Acts 17 16-34 }  he made one thing clear ; and that is ;  all of this thinking worldwide , and the manifestations resulting from these thoughts ,  are all a part of HIS Plan!!! Should we find ourselves apart from the center of HIS Plan we should take corrective action!!! Amen ; Amen ; and Amen!!!  

     Change is not easy however , change is oftentimes needed. Changing the way we think will aid in changing the way in which we act .  

 GOD Is Good!!! I Love You!!!!!!! Mark  

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This time of year as EASTER approaches one must reflect about what really happened years ago outside of Jeruselem.  As Mary went to the grave to return to her calling she did so without fear. Fear is the complete absense of Faith and she simply had no fear. She had been givin a spirit of Faith having known Love. As she was to find, our true Faith removes the stones which block us from our objectives in our lives and Faith frees us to enter into our callings. Know as Easter comes upon us here in Kissimmee and all around the world that HE has already removed the stones which kept us in our graves and HE has givin us a freedom to move in HIS will!!! Mark

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