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   I was reading in Zechariah 10 where we should ask GOD for rain in the springtime. HE gives us provision in our time of need!!! GOD is certainly Good!!! GOD wants to make our soil fertile in the proper time!!! Amen!!!

   What a simple way in which to be Blessed ; ask GOD.  GOD knows our every need and when our will lines up with HIS Will we can expect blessings. HE will send us rain in the springtime. Glory.

    I honestly believe that there comes a time in everyone’s Life in which we need to prepare our Souls for seed. We need rain. GOD indeed brings the storms and with them all of their woes , however , with every storm comes the much-needed rain which allows us , as Christians , to grow spiritually. Thank You JESUS!!!

     Verse 8 states  ” I will signal for them and gather them in. Surely I will redeem them ; they will be as numerous as before.” The prophet was bringing  “Good News ”  to the children of GOD for all generations to come. We only need to “receive” the Word of GOD and then live in it!!!  Hallelujah!!!

    Building an alter today. Sacrifice is coming!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Mark 14 12 – 26 where Jesus was asked where HE would like the Passover meal to be prepared. HE sent two of HIS disciples  into Jerusalem to look for a man with a jar of Water.  Christ told HIs disciples  to follow the man with the Water and ask for provision. The men did as they were told and were shown a large upper room where the meal was to be presented.  

In the evening HE arrived with HIS  Twelve and partook  of the Passover meal with an insight as to HIS being  The sacrificial lamb . He gave those in attendance a view of the Bread and the Wine which allowed them Communion with HIM even after HIS passing. Glory  

     HOLY COMMUNION is a beautiful tradition. To mix the D.N.A. of JESUS with our own d.n.a. is a Sacred and Holy practice which allows the believer to draw closer to HIM and gives him or her a sense of Oneness with HIM . Praise GOD!!!  

        I want to be with JESUS daily ; every day , all day!!! Thank GOD for HIS HOLY SPIRIT!!!  I seek a “type” of Communion each and every day by asking the Holy Spirit of GOD to dwell within me throughout the day. I do not even want to guess what Life would be like without HIM in it. The  Holy Ghost can empower us far beyond our own meager capabilities . Spiritual warfare is just incredible with the  “Winning Touch” working inside of you !!! Hallelujah!!!  

  ” This is My Body ; this is My Blood “!!!    AWESOME!!! 

  I love you!!!!!!! Mark 

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