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   I was reading in Zechariah 10 where we should ask GOD for rain in the springtime. HE gives us provision in our time of need!!! GOD is certainly Good!!! GOD wants to make our soil fertile in the proper time!!! Amen!!!

   What a simple way in which to be Blessed ; ask GOD.  GOD knows our every need and when our will lines up with HIS Will we can expect blessings. HE will send us rain in the springtime. Glory.

    I honestly believe that there comes a time in everyone’s Life in which we need to prepare our Souls for seed. We need rain. GOD indeed brings the storms and with them all of their woes , however , with every storm comes the much-needed rain which allows us , as Christians , to grow spiritually. Thank You JESUS!!!

     Verse 8 states  ” I will signal for them and gather them in. Surely I will redeem them ; they will be as numerous as before.” The prophet was bringing  “Good News ”  to the children of GOD for all generations to come. We only need to “receive” the Word of GOD and then live in it!!!  Hallelujah!!!

    Building an alter today. Sacrifice is coming!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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   I was reading in Isaiah 7 1 – 25 where Ahaz , the king of Judah , was worried that GOD could not meet his needs. The prophet told the king that GOD would send Judah a sign, Verse 14 states   ” Therefore the lord Himself will give you a sign : the virgin will be with child ,and will give birth to a son , and will call HIM Immanuel.” Thank You JESUS!!!

   Ahaz had fear of his enemies,and ,GOD does not give us a Spirit of fear!!! GOD needed to reassure HIS people ,of who were in doubt , that HE was more powerful than any enemy which came against those of whom HE had chosen!!! GOD is GOOD!!!

       I speak with many within the Jewish community today who have come to know JESUS. They realize that the prophesy has been fulfilled and that GOD came to live with us ,and ,to die for us!!! Glory to GOD!!!

   As Christmas approaches I am mentally bombarded with images of Mary and Joseph having to bear their child in what amounts to a barn. Imagine GOD asleep in a manger. I receive an image of  a perfect servant ; someone who is born on low ,yet , through HIS life , is placed on High!!! A GOD who is full of a perfect AGAPE Love!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     As uncertainty about the future grows around the globe JESUS is being raised up once again. More and more humans are finding GOD in the midst of their woes ; seeking a real answer to their problems. I know that I thank GOD for the thorns in my side!!! When in our deepest need we search for GOD ,and ,we find HIM!!!  It is all part of HIS plan.He gave us a sign!!!

   Mighty cold here in Kissimmee. I need some SON!!!

   I Love you !!!!!!! Mark

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       I was reading in Isaiah 31 1-9 where mankind was being warned not to depend upon the greatness of the multitude in Egypt , rather the Holiness of GOD!!!  Egypt will be destroyed by a spiritual sword . GOD will not look kindly upon those who do not turn to HIM for help!!! Amen!!!

      In this world it is so easy to look for the easy way out. It seems as though that wide path , which is easy to find and even easier to walk , is right in front of us at every turn. Satan is a clever foe!!! We must overcome!!!  GOD is relying on us to understand our purpose and tell the devil NO!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     As previously stated , in my humble opinion Egypt represents sin . We have been delivered from sin and there is really no good reason why we , as a group of believers , should constantly go back there. Yet , we do.

Sin is destroyed daily by the sword ,[Word of GOD ] , and for us to allow sin to remain in our lives is to ,in effect , be spiritually lazy!!! We just need to get up every morning in our lives and die to JESUS!!! We need to establish, on a daily level , our commitment to GOD!!! As we dwell in HIS strength daily our paths will begin to narrow and our lives will begin to be “rich ” with HIS Glory!!! It is not an easy walk , however , nothing in life worthwhile is easy!!!

       I am thirsty!!!  Headed to the Water!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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