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" Without your love, a love I need, it’s ...

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    I was reading in John 13 34-35 where JESUS was giving a new commandment before HIS heading to the Cross!!! HE stated ” Love one another . By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you Love one another”!!! Amen!!!

    JESUS hit the nail right on the head . It is so easy to tell who is HIS disciple and who is not. In my daily walk with HIM I am surrounded by so many who , for selfishness , pride ,or some other reason ,are not capable of Loving in a manner which would edify GOD .  It seems as though so many people have been consumed with concern for no-one other than themselves. Selfishness is the shame of our day!!!                                   

                It is the sin of unforgiveness which allows humans to become trapped in “self”. If mankind can not learn to immediately forgive others we will never know forgiveness of ourselves , [ how can we forgive others when we can not forgive ourselves ? ], thus never learning to Love ourselves for who we are and thereby blocking our paths which would lead to Love for others!!! As a whole mankind must overcome every obstacle which would stand in the way of allowing us a deep personal Love for CHRIST JESUS and an impersonal Love for the entire human race. We must Love one another ; regardless!!!

       When I want a picture of Love I look no further than the Cross!!! ” For GOD so Loved the world that HE ……” !!!  Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

               If you have not heard these words today please allow me to be the first ; I Love you !!!!!!! Mark


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