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  I was reading in Genesis 1 28-30 where GOD had Blessed Adam and Eve . In Genesis 2 8-25 we learn the nature of that Blessing . They had been given everything by GOD . They were Blessed.  

   I oftentimes look at The Garden of Eden as a place for Original Sin . What The Garden truly represents is the place of  Original Blessings!!! GOD started HIS relationship with Mankind with a Blessing . Glory!!!  

      Every time we pray in HIS name for a Blessing bestowed upon us by HIM I feel as though we are asking for a glimpse of The Garden. We have in our minds a picture of the Provider as well as the provision .  Can you imagine dwelling in provision???  Adam and Eve were truly Blessed . They never had a need to ask GOD for anything . GOD’S  provision was more than sufficient !!! Still is !!!  

   I honestly believe that when we receive Blessings from GOD that we are witnessing what life must have been like before Sin ,and , we are getting a peek at what we can surely look forward to in our future in Heaven. There remains ,in my mind , nothing quite as peaceful as the Eternal Security of the Church Age Believer.  

   Friends ;  GOD’S provision is still more than sufficient !!!  Our belief that HE came to earth as a man and died on the Cross for our Sins  places us square in The Garden , with all of It’s Blessings . Praise GOD for HIS Mercy!!!  

    Closing my eyes now. What a Beautiful Garden!!! I Love You!!!!!!! Mark  

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