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This Is Love

Image by SweetCapture via Flickr

   I was reading John 15 1-17 where JESUS was telling mankind how to be content in this Life by giving instruction on how to be friends with GOD. Verses seven {7} and eleven {11}  truly strike me as to how much GOD Loves us and wants to be our friends!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

    I want to be a friend of GOD!!! I can not imagine a world in which GOD does not exist . I know that I can become close to HIM. A world in which we could not personally know GOD would be a world in which there was no Hope!!! Of all the relationships I can even dream of ; I would give them all away , just to have HIM in my life ;  every moment of every day!!! What else really matters anyhow??? If we go through this Life and fail to develop a friendship with GOD we have forfeited any right we have for eternal happiness, period!!! We were created for HIS pleasure ,however . HE has given us a way in which the benefits of loving HIM are mutual!!! Glory!!!

    GOD will never fail us!!! When we look to ourselves ,or  anyone whom we have ever really counted on , we find that without doubt that GOD is the Answer, the only Answer , which we might hold onto in this ever-changing world we inhabit!!!   Loving one-another becomes second nature with GOD involved in our decision to Love!!! GOD is Good and to have HIM as a friend is to have a Good friend!!! I love GOD!!!

      I feel Someone pruning on me!!! Must be my Friend!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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