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     I was reading in Genesis 1 where  GOD was speaking words into matter which would manifest into being!!!  “Let there be Light ” was the beginning of a conversation in which GOD gave mankind a glimpse of HIS Image . HE is a Creator GOD !!! HE is an Awesome GOD!!! Praise HIM!!!

     In that same chapter GOD  said ” Let us make man in our own image…… ” ,and  then HE set out to work.  HE spoke us into being and then set out to gather dust. Dust in which HE later stated that we should knock off of our feet while leaving the homes of those who chose not to Bless us due to the fact that we are CHRISTIANS. GOD is Good!!!

      We have the same power of Creation in us !!! We were made in HIS Image and Likeness!!! Thank you LORD!!! Our words are Powerful!!! We have the power of Life and Death in our tongues. We can take our que from our Master . HE is our Example !!!

       As I have matured in Life I firmly Hope and Pray that my words are not harmful to anyone or anything .  I Hope that I am creating for myself a world in which everyone that I come into contact with would want to share. I am seeking Heaven on Earth!!!  Glory!!!

     JESUS spoke about who HE is .

       ” I am the Bread of life ” ; ” I am the Light of the world” ; ” I am the Resurrection and the Life ” ; ” I am the Way ”  ; ” I am the Truth ” …..!!!

 I am Humbled !!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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