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Your God Is Here

Your God Is Here (Photo credit: sutton_steven)

    I was reading in JOB 23: 10 where even though we may take a wrong step now and then as long as we stay upon the Right path HE will perfect us. The verse states ,”HE knows the way that I take; when HE has tested me I shall come forth as Gold.” GOD is Good!!!

    As I move forth in this world doing my best from day to day to be more like HIM I am constantly reminded of just how flawed a human being I really am.  Oftentimes I consider myself to be among the worst to have walked this planet. My thoughts and actions just do not always seem to line-up with the Word of GOD. I need help. Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

     I take comfort in the knowledge that JOB was eventually redeemed by an All-Forgiving GOD. Even though he had doubts in his life he knew that he was on the right path and would ,sooner or later , be a better man for his trials. He knew that the testing would separate the impurities in his life ,much like heat separates the impurities from Gold ,and ,he accepted his path as the one in which GOD had chosen for him. He had a comfort in his soul. Glory!!!

     Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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   I was reading in Ephesians 1 3-14 about how we as Christian believers are given Spiritual gifts , as well as being “sin free ” according to GOD’S grace. We are not examined  by the priest for blemishes ; we are cleansed by the Blood of JESUS!!! We are Holy and Blameless in HIS sight!!! Thank GOD!!!

     I honestly believe that most of the people whom I come into contact with , and that’s quite a few theses days , are under the impression that although they have confessed and repented of their sins that they remain dirty , full of sin, and therefore cannot walk as GOD chose them to do before creation. This could not be any further from the Truth. Holy and Blameless; in Love  means just that!!! We are to be GOD’S agents here on Earth and act accordingly. Laying hands and raising the dead!!! Rebuking sickness and wiping out pain. Glory to GOD!!!

   Friends , you having believed have been marked in HIM with a seal. You are , although sinners , set free by the Blood of JESUS!!! JESUS took your sin on the Cross. DONE!!! In reality exactly what sin would one think was not covered by HIS Blood??? JESUS did indeed die for All of our sins and to think otherwise minimizes the work  which  HE did on the Cross!!! HIS shedding of Water and Blood was sufficient !!! Thank you JESUS!!! 

      Headed to the well!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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