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        I was reading in Genesis 24 10 -21 where the oldest servant of Abraham was sent to Abraham’s country of origin to find a wife for his son Isaac. As the servant reached the city of  Haran he stopped with the camels which carried Abraham’s goods and rested at a Well outside of the city!!! There Eliezer started praying to GOD for specific provision. He needed a sign from GOD that HIS Favor was upon his master. What he asked GOD for was the wife-to-be to come from the city for Water and not only give him a drink ,but , to offer to draw Water for his camels as well.  He needed assurance that the woman was the one chosen from GOD to be the bride!!! Before Eliezer had finished praying Rebekah came and filled her pitcher with Water and he ran to her to ask for a drink. She not only gave him a drink but offered to draw Water for the camels as well!!! His prayers had been answered. She had a servant’s heart !!! A wife had been found!!! Glory to GOD!!!  

      Friends,we too can go to the Well and ask GOD specifically for our needs. Those are Living Waters that Eliezer  stopped at ; and endless Well . The Holy Spirit will bring the church ,[ Rebekah], out of the darkness, out of evil lands. We just need to be specific in prayer!!! Amen!!!

    Headed to the well!!!

I Love you!!! Mark


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