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God's  Handwriting

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              I was reading in 2 Peter 1 1-9 where GOD will multiply Grace and Peace to us through our knowledge of HIM and HIS SON JESUS!!! GOD is certainly Good!!!

     What Peter is writing is that we can Know increase in GOD’S favor toward us by increasing our Knowledge of HIM. As we grow ,in Love , into children of GOD we can expect GOD’S Favor to come upon us with ever-increasing regularity. As we become stronger creatures in our Faith ,and  act accordingly , we will Know , without doubt , that GOD is working through us. Everything we put our hands to shall prosper. Everything in which we do, which lines up with the Will of GOD ,we will see realized with a sense of a Power greater than we possess. Thank you JESUS!!!

     That is a fairly simple pattern to follow to realize the promise of GOD’S increase. Just grow in GOD!!! Imagine knowing as you wake each and every morning that as you increase your knowledge of GOD HE increases HIS Favor on you. Regardless of your occupation in Life you will succeed due to the fact that GOD is with you.Glory!!!

    I know that  GOD is a promise keeper. What the Holy Bible states that we can do; we can do!!! As Christians growing in our Faith we only need to receive the Blessings which we have been promised and then share them with others. In this manner we can assure ourselves that we will know the increase, not only of HIS grace and Peace , but of HIS unconditional Love as well!!!

   Headed to the Well!!! May GOD’S Grace and Peace be upon you!!!

   I love  you!!!!!!! Mark


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Christ Handing the Keys to St. Peter by Pietro...

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            I was reading in Ephesians 4 1-16 where JESUS had placed together the Church with a Divine purpose. JESUS wanted the leadership within the Church to “equip” its members with a sense of  becoming more like HIM.  GOD wanted HIS children to grow in Faith and then to  act accordingly. 

HE wants us to be attached at the Head {HIM} .HE wants us to grow into our function.  When we grow in CHRIST JESUS we are able to perform on a CHRIST-LIKE level. Glory. 

        Grace being given to each one of us according to HIS gift should have us shouting inside to push forward in HIS calling upon our lives.  Knowing that we are “called ” to HIS Greatness should propel our every move!!! Confidence in each and every choice which we make in life should be engrained into our very being knowing that GOD is in our every move. Thank you JESUS!!!  

      There is nothing in life which I can imagine as being more beautiful than following a plan put forth by GOD !!! As I see the Church today I oftentimes wonder if HE is pleased with the lack of unity. Realistically it would be impossible to bring forth any unity within the whole “Body Of CHRIST ” if there is no unity within it’s  seperate  “Parts”  .  I know how difficult it is to maintain perfection in doing the work of an Almighty GOD , however ,  the reward comes as we overcome on a daily basis each and every dart which comes at us. Without LOVE the task would be daunting. With LOVE all things are possible.  GOD IS LOVE!!!  

       ”  What the Church needs now is Love sweet Love…….”  

        Headed to the Well to drink some Water!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark  

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