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Folio 108r - Hell

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    I was reading in Ecclesiastes 12 1 – 8 where we get a good idea of our future with GOD once we pass on . Death is more than just  the cessation of the physiological process. By a Divine Commandment the body returns to dust and the Spirit returns to GOD who gave it!!! If  a man or woman made the proper choice concerning GOD while still breathing in this realm then he or she can be assured of Eternity with HIM!!! Thank You JESUS!!!  

    I am sure that when given all of the facts that nobody in their right mind would want to go to Hell!!! I can simply not imagine how  anyone  would want to spend Forever in torment !!!  The real beauty in this Life is the fact that we are given an opportunity to improve our lifestyle forever!!! Glory!!!  

     Outside of the city of Jerusalem past the refuse gate we find , in the valley of Hinnom , a dump ,more or less , where all of the garbage of the city and all of it’s unwanted  “stuff'” was placed to burn in a pit which was kept constantly burning.  I can imagine as CHRIST looked upon this site that HE saw a fit symbol for the wicked and their future destruction!!!  GOD is Just!!! 

     I know that as I walk daily my mind is constantly on how I can keep others from going to Hell by leading them to Love ;  by leading them to JESUS!!! I Hope that they make the right choice!!! 

      Headed out to spread the Good News!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark  p.s. Remember HIM in your youth!!!

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