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Three angels visiting Abraham

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   I was reading in Psalm 112 1-10 where we  , as children of GOD ,  should delight in the ways of GOD!!! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD!!! Amen!!! Promises abound when we follow HIS righteous ways!!! There are plenty of promises from GOD in these verses!!! Thank GOD!!!

    I oftentimes wonder what my Life would be like had I not found the Love of GOD. I seem so happy these days not wanting nothing except HIS unconditional Love.  As I think back to what my life was like before I accepted HIM I am amazed at how much I was truly angry at. It seems as though I was always unhappy due to the fact that I was always in need. Thank GOD for JESUS!!! I now have no fear of bad news , my heart is secure and I trust GOD in all things!!!

      I honestly believe that GOD has surrounded me with Angels to minister to  my every need!!!   GOD IS GOOD!!!

           How did this change in my Life all start???  Change started when I realized that I was on the wrong path and that I needed HIM to create a change in me. I could not do it alone!!! I needed HIS Love for me to outweigh my love for myself.  I needed to change the way in which I was thinking.  With HIS Hand upon me I now know that with HIM all things are truly possible!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

       Going to go spend time with my Angels!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark


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Dan River

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   I was reading in Judges 6 36-40 where Gideon questioned his call from GOD to save the nation of Israel. He needed a sign from GOD in order to move forward in his calling. He needed to know that his faith in the process was well-grounded.

  Many of us today are in that same boat . We may not want a wet fleece but we need an outside assurance from someone or something other than ourselves to clarify what we know in our hearts is from GOD!!!  Why do we need a sign??? ; who knows.  I would like to think that some of us move slow in our callings simply not to alarm others in our lives.  Still yet , some of us may feel as though the time is not right for any drastic changes ; not that our faith is not strong ; we ourselves may not be ready. Somehow , someway we must overcome these feelings of doubt!!!

    There comes a time when we must listen to that inner voice in our hearts ; know that it is of GOD , and step out accordingly.  It would be selfish of us to not share the LOVE that is within us with others when we know that LOVE is really all we have to give that has any meaning in HIS purpose!!! When we walk in HIS calling there are no wrong steps!!!!!!! Mark

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