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Falling Water Creek in early spring

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                I was reading in 1 Chronicles 11 15-19 where David , King of Israel , and his country were at war with the Philistines who were encamped at Bethlehem.  Verse 17 states ” David longed for Water and said ;” Oh that someone would get me Water from the Well near the gate of Bethlehem.” Three of his mighty warriors broke through enemy lines and drew Water from the Well and carried it back to David. Now the King refused to drink it due to the risk involved to obtain the Water, however , David did pour it out as a libation unto GOD. Glory to GOD!!!

      Now David had Water , yet , he also had an emotional need which could only be met with the Water from the Well at Bethlehem. It was the water from his childhood [1 Samuel 16:1] and his soul needed a familiar Spirit!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

       Oftentimes Life has us all caught up in the present without much time to look past our wants to a point where in which we can see our needs. We live in a busy society , however , like David , every now and then events in Life will bring us to a desire from our past  which will render us dependent upon our ability to see our most important need. HIS Living Water , HIS Holy Spirit!!! We just need to surround ourselves with like-minded warriors!!! Amen!!!

    Getting thirsty!!!

  I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Adventkranz (liturgisch)

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                I was reading in Luke 1 26-55 where Mary , when given the news from Gabriel concerning her future , immediately was concerned. her spirit was troubled. Soon however she was worshiping the Lord with all of her heart. Verses 46 -55 show a woman thankful to the point of singing. Mary recognized the Love , Work , Greatness , Mercy, and Faithfulness of GOD!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

       Mary knew that her circumstances were about to change and that the changes were a result of the Love of GOD!!! Her life would never again be the same. She had been given Hope!!!Glory to GOD!!!

      As Christmas is upon us  I would like to wish each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas!!! I Love you and my heart’s desire is that everyone who knows the Love of GOD will share it in this season of  Advent!!! We can all give one another the gift of Hope by sharing the Love of GOD , not only between ourselves , but with others as well!!! Others who may not fully understand what Christmas is all about.Others who need Love.  Others who need Hope!!! Others who need JESUS!!!  Amen!!!

     GOD certainly did give us a Lovely gift!!! GOD didn’t put HIS gift to us under a tree. HE put HIS gift for us on a tree!!!!!!! Thank You Almighty GOD!!!

   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Guido Reni's Joseph with the Infant Jesus, abo...

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               I was reading in Matthew 1 18-25 about the birth of JESUS!!! Verse 21 states that ” She will give birth to a son , and you are to give HIM the name JESUS , because HE shall save HIS people from their sins.” GOD is so Good!!!

    I remember a hymn growing up  that stated that there was just something about the name of JESUS!!! Thank you JESUS!!! For one  , it is the one and only name in the whole world in which we can be saved !!! No other name can bring us into GOD’S fold but the Name of JESUS!!!

   Imagine if you will demons fleeing at just the mere mention of the Name JESUS .  Angels worship HIM , that tells me a whole lot about how the Heavens feel about the Name of JESUS !!! The saints adore JESUS ;  kings bow to HIM at HIS birth , our final judgment rest on HIS shoulders!!! HE was there at Creation!!! HE died for my sins!!! The sound of spikes being hammered into HIS hand is the sound of a massive debt being paid off  ; in full!!! Glory to GOD!!!

   There is indeed something about the Name of JESUS!!! It is Name above all Names!!! It is the Name of my Savior!!! It is the Name of my Lord!!! JESUS is my LORD!!!

     It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….

     I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Christmas gifts

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   I was reading in 1 Corinthians 1o :13 where we have been given the power to overcome temptation!!! What a beautiful gift GOD has given us!!! Glory!!!

    As Christmas fast approaches I am reminded of  just how many times in life I have become aware of how many gifts which GOD has given me continuously all year , every year.  To celebrate the birth of CHRIST JESUS is special to me , however ,over  the last couple of decades my celebrating JESUS has become a consuming fire all of the time!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     I can not imagine any gift that a human gives me could come close to what GOD has given me!!! I am glad that our economy is lifted this time of year , however , I see a lot of people with pain and doubt in their eyes this season. Instead of focusing on GOD they appear to be stuck on self. This will never bring Joy to a person . JESUS does not have the answer , HE is the Answer!!!!!!! Accept the Love that HE will extend to you and enjoy your holiday. GOD is bigger than your problems!!! Any of them!!! Thank GOD!!!

    AAAHHHH The gift to overcome temptations. Thank You JESUS!!!

   Headed to the well!!!  Going to unwrap another of GOD’S  gifts!!!

   I love you !!!!!!! Mark

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A christmas tree.

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    I was reading in 2 Chronicles 7  11- 22 where Solomon was visited by GOD and came into covenant with HIM  , conditionally. Verse 14 states ” If MY people ,who are called by MY name , will humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways , then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and I will heal their land”!!! Glory to GOD!!!

   I was in Moriah yesterday looking for a Christmas tree in which to cut down for a financially challenged family. As I walked past so many evergreens I finally spotted the one which I wanted. It was large enough that I could just “top off ” the upper eight feet and not kill the tree . It would be grown back by next year !!! Praise GOD!!!

    I can not seem to remember the last time I cut down a tree for Christmas!!! I know that I was with my grandfather in Arkansas and that I was young . As I spoke to this couple the day before and they informed me that they did not have the money for a Christmas tree this year I immediately knew what to do. I have been walking by these trees for years now and knew that they were going to get a tree for their kids!!! When I delivered the tree I was met with a stark realization. This family was indeed low on funds!!! Everything in their house cried out “help us”. You just know when things are not right!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     I rebuke the unclean spirits which have come into my community and stole the economy!!!!!!! In The Name of JESUS ; they must go!!!!!!!

         Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Nativity scene

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              I was reading in Luke 2 1 – 20 where Angels found shepherds in the fields and told them that they had some Good News!!! A Saviour had been born in the city of David!!! GOD is Good!!!

    Every generation of mankind has it’s own set of unique hardships , however , I know it must have been hard for  Mary and Joseph to not be able to give birth to their child indoors in nothing other than a stable. I imagine Bethlehem was crowded beyond reason for the census , yet , a young couple  traveling , and the woman pregnant , surely was painful emotionally. I know as man to witness the pain of a loved woman can be extremely difficult at best. No room at the inn , a manger , swaddling clothes ??? A modern-day nightmare for a couple expecting who had both been visited by Angels!!! “There will be tribulation .” Thank you JESUS!!!

       What a great example as parents!!! To accept  Life on Life’s own terms is oftentimes hard to do. Joseph and Mary overcame the trials of their journey in a Glorious fashion. Praise GOD!!!

   As the CHRISTMAS season approaches I pray that each and everyone who hears these words are Blessed. GOD Loves you!!!

   ” Glory to GOD in the Highest , and on Earth Peace , Good will toward men.”

    I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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