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04261600      I was reading in the book of Acts, Chapter 3 where Peter had , in The Name of JESUS , healed a lame man who lay asking for alms at the temple. In doing so Peter had been a witness for CHRIST JESUS for all of those gathered at the temple at the time for prayer. They were able to see the Power of the Holy Spirit at work through Peter , a man who had denied JESUS while HE walked on earth. Those who witnessed had undoubtedly witnessed the trial  and death of CHRIST JESUS in the recent past. GLORY!!!

GOD has gifted all of us with Spiritual gifts that can be manifested in the Natural , all of us who truly believe. It is our duty and calling to use these gifts in a manner in which allows those around us to see the mighty power of a Living GOD!!! We are a special breed of people who have been called , in our individual lifetimes , to witness for CHRIST JESUS !!! We should do so.

As we draw closer to GOD HIS Love for us is unmistakable .  As it is written; no weapon formed against us shall prosper. With that knowledge we are able to move freely in this world without any interference from unclean Spirits or those individuals who call upon them for their support. We , like Peter , can grow in our Faith and move through this world with an understanding that we have Power ,HOLY SPIRIT Power!!!

I am headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!! May GOD Bless!!! Mark






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Your God Is Here

Your God Is Here (Photo credit: sutton_steven)

    I was reading in JOB 23: 10 where even though we may take a wrong step now and then as long as we stay upon the Right path HE will perfect us. The verse states ,”HE knows the way that I take; when HE has tested me I shall come forth as Gold.” GOD is Good!!!

    As I move forth in this world doing my best from day to day to be more like HIM I am constantly reminded of just how flawed a human being I really am.  Oftentimes I consider myself to be among the worst to have walked this planet. My thoughts and actions just do not always seem to line-up with the Word of GOD. I need help. Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

     I take comfort in the knowledge that JOB was eventually redeemed by an All-Forgiving GOD. Even though he had doubts in his life he knew that he was on the right path and would ,sooner or later , be a better man for his trials. He knew that the testing would separate the impurities in his life ,much like heat separates the impurities from Gold ,and ,he accepted his path as the one in which GOD had chosen for him. He had a comfort in his soul. Glory!!!

     Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Let Jesus Bring You Light!

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   I was reading in Romans 8 28 -39 that we ,as Christians , are called to be more than conquerors in Christ JESUS!!! We were predestined to be conformed to the likeness of HIS SON!!! Thank you JESUS!!!   

     As I make my way through each and every day soaking in as much GOD LOVE as I can I am constantly reminded of how , ever since I fell in-love with GOD , that my life has been changed for the better!!!  It seems as though every day brings forth a new revelation of what a Good choice GOD is!!! Glory

     Boldly I can now   walk through these valleys which , prior to walking with GOD , used to bring me down. Now I move freely and without fear. GOD is Good!!! All of the time!!!

    Verses 38 and 39 state ” For I am convinced that neither Death nor Life , neither Angels or Demons ,  neither the Present or the Future , nor any Powers , neither Height nor Depth , nor anything else in all Creation, will be able to separate us from the love of GOD that is in Christ JESUS our Lord “. Now there’s a promise worth holding on to!!! Amen!!!

      Headed to the Well!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Jesus with little one

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       I was reading in Isaiah 31 1-9 where mankind was being warned not to depend upon the greatness of the multitude in Egypt , rather the Holiness of GOD!!!  Egypt will be destroyed by a spiritual sword . GOD will not look kindly upon those who do not turn to HIM for help!!! Amen!!!

      In this world it is so easy to look for the easy way out. It seems as though that wide path , which is easy to find and even easier to walk , is right in front of us at every turn. Satan is a clever foe!!! We must overcome!!!  GOD is relying on us to understand our purpose and tell the devil NO!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     As previously stated , in my humble opinion Egypt represents sin . We have been delivered from sin and there is really no good reason why we , as a group of believers , should constantly go back there. Yet , we do.

Sin is destroyed daily by the sword ,[Word of GOD ] , and for us to allow sin to remain in our lives is to ,in effect , be spiritually lazy!!! We just need to get up every morning in our lives and die to JESUS!!! We need to establish, on a daily level , our commitment to GOD!!! As we dwell in HIS strength daily our paths will begin to narrow and our lives will begin to be “rich ” with HIS Glory!!! It is not an easy walk , however , nothing in life worthwhile is easy!!!

       I am thirsty!!!  Headed to the Water!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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The Circumcision

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              I was reading in GENESIS 17 1-27 where GOD had established a covenant with Abram by where in which every male was to be circumcised in order for them to be confirmed in the covenant.  Circumcision was to be a sign for GOD to know HIS people . GOD states that this covenant in the flesh is to be an everlasting covenant . GOD wants to know that HIS people have “cut-away” the unclean flesh in their lives. Glory!!!

      Abraham and Sarah were blessed with new names that day. Names have meaning and Abraham wasted no time in circumsizing  all the males in his family that day , even the ones who were not born into his family- but bought!!! They had been purchased for a price and now fell under the Abrahamic Covenant !!! Thank You JESUS!!!

   Colossians 2 vs. 11 states ” By whom also ye have been circumcised – ye have received the spirit  typified by old by circumcision. With a circumcision not performed by hands – by an inward spiritual operation . In putting off , not a little skin , but the whole body of the sins of the flesh – All the sins of your evil nature. By the circumcision of CHRIST – By that spiritual circumcision which CHRIST works in your heart. ” Amen!!!

    For those of us who have accepted CHRIST JESUS we have Good News. We are circumcised!!! Here in the “Church Age ” those of us who truly believe that CHRIST came as a man and died for our sins have been bought by CHRIST and we are in covenant with GOD through HIM. CHRIST has Redeemed us!!! Male and female alike are under an obligation to accept this spiritual circumcision in order for us to be known by GOD as HIS people .  I Hope that GOD hears me shouting-I believe , I believe , I believe!!!

      Feels good to be Redeemed!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Raffaels Angels

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   I was reading in Proverbs 16 vs. 3 where if we commit to the LORD everything we do, then , our plans will succeed. Glory!!! All that we have to do is put GOD first and then our thoughts will be established. What a great promise!!!

    It is so easy to put JESUS first in my each and every thought on a daily basis. Placing GOD foremost in my heart has come easier to me than I ever could have imagined . The world has been , at least for me , a constant attacker ; and over the years as GOD continually fights on my behalf , my confidence in HIM grows to the point where I can not imagine a moment where HE is not first!!! GOD has proven HIMSELF to me!!! I owe HIM the respect which is born from Thankfulness and Love!!! GOD is indeed Good!!!

   As I continually place GOD first I have noticed a definite increase in successfulness on an extremely large-scale!!! It seems as though my putting GOD first has led to me being able to prosper in everything which I attempt!!! It seems as if everything I touch “turns to gold ” !!! That indicates to me clear proof of HIS Love for those who put HIM in the forefront of their lives.

    Headed out to prosper . Placing GOD first I can go in any direction!!!

    I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Jesus feeding a crowd with 5 loaves of bread a...

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       I was reading in John 6  47- 53  where JESUS was describing a diet for mankind. HE stated that if we are to obtain Life everlasting that we must adhere to this diet.  All we need to do is create within ourselves a Love for this particular meal. Praise GOD!!!

     As I wind my way through Life I am constantly reminded that I have not always felt the way in which I currently do about GOD. It was not untill after many  trials and tribulations that I found myself in dire straits . I was desperate for an answer to the almost constant pain and emptiness in my Life. I was on the brink of what might be described as a total surrender to the world around me . Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

       I can reflect backwards in my mind and see a time in which I was being fed spiritually by GOD and I just wasn’t bright enough to realize it. HE had been giving me Manna all along in my darkest hours and had  “kept ” me throughout my toughest times. It was this feeding which carried me through to HIS Glory and Riches. It truly is ALL about HIM!!! I now stand not only knowing what sustains me ; I am HUNGRY for it!!! Give me Bread!!!

     Going to the Well.  I need some Water with this meal!!! I Love You!!!!!!! Mark

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Saint Michael parish church in Untergriesbach....

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     I was reading in Genesis 1 where  GOD was speaking words into matter which would manifest into being!!!  “Let there be Light ” was the beginning of a conversation in which GOD gave mankind a glimpse of HIS Image . HE is a Creator GOD !!! HE is an Awesome GOD!!! Praise HIM!!!

     In that same chapter GOD  said ” Let us make man in our own image…… ” ,and  then HE set out to work.  HE spoke us into being and then set out to gather dust. Dust in which HE later stated that we should knock off of our feet while leaving the homes of those who chose not to Bless us due to the fact that we are CHRISTIANS. GOD is Good!!!

      We have the same power of Creation in us !!! We were made in HIS Image and Likeness!!! Thank you LORD!!! Our words are Powerful!!! We have the power of Life and Death in our tongues. We can take our que from our Master . HE is our Example !!!

       As I have matured in Life I firmly Hope and Pray that my words are not harmful to anyone or anything .  I Hope that I am creating for myself a world in which everyone that I come into contact with would want to share. I am seeking Heaven on Earth!!!  Glory!!!

     JESUS spoke about who HE is .

       ” I am the Bread of life ” ; ” I am the Light of the world” ; ” I am the Resurrection and the Life ” ; ” I am the Way ”  ; ” I am the Truth ” …..!!!

 I am Humbled !!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Vasily Perov's painting illustrates clandestin...

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            I was reading in 2 Peter 1 3-11 where we ,as Christians , have  been “called ”  by GOD in HIS  Glory and Goodness.  What a great way in which to live . Knowing that GOD has a purpose for us as individuals and that we can grow in that purpose. GOD is Good!!!

           As we walk in our calling we are promised by GOD that we can ” participate in the Divine Nature ” and escape the corruption which is caused by Evil desires. We are to add to our Faith first Goodness then Knowledge , then Self-Control , then Perseverance , then GODLINESS , then Brotherly Kindness , and then ,last but not least ,LOVE. With this combination of personal attributes we can not fall. Thank You JESUS!!!

    I am never quite sure exactly what others are thinking , however , I do know that I LOVE GOD!!!  I am more than certain the HE has  “called” me to do so many Great and Wonderous works here in this realm. I am Humbled in this Choosing!!! I am evermore convinced that GOD has , in HIS Infinite Wisdom , placed a stumbling stone or two in my path lest I should become proud. Thank GOD!!!

     Headed out to add some LOVE to my Faith!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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                      I was reading in 2 Corinthians 5 1-21 where we , as believers , live by Faith and not by sight. The fact that we are confident that GOD has the ability to control  everything allows us to renew our minds on a daily basis and make room for GOD to guide our every step. We know that with GOD in each and every decision that we can do no wrong.  Our goal is to please HIM!!! Thank You JESUS!!! 

       Having gone through life and gained knowledge of the Holy Spirit by allowing GOD to work in our lives through the Spirit we develop a firmness in our decisions. We know without a doubt that GOD is working through us. Glory!!!      Along with that Knowledge comes a type of certainty about our future with HIM . Knowing that Heaven awaits makes everything in which I myself experience meaningful to the point of purpose. I truly Love GOD!!!!!!! 

        Putting GOD first in my life has certainly made a difference in my Faith!!! Knowing GOD in an intimate relationship has given me strength beyond my wildest imagination. GOD is Good!!! My Faith is finally matching everything which I have read about in the Bible. Move Mountain!!! 

          Headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark 

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