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04261600      I was reading in the book of Acts, Chapter 3 where Peter had , in The Name of JESUS , healed a lame man who lay asking for alms at the temple. In doing so Peter had been a witness for CHRIST JESUS for all of those gathered at the temple at the time for prayer. They were able to see the Power of the Holy Spirit at work through Peter , a man who had denied JESUS while HE walked on earth. Those who witnessed had undoubtedly witnessed the trial  and death of CHRIST JESUS in the recent past. GLORY!!!

GOD has gifted all of us with Spiritual gifts that can be manifested in the Natural , all of us who truly believe. It is our duty and calling to use these gifts in a manner in which allows those around us to see the mighty power of a Living GOD!!! We are a special breed of people who have been called , in our individual lifetimes , to witness for CHRIST JESUS !!! We should do so.

As we draw closer to GOD HIS Love for us is unmistakable .  As it is written; no weapon formed against us shall prosper. With that knowledge we are able to move freely in this world without any interference from unclean Spirits or those individuals who call upon them for their support. We , like Peter , can grow in our Faith and move through this world with an understanding that we have Power ,HOLY SPIRIT Power!!!

I am headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!! May GOD Bless!!! Mark






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   I was reading in 1 John 4 1-3  where we are to “test’ the spirits around us due to the fact that many false Prophets have gone out into the world. John goes on to write how we can know that the spirit is from and of GOD. Thank you JESUS!!!

 The discerning of Spirits is a Gift from the Holy Spirit. It enables us to distinguish Good from Evil. It makes you aware!!! As a person grows in his or her relationship with GOD a kind and gentile Spirit of Discernment is developed through the Love of all things pure , however ,  the Spirit of Discernment given by the Holy Spirit to those GOD chooses removes any doubt of Good or Evil in our presence. It is a Gift that guards and protects us in our Christian walk. Using this Gift in the Power of the Holy Spirit enables us to walk boldly through life , even should we find ourselves  surrounded by darkness in our callings. Glory to GOD!!!

     Remember , both Good and Evil Spirits operate according to the condition of our souls. As believers we need to awake each and every morning and call upon GOD to dwell within us with HIS Holy Spirit. When we are in constant contact with GOD we find ourselves under HIS Favor and more likely to receive HIS Gifts!!!  Prayer works!!! Amen!!!

    I am so thankful that Spring is in the air!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Ephesians 1 3-14 about how we as Christian believers are given Spiritual gifts , as well as being “sin free ” according to GOD’S grace. We are not examined  by the priest for blemishes ; we are cleansed by the Blood of JESUS!!! We are Holy and Blameless in HIS sight!!! Thank GOD!!!

     I honestly believe that most of the people whom I come into contact with , and that’s quite a few theses days , are under the impression that although they have confessed and repented of their sins that they remain dirty , full of sin, and therefore cannot walk as GOD chose them to do before creation. This could not be any further from the Truth. Holy and Blameless; in Love  means just that!!! We are to be GOD’S agents here on Earth and act accordingly. Laying hands and raising the dead!!! Rebuking sickness and wiping out pain. Glory to GOD!!!

   Friends , you having believed have been marked in HIM with a seal. You are , although sinners , set free by the Blood of JESUS!!! JESUS took your sin on the Cross. DONE!!! In reality exactly what sin would one think was not covered by HIS Blood??? JESUS did indeed die for All of our sins and to think otherwise minimizes the work  which  HE did on the Cross!!! HIS shedding of Water and Blood was sufficient !!! Thank you JESUS!!! 

      Headed to the well!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in Zechariah 10 where we should ask GOD for rain in the springtime. HE gives us provision in our time of need!!! GOD is certainly Good!!! GOD wants to make our soil fertile in the proper time!!! Amen!!!

   What a simple way in which to be Blessed ; ask GOD.  GOD knows our every need and when our will lines up with HIS Will we can expect blessings. HE will send us rain in the springtime. Glory.

    I honestly believe that there comes a time in everyone’s Life in which we need to prepare our Souls for seed. We need rain. GOD indeed brings the storms and with them all of their woes , however , with every storm comes the much-needed rain which allows us , as Christians , to grow spiritually. Thank You JESUS!!!

     Verse 8 states  ” I will signal for them and gather them in. Surely I will redeem them ; they will be as numerous as before.” The prophet was bringing  “Good News ”  to the children of GOD for all generations to come. We only need to “receive” the Word of GOD and then live in it!!!  Hallelujah!!!

    Building an alter today. Sacrifice is coming!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Let Jesus Bring You Light!

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   I was reading in Romans 8 28 -39 that we ,as Christians , are called to be more than conquerors in Christ JESUS!!! We were predestined to be conformed to the likeness of HIS SON!!! Thank you JESUS!!!   

     As I make my way through each and every day soaking in as much GOD LOVE as I can I am constantly reminded of how , ever since I fell in-love with GOD , that my life has been changed for the better!!!  It seems as though every day brings forth a new revelation of what a Good choice GOD is!!! Glory

     Boldly I can now   walk through these valleys which , prior to walking with GOD , used to bring me down. Now I move freely and without fear. GOD is Good!!! All of the time!!!

    Verses 38 and 39 state ” For I am convinced that neither Death nor Life , neither Angels or Demons ,  neither the Present or the Future , nor any Powers , neither Height nor Depth , nor anything else in all Creation, will be able to separate us from the love of GOD that is in Christ JESUS our Lord “. Now there’s a promise worth holding on to!!! Amen!!!

      Headed to the Well!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Mark 12:30-31

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                            I was reading in Mark 12 30-31 where JESUS was answering a question by one of the scribes in the region and spoke of a new set of commandments.  JESUS said that we should Love the Lord our GOD with all of our heart , soul , mind ,and strength ,and , that we should Love our neighbor as we Love ourselves. Jesus goes on to say that there are no greater commandments than these. Glory to GOD!!!

    A commandment is just that ; a commandment!!! JESUS did not suggest that we walk in this type of Love .HE commanded that we do so . What an order!!! Amen???

     Oftentimes it can be easier to speak of Love than actually live in Love. This guiding principle in our Christian walk can be difficult at best given the attitudes of those which we come into contact with on a daily basis. Spanning the whole spectrum of our lives;    business, home , neighborhood , family , friends ect……, this principle can often be tested in how we react to situations which concern , not only involvement with ourselves , but others as well. Love is oftentimes the furthest thing from our minds. Thank GOD for JESUS!!!

    I can not help but think that if we prepare ourselves properly each and every morning by going to GOD in prayer and asking HIM to let us walk in Love throughout the waking moments of each day that HE will do so. We just need to be willing to accept that not everyone which we come into contact with will be walking the same way. We need an open and honest understanding ,not only of the unbeliever ,but the believer as well in respect to our position ;in Love. GOD is Good!!!

    GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!!! Go show someone GOD!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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God's  Handwriting

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              I was reading in 2 Peter 1 1-9 where GOD will multiply Grace and Peace to us through our knowledge of HIM and HIS SON JESUS!!! GOD is certainly Good!!!

     What Peter is writing is that we can Know increase in GOD’S favor toward us by increasing our Knowledge of HIM. As we grow ,in Love , into children of GOD we can expect GOD’S Favor to come upon us with ever-increasing regularity. As we become stronger creatures in our Faith ,and  act accordingly , we will Know , without doubt , that GOD is working through us. Everything we put our hands to shall prosper. Everything in which we do, which lines up with the Will of GOD ,we will see realized with a sense of a Power greater than we possess. Thank you JESUS!!!

     That is a fairly simple pattern to follow to realize the promise of GOD’S increase. Just grow in GOD!!! Imagine knowing as you wake each and every morning that as you increase your knowledge of GOD HE increases HIS Favor on you. Regardless of your occupation in Life you will succeed due to the fact that GOD is with you.Glory!!!

    I know that  GOD is a promise keeper. What the Holy Bible states that we can do; we can do!!! As Christians growing in our Faith we only need to receive the Blessings which we have been promised and then share them with others. In this manner we can assure ourselves that we will know the increase, not only of HIS grace and Peace , but of HIS unconditional Love as well!!!

   Headed to the Well!!! May GOD’S Grace and Peace be upon you!!!

   I love  you!!!!!!! Mark

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Holy Spirit,

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            I was reading in  Romans 8  1- 39 where we ,as Christians , were called to live like CHRIST.  GOD has given us a way in which we can overcome this world with all of it’s groanings!!! Thank you JESUS!!! Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!!

      I can not imagine how I could ever possibly be like CHRIST  without living my life with the full Knowledge that I need HIS Holy Spirit to dwell within me always!!! The things of this world are really just so much about nothing , yet , Satan just does not give up. Going through each and every day under attack has become common to me, however , winning my daily battles against Unclean Spirits has become common as well!!! GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

        We must push forward everyday with the Knowledge that CHRIST JESUS is in us . Verse 28 states that in ALL things GOD works for the Good for those who Love HIM , who have been called according to HIS purpose. GLORY!!! Verses  38 and 39 state that we are convinced that neither Death nor Life ; neither Angels nor Demons ; neither the Present nor Future nor any Powers ; neither Height nor Depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the Love of GOD that is in CHRIST JESUS our LORD!!! Now that’s my kind of promise!!!

    Going walking in the Prophetic Realm !!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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   I was reading in 1 Peter2 9-12 where GOD has “called ” HIS people out so that they may walk in HIS Light!!! HE wants HIS people to shine before other peoples while in this realm. HE wants to gather!!! GOD is good!!!

   Overcoming the temptations of this world are oftentimes difficult for even the most diligent of us Christians. As previously stated Satan is a clever foe!!!  I myself oftentimes find weakness in the area of lust and have to get ” thinking on what is pure” quickly!!! The devil hits us at our weakest points.  Shame on him!!! Thank GOD for HIS Understanding!!!

       I want to walk in the light of GOD daily!!! These particular verses state that our behavior , should we be in the Light , will prepare us for our day of visitation.  I say Yes and Amen!!! Help me overcome Oh LORD!!!

    When we are in HIS Light I honestly feel as though nothing will tempt us that we can not overcome. With GOD we have an awesome power to defeat the unclean spirits which come at us daily!!! Thank you JESUS !!! We are victors in CHRIST JESUS!!!

         My future is so Bright I am going to need SON-GLASSES!!! This little light of mine i’m gonna let it shine…..!!!

   I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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            I was reading in 2 Peter 1 3-11 where we ,as Christians , have  been “called ”  by GOD in HIS  Glory and Goodness.  What a great way in which to live . Knowing that GOD has a purpose for us as individuals and that we can grow in that purpose. GOD is Good!!!

           As we walk in our calling we are promised by GOD that we can ” participate in the Divine Nature ” and escape the corruption which is caused by Evil desires. We are to add to our Faith first Goodness then Knowledge , then Self-Control , then Perseverance , then GODLINESS , then Brotherly Kindness , and then ,last but not least ,LOVE. With this combination of personal attributes we can not fall. Thank You JESUS!!!

    I am never quite sure exactly what others are thinking , however , I do know that I LOVE GOD!!!  I am more than certain the HE has  “called” me to do so many Great and Wonderous works here in this realm. I am Humbled in this Choosing!!! I am evermore convinced that GOD has , in HIS Infinite Wisdom , placed a stumbling stone or two in my path lest I should become proud. Thank GOD!!!

     Headed out to add some LOVE to my Faith!!! I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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