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       I was reading in Exodus 15  22 – 27 where Moses and the Nation of Israel had been given a manner in which they would obtain good health.  Verse 26 states  ”  If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your GOD and do what is right in HIS sight , give ear to HIS commandments and keep all of HIS statutes , I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians . For I am the Lord who heals you . ”  Glory to GOD!!!

     What a simple way in which to be healed ;  stay healthy!!! All we need to do is to listen and obey GOD !!! Does this mean that we will never be unwell ; nope , however, it does mean that as we develop an intimate relationship with GOD we develop a Hope in which, as long as we cling to HIM , our sicknesses will never last . He is the Lord who heals us!!! Amen!!!

     Today we have many examples to base our Faith upon when it comes to healing . Medical science will even agree that if a person feels well in their mind [soul] the chances for recovery from any sickness is far greater. All we need is the confidence that comes from knowing HE is in charge!!!

      When JESUS fed the thousands what we received was a picture of multiplication of loaves and fishes.  In my humble opinion what they represent is the Greatness ,Fullness , and Sufficiency of JESUS to meet the deepest needs of our souls to a point in which we will never hunger again!!!  It is this satisfaction in our souls which allow us to claim victory , not only over sickness , but over death as well!!! We just need to believe!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

        Going for a walk in the prophetic realm!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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