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  I was reading in the 8th chapter of The Book Of Revelation how an angel mixed in the prayers of all the saints upon Earth with incense at the altar before the Throne Of GOD and then the angel put fire from the altar on his scepter and threw the fire back at Earth and there were storms and an earthquake which shook things up hereabouts. Must have been something about the timing of the prayers , however , the mere fact of the matter got me wondering whether or not all of  my prayers are put to GOD for HIS hearing along with some incense , and if so , do they bring upon HIS wrath???

      As I have learned to pray through the years I try to pray for HIS will to be done regardless of my wants. This is not always an easy task for me because I know that I am not as deserving as others around me . I know me!!!  However , I know that HIS Love and Grace cover me and in that knowledge lies my hope that my prayers for others are always answered!!! I am not in constant prayer , yet , I am in an almost constant contact with HIM , in my faith , with hopes of direction throughout my days.  GOD can and will do for me what I cannot do for myself ,and I pray that HE does!!!

  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mark


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