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Jacob meets Rachael at the well

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         I was reading in Genesis 29 2 -20 where Jacob had left home and gone east to find a wife for himself. Arriving at Haran Jacob stopped at a Well in the fields and questioned some of the people there about his uncle. As he was speaking along came Rachel with her father’s sheep to be watered . The young man set out to work . Jacob rolled away the stone which was upon the well , watered his uncle’s sheep , kissed Rachel ,and then burst into tears. Glory to GOD!!!

    What a journey!!! From Beersheba to Padan-Aram, [ his uncle lived in Ur ], was a distance of about 500 miles.  Having left home with a heavy heart , on foot , due to the issues he had with his brother Esau , the trip would have been overwhelming if not for the events that took place on his first night out. Jacob had stopped to sleep and had made a pillow of stones ,went to sleep and was visited and assured by GOD in his sleep. GOD had promised him abundance and  that promise had set Jacob’s heart to rest. Thank you JESUS!!!

    GOD has made us promises as well!!! Like Jacob the journey before us , known as Life , is sometimes overwhelming, however , should we choose to cling to the promises of GOD there is nothing before us which we can not overcome!!! When we get to the place where we need to be we just might weep , yet , the tears which fall will be tears of joy knowing that we completed a task with the help of our Lord and that anything ahead is simply a matter of taking the first step. When we know what needs to be done in our lives and can see any obstacle in our way , like Jacob , we need to roll away the stone and receive our blessings!!! We need the Holy Spirit to work through us so as we can work for HIM to the good of all things!!! Amen!!!

   Jacob did not go into the outpost ; he stopped at the Well!!! What a bright young man he was!!! Imagine getting the Birthright in exchange for a mess of pottage!!! Excellent!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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Abraham's Well, Beer-Sheba

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      I was reading in Genesis 26 17 -35 where GOD had instructed Isaac to not go into Egypt but to stay in Gerar and he would be Blessed!!! Now having an issue with Abimelech forced Isaac to move further from Gerar into a valley nearby and re-dig the wells in which his father Abraham had dug. This was important because Isaac had quite a following of man and livestock and needed the Water in order to survive. The Philistines hounded Issac and his following untill they finally settled at a place which he named Rehoboth , for there was plenty of room , and there he and his family thrived untill they moved on to another place in which he named Shebah , due to an oath that was made there between Isaac and the Philistines. GOD had indeed rewarded Isaac for being obedient and had Blessed him abundantly. GOD is Good!!!

   When we pray to GOD , I know for myself , that oftentimes we are looking for answers which we will be comfortable with. GOD’S ways are not are ways however and we need to be obedient in adhering to HIS word!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     As we go through this life we will face many changes during which we will have an Encounter  with GOD.  Like Isaac we need to build an altar and pitch our tents. We need to pray and sacrifice and be willing to dig our Wells deeper . Our prayer life is vital in our relationship with HIS Holy Spirit. Spending time at the Well will nourish us and Bless us and those around us. We do not need to conform to this world ,{Egypt} , we need to know that a promise from GOD is sufficiant and that our obediance to the covenant which HE has made with us will always leave us with more than enough of HIS Living Waters!!! Amen!!!

   “She is my sister ..” What was he thinking???

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Isaac's servant trying the bracelet on Rebecca...

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        I was reading in Genesis 24 10 -21 where the oldest servant of Abraham was sent to Abraham’s country of origin to find a wife for his son Isaac. As the servant reached the city of  Haran he stopped with the camels which carried Abraham’s goods and rested at a Well outside of the city!!! There Eliezer started praying to GOD for specific provision. He needed a sign from GOD that HIS Favor was upon his master. What he asked GOD for was the wife-to-be to come from the city for Water and not only give him a drink ,but , to offer to draw Water for his camels as well.  He needed assurance that the woman was the one chosen from GOD to be the bride!!! Before Eliezer had finished praying Rebekah came and filled her pitcher with Water and he ran to her to ask for a drink. She not only gave him a drink but offered to draw Water for the camels as well!!! His prayers had been answered. She had a servant’s heart !!! A wife had been found!!! Glory to GOD!!!  

      Friends,we too can go to the Well and ask GOD specifically for our needs. Those are Living Waters that Eliezer  stopped at ; and endless Well . The Holy Spirit will bring the church ,[ Rebekah], out of the darkness, out of evil lands. We just need to be specific in prayer!!! Amen!!!

    Headed to the well!!!

I Love you!!! Mark

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Claude Lorrain-Hagar und Ismael in der Wüste

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                  I was reading in Genesis 21 14-21 where Hagar was sent into the wilderness with her son Ishmael whom she had borne to Abraham. They had been set out in the desert with only bread and water to survive on and soon their provision had perished. Hagar set her son under a bush

to die and then placed herself far enough  away so that she would not have to witness his Death. As she sat weeping GOD sent an Angel to her and opened her eyes to see through her sorrows and showed her a Well where her and Ishmael would find Life Giving Water. GOD is so Good!!!

    This is the second time in which Hagar gets a Word from GOD at ” The Well” . In Genesis 16 vs. 7 an Angel of the Lord finds her near a spring in the wilderness and instructs her to return to her mistress .  She goes on to name the Well in vs. 14 ” beer-lahai-roi” because she believed that she had seen the One who looks after her. Glory!!!   

 In my humble opinion the Angel who came to Hagar was the incarnate  JESUS !!! HE had brought her Living Water in her times of crying out in distress , and,  had provided for her in her time of need. JESUS had not only showed up once , but twice to reassure her of HIS Promise.  The Well was always there; she just needed to focus on her answer and not her problem. Amen!!!

  Friends we are sometimes like Hagar . Even though we have met JESUS oftentimes we are so focused on our problems that we cannot see our answer. We need our eyes opened. We have the Living Water at our fingertips ,and , yes we may have problems but our GOD is bigger than our problems . Our GOD is our answer!!!

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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If God Will Send His Angels

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         I was reading in Genesis 3  8 – 24 where GOD was speaking with Adam on his spiritual condition. GOD had come to The Garden in anticipation of HIS daily walk with man ,however , HE soon found that correction for sin was in order. Man had fallen. Praise GOD!!!

         Verse 9 states ” And the LORD GOD called  to Adam , and said unto him ,where art thou?”. GOD was wanting to know where the man was in his daily walk with HIM. Although Adam and Eve had covered themselves with fig leaves Adam knew that he was still naked. Adam knew that he was still in sin. GOD slew some animals and made coats of skin for Adam and Eve. The fig leaves were not Good enough to cover man’s sin; a Blood sacrifice was needed!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

     I ask myself everyday where I am in my walk with GOD, and , I come to the same conclusion as Adam.I am naked!!! I am in sin and not worthy enough to walk side by side with GOD!!! Thank GOD that as the Adamic Covenant was created that I have the promise of redemption!!!GOD is Good ; all the time!!!

     I claim the Blood of JESUS over anyone who reads these words!!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Saint Michael parish church in Untergriesbach....

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     I was reading in Genesis 1 where  GOD was speaking words into matter which would manifest into being!!!  “Let there be Light ” was the beginning of a conversation in which GOD gave mankind a glimpse of HIS Image . HE is a Creator GOD !!! HE is an Awesome GOD!!! Praise HIM!!!

     In that same chapter GOD  said ” Let us make man in our own image…… ” ,and  then HE set out to work.  HE spoke us into being and then set out to gather dust. Dust in which HE later stated that we should knock off of our feet while leaving the homes of those who chose not to Bless us due to the fact that we are CHRISTIANS. GOD is Good!!!

      We have the same power of Creation in us !!! We were made in HIS Image and Likeness!!! Thank you LORD!!! Our words are Powerful!!! We have the power of Life and Death in our tongues. We can take our que from our Master . HE is our Example !!!

       As I have matured in Life I firmly Hope and Pray that my words are not harmful to anyone or anything .  I Hope that I am creating for myself a world in which everyone that I come into contact with would want to share. I am seeking Heaven on Earth!!!  Glory!!!

     JESUS spoke about who HE is .

       ” I am the Bread of life ” ; ” I am the Light of the world” ; ” I am the Resurrection and the Life ” ; ” I am the Way ”  ; ” I am the Truth ” …..!!!

 I am Humbled !!! I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Isaac and Ishmael bury their father Abraham in...

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            I was reading in the Book of James chapter 4 where all warfare starts from within a man’s heart;  that is to say his spiritual heart , his mind.  When we fail to humble ourselves before GOD Evil gains a stronghold on our lives and we lose the opportunity to win the real battles in Life. You might ask yourself ;  Self , why is all of this Evil even necessary ? Cannot an Almighty GOD just let us all be ;  In – Love?  

       Friends , that was never a part of HIS plan!!! Never!!! In Eternity Past HE knew exactly what needed to take place in this world so as we could live in Eternity Future with HIM without Ego and Pride and Hate , [Satan],and all of those things which would separate us from HIM!!! Glory!!! 

        We are justified by our Faith.  Nothing which we can do can bring GOD close to us unless we exercise our Faith.  We as Christians are to give ourselves over to GOD’S Will , not try to have HIM bend to our will in some type of perverted compromise!!! Our GOD-Given Faith is strengthened by our overcoming tribulation in this world;  not by our avoiding it!!! Let us thank GOD for the thorns in our sides!!! 

    As I reflect back on the events on 9-11-2001  I am reminded that Evil can be seen in all of GOD’S people!!!  When GOD promised Abraham that HE would Bless all of his seed including Ishmael { Genesis 21vs.13 } HE meant just that!!! GOD also went on to give Hagar the same Word {Genesis 21vs.18}. What GOD also promises is a life full of turmoil and strife. There will be tribulation!!! Thank You JESUS!!! I need my Faith strengthened!!! 

    ” For GOD so Loved the world that HE….”   

        I honestly feel as though one of GOD’S Greatest gift to us as HIS children is Forgiveness.  After all ; HE Forgives us!!! 

 I Love You!!!!!!!Mark 

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This time of year as EASTER approaches one must reflect about what really happened years ago outside of Jeruselem.  As Mary went to the grave to return to her calling she did so without fear. Fear is the complete absense of Faith and she simply had no fear. She had been givin a spirit of Faith having known Love. As she was to find, our true Faith removes the stones which block us from our objectives in our lives and Faith frees us to enter into our callings. Know as Easter comes upon us here in Kissimmee and all around the world that HE has already removed the stones which kept us in our graves and HE has givin us a freedom to move in HIS will!!! Mark

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