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The Holy of Holies; illustration from the 1890...

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              I was reading in HEBREWS 10 1-25  how we , as Christians , can spend time before GOD through the Blood of Jesus .   HIS sacrifice makes it possible for us to enter  , Spiritually , into the “Holy Of Holies ” and spend time with our Father . Thank You JESUS!!! No longer does GOD require an offering for Sin. Praise HIM!!!  

       I look upon my attendance in Church as a weekly , oftentimes  daily , “In-Gathering ” which I participate in willingly .   I am so thankful that I live in a time where in which I can Tabernacle with other believers  more than just once a year!!! I want to be with GOD every day all day!!! HIS law is in my heart and on my mind!!! Glory!!!  

      It seems as though I am reminded daily of just how much I need GOD!!! Looking back at all of the trials which GOD has brought me through truly increases my Hope for the future!!!  I reflect  every day on just how much HE means to me. It is a pleasure to fellowship with others who live the same way . HIS Way!!!   

       I am uncertain just what the everyday experience was upon leaving Egypt , however , I do know what it is like to have GOD with me through every breath and every step as I have moved through my own wilderness!!!  GOD is Good ; all the time!!!  HE has given me a very comfortable booth in my Soul!!! I Love dwelling there!!! 

         Autumn ; I can sense a change!!! 

      I Love you!!!!!!! Mark 

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