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Falling Water Creek in early spring

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                I was reading in 1 Chronicles 11 15-19 where David , King of Israel , and his country were at war with the Philistines who were encamped at Bethlehem.  Verse 17 states ” David longed for Water and said ;” Oh that someone would get me Water from the Well near the gate of Bethlehem.” Three of his mighty warriors broke through enemy lines and drew Water from the Well and carried it back to David. Now the King refused to drink it due to the risk involved to obtain the Water, however , David did pour it out as a libation unto GOD. Glory to GOD!!!

      Now David had Water , yet , he also had an emotional need which could only be met with the Water from the Well at Bethlehem. It was the water from his childhood [1 Samuel 16:1] and his soul needed a familiar Spirit!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

       Oftentimes Life has us all caught up in the present without much time to look past our wants to a point where in which we can see our needs. We live in a busy society , however , like David , every now and then events in Life will bring us to a desire from our past  which will render us dependent upon our ability to see our most important need. HIS Living Water , HIS Holy Spirit!!! We just need to surround ourselves with like-minded warriors!!! Amen!!!

    Getting thirsty!!!

  I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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Nativity scene

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              I was reading in Luke 2 1 – 20 where Angels found shepherds in the fields and told them that they had some Good News!!! A Saviour had been born in the city of David!!! GOD is Good!!!

    Every generation of mankind has it’s own set of unique hardships , however , I know it must have been hard for  Mary and Joseph to not be able to give birth to their child indoors in nothing other than a stable. I imagine Bethlehem was crowded beyond reason for the census , yet , a young couple  traveling , and the woman pregnant , surely was painful emotionally. I know as man to witness the pain of a loved woman can be extremely difficult at best. No room at the inn , a manger , swaddling clothes ??? A modern-day nightmare for a couple expecting who had both been visited by Angels!!! “There will be tribulation .” Thank you JESUS!!!

       What a great example as parents!!! To accept  Life on Life’s own terms is oftentimes hard to do. Joseph and Mary overcame the trials of their journey in a Glorious fashion. Praise GOD!!!

   As the CHRISTMAS season approaches I pray that each and everyone who hears these words are Blessed. GOD Loves you!!!

   ” Glory to GOD in the Highest , and on Earth Peace , Good will toward men.”

    I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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