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Jacob meets Rachael at the well

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         I was reading in Genesis 29 2 -20 where Jacob had left home and gone east to find a wife for himself. Arriving at Haran Jacob stopped at a Well in the fields and questioned some of the people there about his uncle. As he was speaking along came Rachel with her father’s sheep to be watered . The young man set out to work . Jacob rolled away the stone which was upon the well , watered his uncle’s sheep , kissed Rachel ,and then burst into tears. Glory to GOD!!!

    What a journey!!! From Beersheba to Padan-Aram, [ his uncle lived in Ur ], was a distance of about 500 miles.  Having left home with a heavy heart , on foot , due to the issues he had with his brother Esau , the trip would have been overwhelming if not for the events that took place on his first night out. Jacob had stopped to sleep and had made a pillow of stones ,went to sleep and was visited and assured by GOD in his sleep. GOD had promised him abundance and  that promise had set Jacob’s heart to rest. Thank you JESUS!!!

    GOD has made us promises as well!!! Like Jacob the journey before us , known as Life , is sometimes overwhelming, however , should we choose to cling to the promises of GOD there is nothing before us which we can not overcome!!! When we get to the place where we need to be we just might weep , yet , the tears which fall will be tears of joy knowing that we completed a task with the help of our Lord and that anything ahead is simply a matter of taking the first step. When we know what needs to be done in our lives and can see any obstacle in our way , like Jacob , we need to roll away the stone and receive our blessings!!! We need the Holy Spirit to work through us so as we can work for HIM to the good of all things!!! Amen!!!

   Jacob did not go into the outpost ; he stopped at the Well!!! What a bright young man he was!!! Imagine getting the Birthright in exchange for a mess of pottage!!! Excellent!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark


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