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                   I was reading in Zechariah 1 1-6 where the Prophet of GOD was given a directive to share with those around him .  “Return to ME ” is the commandment given by GOD!!!  In this we find a promise of GOD ;  He will return to us if we obey HIM. Glory!!! 

           I like to think that I come from a line of people who , once faced with the Truth , we can adapt accordingly. Certainly the experiences in Life itself brings forth a sure knowledge that Life is all about HIM!!!  A return to HIS Way is a command for all generations!!! Amen!!! 

            I can certainly feel HIS Presence all around me these days . HE seems to be guiding my every move ; more than likely due to the fact of HIS Knowledge of my helplessness. Thank GOD for HIS Holy Spirit!!! Thank GOD for HIS Mercy!!! 

 I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! Mark 


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