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Let Jesus Bring You Light!

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   I was reading in Romans 8 28 -39 that we ,as Christians , are called to be more than conquerors in Christ JESUS!!! We were predestined to be conformed to the likeness of HIS SON!!! Thank you JESUS!!!   

     As I make my way through each and every day soaking in as much GOD LOVE as I can I am constantly reminded of how , ever since I fell in-love with GOD , that my life has been changed for the better!!!  It seems as though every day brings forth a new revelation of what a Good choice GOD is!!! Glory

     Boldly I can now   walk through these valleys which , prior to walking with GOD , used to bring me down. Now I move freely and without fear. GOD is Good!!! All of the time!!!

    Verses 38 and 39 state ” For I am convinced that neither Death nor Life , neither Angels or Demons ,  neither the Present or the Future , nor any Powers , neither Height nor Depth , nor anything else in all Creation, will be able to separate us from the love of GOD that is in Christ JESUS our Lord “. Now there’s a promise worth holding on to!!! Amen!!!

      Headed to the Well!!!

     I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Raffaels Angels

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   I was reading in Proverbs 16 vs. 3 where if we commit to the LORD everything we do, then , our plans will succeed. Glory!!! All that we have to do is put GOD first and then our thoughts will be established. What a great promise!!!

    It is so easy to put JESUS first in my each and every thought on a daily basis. Placing GOD foremost in my heart has come easier to me than I ever could have imagined . The world has been , at least for me , a constant attacker ; and over the years as GOD continually fights on my behalf , my confidence in HIM grows to the point where I can not imagine a moment where HE is not first!!! GOD has proven HIMSELF to me!!! I owe HIM the respect which is born from Thankfulness and Love!!! GOD is indeed Good!!!

   As I continually place GOD first I have noticed a definite increase in successfulness on an extremely large-scale!!! It seems as though my putting GOD first has led to me being able to prosper in everything which I attempt!!! It seems as if everything I touch “turns to gold ” !!! That indicates to me clear proof of HIS Love for those who put HIM in the forefront of their lives.

    Headed out to prosper . Placing GOD first I can go in any direction!!!

    I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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