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04261600      I was reading in the book of Acts, Chapter 3 where Peter had , in The Name of JESUS , healed a lame man who lay asking for alms at the temple. In doing so Peter had been a witness for CHRIST JESUS for all of those gathered at the temple at the time for prayer. They were able to see the Power of the Holy Spirit at work through Peter , a man who had denied JESUS while HE walked on earth. Those who witnessed had undoubtedly witnessed the trial  and death of CHRIST JESUS in the recent past. GLORY!!!

GOD has gifted all of us with Spiritual gifts that can be manifested in the Natural , all of us who truly believe. It is our duty and calling to use these gifts in a manner in which allows those around us to see the mighty power of a Living GOD!!! We are a special breed of people who have been called , in our individual lifetimes , to witness for CHRIST JESUS !!! We should do so.

As we draw closer to GOD HIS Love for us is unmistakable .  As it is written; no weapon formed against us shall prosper. With that knowledge we are able to move freely in this world without any interference from unclean Spirits or those individuals who call upon them for their support. We , like Peter , can grow in our Faith and move through this world with an understanding that we have Power ,HOLY SPIRIT Power!!!

I am headed to the Well!!! I Love you!!! May GOD Bless!!! Mark






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Abraham's Well, Beer-Sheba

Image by Oregon State University Archives via Flickr

      I was reading in Genesis 26 17 -35 where GOD had instructed Isaac to not go into Egypt but to stay in Gerar and he would be Blessed!!! Now having an issue with Abimelech forced Isaac to move further from Gerar into a valley nearby and re-dig the wells in which his father Abraham had dug. This was important because Isaac had quite a following of man and livestock and needed the Water in order to survive. The Philistines hounded Issac and his following untill they finally settled at a place which he named Rehoboth , for there was plenty of room , and there he and his family thrived untill they moved on to another place in which he named Shebah , due to an oath that was made there between Isaac and the Philistines. GOD had indeed rewarded Isaac for being obedient and had Blessed him abundantly. GOD is Good!!!

   When we pray to GOD , I know for myself , that oftentimes we are looking for answers which we will be comfortable with. GOD’S ways are not are ways however and we need to be obedient in adhering to HIS word!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

     As we go through this life we will face many changes during which we will have an Encounter  with GOD.  Like Isaac we need to build an altar and pitch our tents. We need to pray and sacrifice and be willing to dig our Wells deeper . Our prayer life is vital in our relationship with HIS Holy Spirit. Spending time at the Well will nourish us and Bless us and those around us. We do not need to conform to this world ,{Egypt} , we need to know that a promise from GOD is sufficiant and that our obediance to the covenant which HE has made with us will always leave us with more than enough of HIS Living Waters!!! Amen!!!

   “She is my sister ..” What was he thinking???

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I Love you!!!!!!! Mark

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Isaac's servant trying the bracelet on Rebecca...

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        I was reading in Genesis 24 10 -21 where the oldest servant of Abraham was sent to Abraham’s country of origin to find a wife for his son Isaac. As the servant reached the city of  Haran he stopped with the camels which carried Abraham’s goods and rested at a Well outside of the city!!! There Eliezer started praying to GOD for specific provision. He needed a sign from GOD that HIS Favor was upon his master. What he asked GOD for was the wife-to-be to come from the city for Water and not only give him a drink ,but , to offer to draw Water for his camels as well.  He needed assurance that the woman was the one chosen from GOD to be the bride!!! Before Eliezer had finished praying Rebekah came and filled her pitcher with Water and he ran to her to ask for a drink. She not only gave him a drink but offered to draw Water for the camels as well!!! His prayers had been answered. She had a servant’s heart !!! A wife had been found!!! Glory to GOD!!!  

      Friends,we too can go to the Well and ask GOD specifically for our needs. Those are Living Waters that Eliezer  stopped at ; and endless Well . The Holy Spirit will bring the church ,[ Rebekah], out of the darkness, out of evil lands. We just need to be specific in prayer!!! Amen!!!

    Headed to the well!!!

I Love you!!! Mark

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Claude Lorrain-Hagar und Ismael in der Wüste

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                  I was reading in Genesis 21 14-21 where Hagar was sent into the wilderness with her son Ishmael whom she had borne to Abraham. They had been set out in the desert with only bread and water to survive on and soon their provision had perished. Hagar set her son under a bush

to die and then placed herself far enough  away so that she would not have to witness his Death. As she sat weeping GOD sent an Angel to her and opened her eyes to see through her sorrows and showed her a Well where her and Ishmael would find Life Giving Water. GOD is so Good!!!

    This is the second time in which Hagar gets a Word from GOD at ” The Well” . In Genesis 16 vs. 7 an Angel of the Lord finds her near a spring in the wilderness and instructs her to return to her mistress .  She goes on to name the Well in vs. 14 ” beer-lahai-roi” because she believed that she had seen the One who looks after her. Glory!!!   

 In my humble opinion the Angel who came to Hagar was the incarnate  JESUS !!! HE had brought her Living Water in her times of crying out in distress , and,  had provided for her in her time of need. JESUS had not only showed up once , but twice to reassure her of HIS Promise.  The Well was always there; she just needed to focus on her answer and not her problem. Amen!!!

  Friends we are sometimes like Hagar . Even though we have met JESUS oftentimes we are so focused on our problems that we cannot see our answer. We need our eyes opened. We have the Living Water at our fingertips ,and , yes we may have problems but our GOD is bigger than our problems . Our GOD is our answer!!!

   Headed to the Well!!!

 I love you!!!!!!! Mark

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