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                       I was reading in Luke 1 where Mary had come in to talk with Elizabeth and upon hearing Mary’s voice the Holy Spirit came upon the child in Elizabeth’s womb and the child jumped within her.  I believe that ,  at that time , in the womb , we had John with us !!! Later in Luke I read where Mary became pregnant with JESUS  by the Holy Spirit . It is at that time we humans experienced Immanuel, GOD with us!!! Praise GOD!!!    

                 I know ,without a doubt , that had Mary or Elizabeth had an abortion that they would have committed a crime against the Will of GOD!!! Abortion is murder , a premeditated manner in which a person chooses to eliminate a child while that unborn child is still in the womb. To consider the act of abortion anything less than murder would devalue the moral fiber of life itself!!! There is sanctity in Life !!!    

        Can you cheat GOD???  When did GOD quit being GOD???  ” You shall have pain in child-birth ….”  pretty much covers the Almighty Will of GOD!!!  Whether or not the child is wanted is irrelevant.   Being a victim of rape does not place you upon the “Great White Throne”!!!  Any unwanted pregnancy does not give you the right to decide whether a child lives or dies!!! GOD did not create man in HIS image to see man destroy HIS image before the procreation is complete!!!  They are not the Ten Suggestions!!!  

     I honestly believe that a woman has the right to choose ; I just differ with the timing of that choice!!! In my humble opinion the right  to choose comes before a man and woman ” KNOW ” one another!!! After which ; there is no choice!!! No choice!!!   

       GOD loved us in the womb!!! GOD loved you in the womb !!! I am not the brightest mind on this matter , however , I can only conclude that if you are reading this that your mother loved you while you were still in the womb!!!  At the very least your mother did not abort you!!! 

   Perhaps you were “unwanted”; a mistake in judgment.  Maybe the timing wasn’t just right!!! Oh well ; “there will be tribulation”!!!  

    On the matter of past . What if I have already….?   Get over it!!! We all make mistakes on a daily basis . Not only are we all  sinners falling miserably short of HIS Glory , we are all overcoming one mistake after another . Thank GOD for Repentance!!!  Thank GOD for Forgiveness!!!  

    When I conceive in my mind a Hope which I harbor for the future I give birth to that Hope!!!!!!!  When I conceive!!! To abandon that Hope would be an abortion of Faith!!!  

    I Love you!!!!!!! Mark  


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